Are laundry dryer balls really effective?

Felt laundry dryer balls are one of the stunning wool felted products carrying lot more benefits. It has the numerous features as well! Accordingly, it's attractive and enjoyable. So, to get more about the incredible dryer balls, click the button below.
Wool felt laundry dryer balls
Laundry dryer balls are in general used to prevent the laundry from clumping together in the dryers. In the same way, for those who rely on the dryer to dry their clothes, we advise the use of dryer balls. Dryer balls of different materials are available in the market. But, wool felted laundry dryer ball is the most recommended one.
Wool-felt laundry dryer balls are the perfect substitute for most environment friendly fabric softeners. Together with that, it works as an alternative to the dryer sheets. Not only this, the use of dryer balls in the laundry helps make the clothes softer and reduces static from it.

White felted dryer balls

There are a lot more features that the wool-felted laundry dryer balls have. Most of you may be aware of it. Likewise, most of you may be unaware and curious to know more about dryer balls and their functions. So today, we, Felt and wool are going to provide you with some of the fascinating features of wool dryer balls.


Nature/Feature of wool felt laundry dryer balls


Here below, we have mentioned some of the interesting nature or features of felt dryer balls for you. This will help you know more about it for sure.

  • Handmade
  • No chemicals
  • Prevents the laundry from clumping together
  • Reduces drying time
  • Alternative to fabric softeners
  • Easy to use
  • Fright wrinkles
  • Saves energy and money
  • Perfect for sensitive skin
  • Can be reused

    Let us now deal with it in detail:

    • Handmade

    Dried and soft laundry from felt dryer balls


    In fact, wool-felt laundry dryer balls are a handmade felt product. It gets manufactured with lots of love and care by the local people of Nepal, especially women.
    Made with hands, the dryer balls are soft and thick enough. Together with that feature, it is durable in nature. As handmade products are always the best, felt dryer balls also top the list. It is an interesting product that is available in any color or size imaginable.


    • No chemicals


    One of the important features of felt laundry dryer balls is being a chemical less product. Yes, the entire felt items including these dryer balls contain no chemicals. Due to this, the product is harmless in nature.
    The wool used for the felting of dryer balls is top-quality merino wool from New Zealand. It is a special kind of wool that we obtained from a special breed of merino sheep. The sheep are mostly found in the countries like Australia and New Zealand. Likewise, we add no chemicals to the wool during the felting process. 100% pure merino wool gets used for making the dryer balls. Thus, the balls are non-toxic, non-allergic, and of azo-free dyes. It results in top-quality, harmless laundry balls.
    • Prevents the laundry from clumping together

    Blue felt dryer balls


    The important nature of the laundry balls is to help prevent the laundry from clumping. The same goes for the wool-felt laundry dryer balls.
    It allows the warm air to circulate better than the other kind of dryer balls. So, there is the preventing of laundry from clumping together. You don’t have to get worried to avoid the clumping of your laundry anymore. You can use the felt dryer balls while doing laundry and your work gets done. It prevents clumping and also helps cut the sounds offering furthermore benefits.


    • Reduces drying time


    We use the dryer balls for preventing the clumping of our laundry. Even though it's the basic motive, it will keep surprising you with its many features and benefits.
    Felt laundry dryer balls are an effective handmade wool product. It also helps reduce the drying time of your laundry. It is because it creates separation between layers of your clothing. This allows hot air to circulate between them in a more easy way. And that results in the drying of the load faster. Without the dryer balls, wet clothes keep sticking together. And it continues until it becomes dry enough to separate on its own.
    So, it is the perfect product that we can use during the laundry. Generally speaking, it helps dry the clothes 25-30% faster.


    • Alternative to fabric softeners

    Royal blue felt laundry balls


    Dryer balls are the perfect alternatives to fabric softeners. Made with pure merino wool, wool felt dryer balls can also be a substitute for fabric softeners.
    Wool dryer balls won’t affect the absorbency of your linens or workout wears as well. It helps keep your clothes and linens soft in natural ways when used in the dryer. If you use the felt dryer balls in a proper manner, they can even take care of static cling. It’s an alternative to the most eco-friendly fabric softener along with the dryer sheets.


    • Easy to use


    Coming up to the felt laundry balls, it is an easy-to-clean product. With other felted items, sometimes dryer balls are also mistaken as difficult-to-clean products.
    As a matter of fact, wool-felted dryer balls are the items that are easy to clean. One can clean it within minutes. You can wash it in warm water in a gentle cycle and then dry it on heat. Sun drying could be the best method of drying felted items. In the same way, you can also make it smell better oneself by dabbing a few drops of lavender, lemon, or orange.


    • Fight wrinkles

    Lady bird felted dryer balls


    Made of tight compressed wool, the dryer ball comes out being a soft and tough felted product. As well as it results in a thick enough product for your laundry. Up to this feature, you have now known most of the amazing features of dryer balls. It is functional and carries its work in a perfect way.
    Felt balls are a simple but effective product. Its movement against the fabrics helps to fight wrinkles. This adds a plus point to the uses of laundry dryer balls.


    • Saves energy and money


    Isn’t it amazing to have a product that’s effective in use and economical as well?  Felt laundry balls are one of such amazing products that meet your needs in all ways.
    As the felt dryer ball helps reduce the drying time faster than the dryer sheets, it helps save energy. Saving energy, in the end, means saving money. Not only this, it is a durable product that is cheap in comparison.


    • Perfect for sensitive skin

    Light blue felted dryer balls


    To people with sensitive skin, the fragrance in softener or detergent can be harmful. It can cause irritation or allergies. So, it becomes difficult for people with sensitive skin including babies.
    Felt laundry balls are the perfect nature friendly substitute for fabric softeners. It can get used every day without any doubt. Being a natural product, it is harmless and beneficial. Especially to those who can be sensitive to fabric softeners and conditioners. In the same way, we need to be more aware of the health of our babies as they have the most sensitive skin. For that, felt dryer balls are comfortable to use.


    • Can be reused


    The use of a felt laundry ball is a smart choice. From reducing drying time to saving energy, dryer balls are the best.  
    It’s a natural and safe product that can get used over a period of time. You don’t have to spend on the same product time and again as it is strong and sturdy in nature. Summing it all up, wool-felted laundry balls can get reused for a long time. It even comes up with stable benefits in comparison to similar products.

    Penguin felted dryer balls

    Hence, wool-felted laundry dryer balls are a safe product that’s great for use! Carrying lot more features, it stands out as the most beneficial product. In general, it is a handmade, natural, and harmless product.
    It is a creative product that you can get in any color imaginable. It can be in simple plain form or with beautiful decorations. With the natural and organic essence, wool felt dryer balls come above all! It's an effective product everyone wishes to have.
    As like felt laundry dryer balls, we have got some captivating felt items. It will be an attractive one for creativity-loving people like you. Keep in contact for more felted products of your choice.



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