Answers to the most frequent questions about merino wool felt

Want to get answers to the questions that arises regarding wool and wool felt? Now you will!! We, Felt and wool have listed some of the most common answers for the questions that relates to our field. Yes, wool and wool felted items. So, get ahead and read more.

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Being a company that produces wool felted products, it is our prime duty to help our valuable customers and readers to get answers to the questions relating to wool and wool felts. It helps in the spreading of knowledge. A great, never-ending bond can get developed between the company and the readers. And the readers will also include our valuable customers for sure.
You may be the owner of the felted products or one of the customers. Or, you may be a creativity-loving person. A person who is very much attracted to and eager to know more about wool and wool felted products. In all cases, this is going to help you out!

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Today, we are going to answer the most asked questions connected with the items of our company, Felt and wool International Pvt. Ltd.

Here below are the answers to the questions that may be bothering you as well. Read it out and get answers to what you are wondering….

  • What is merino wool felt?

Merino wool roving


In simple words, merino wool felt is a felt made out of merino wool extracted from a special breed of merino sheep. We get felt when the merino wool fibers get matted, condensed, and pressed together.
Merino wool is in fact a natural fiber. It is grown by merino sheep that graze the highland of Australia and New Zealand. It has a gentle, strong, and resilient nature. Even though there are lot more types of wool such as cashmere wool, camel wool, angora wool, and the like, merino wool stands out. It is the world’s most common type of wool that’s much finer and softer.

Colourful merino wool roving

Moreover, it is biodegradable and resists odor itself. Followed by this, merino wool is flame and wool-resistant. It is water-repellent and retains its shape. Being a 100% natural product, merino wool is renewable and sustainable. It is an excellent insulator with superior thermal insulating properties. Not only merino wool is of gentle, strong, and resilient nature. But, the felted products made out of it have the same qualitative features.

  • Can wool felt be ironed?

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The answer is Yes! Merino wool is one of the finest and best quality wool in the world. The products that get manufactured from wool felt possesses benefits as wool does. We can make out of natural fibers or synthetic fibers. Among all, a felt made out of wool is the best!
We are aware of a lot more interesting features and benefits of wool felted items. Despite that, we often get confused about whether to buy it or not. It is because we assume it to be less practical in use despite of it possessing many benefits. The most common question before buying any of the felted products is whether we can iron it or not.
The handmade nature of the felted products makes them strong, sturdy, and durable one. But, sometimes it can get a little wrinkled. To get the wrinkles away, you can iron the felted product at a lower temperature till flattened. Keeping all the confusion behind, you can buy a wool felted product that comes up with a lot more benefits.
  • How is wool felt made?

Felting of wool


Wool felt is a handmade non-woven textile material. It's the material in which no thread gets involved in the production process.
Wool felt is made with the use of wool roving. In simple words, when we add heat, moisture, and pressure to the wool roving, it compacts together in a tight way. Due to this, felt is formed. Every sort of wool-felted product of Felt and wool is handmade in nature. Made with pure merino wool with no chemicals, the felt is then referred to as pure wool felt.
Felt can be of synthetic or different natural fibers. But, felts made up of wool are preferable in large numbers.
  • Is wool felt washable?

Felting of wool for making small baskets


Wool felt is a natural as well as a delicate product. A person who loves art and creativity definitely adores wool-felted products. Products made up of wool felt are not only unique and attractive. But, also long-lasting, soft, and economical.
As the felted products are elegant and adorable, they can be the center of attraction all the time. It will be a piece of art for your visitors including you. Keeping the benefits of wool felts aside, we need to clean it after getting into use to keep its charm stable.  
Because of being new to the wool felt, a question arises whether the wool felt is washable or not.
The wool felt is in fact a product that we can wash but with special care. We can clean it in an easy way. Proper care is very much required for washing wool-felt items as they can get wrinkled or shrink. So, we recommend hand washing the felts to get the best result. You can spot-clean or dry-clean as well.
  • Will wool felt pill?

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Wool felt gets manufactured when the wool is subject to moisture, heat, and pressure. It is in fact an awesome material that we can use for many kinds of crafts. Accompanied by that, it is thick enough and soft resulting in a perfect textile.
Most of the wool felt company including ours manufactures felt items with hands. As all the products are handmade, the cut edges won’t fray as well as won’t pill.
Moreover, handcrafted nature helps prevent the product from getting pilled off. Even though the ends are not sewn or stitched, they won't fray. Besides, the nature of not getting pilled off helps make the felted items durable.
  • Can wool felt get wet?

Felts from merino wool


As of now, you all are pretty much aware of wool and wool felted products including the benefits it carries out. One of the interesting benefits that wool felt own is that it is water-repellent.
Yes! In general terms, water-repellent means that the product is not penetrated by water. Thus, the wool manages to be water repellent as well as water absorbent at the same time. Wool has a waxy coating that repels water. So, it acts as a shield more than the sponge that absorbs water.
 Coming to the point, the wool felt can get wet but not for a long period of time. If wool felt is wet for a longer time, it may get shrink. If you are about to wash it with your hands do not soak it for a long time.  

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Wool felt is amazingly beautiful!
Above mentioned are the answers to the recurrent questions about wool and wool felt. Summing it all up, merino wool is natural, special, and the best quality wool. Its main origin is the merino sheep. And, the felted products manufactured with it are of top quality, washable, and we can also iron it. On top of that, a brief concept on wool felts is also mentioned to assist you.
Now that you know this, you may get more excited. Your interest may arise in natural and super elegant merino wool-felted items.
Next, you can also check out many of our products and can get more aware. We do have every kind of felt item to use for your interior decoration.
Keep going and enjoy every moment!


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