Are wool felt products amazingly distinct from others?

Are wool felt products new for you? Are you willing to know more about wool felt? Here we are to help you out! Know about the interesting facts and benefits of wool felt that never goes out of fashion!
Colourful wool roving
You may wonder what the felt is if you are new to it. Felt actually is an awesome material for many kinds of crafts and perfect as it is thick enough and soft. There are a lot more amazing facts as well as benefits of wool felt items that will capture your senses.
 A soft, durable, and fashionable fabric is the one that we search for during the buy. Nothing can beat a wool felt product as it goes as per our expectations. Carrying many benefits, felt is touching the peak. It is providing proper satisfaction from a person to a pet. Everyone loves felt, whether it is children, adults, or elderly people. Felt is capable of enhancing an entire area with its head-turning beauty. So, what exactly felt is and how is it formed?
 Answering the question, Felt is a textile material. It gets produced by matting, condensing, and pressing fibers together. Felt can be made of natural fibers such as wool or animal fur, or from synthetic fibers such as wool.

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Today, we are going through the products that are made up of wool. When wool gets subjected to moisture, heat, and pressure, it results in felt. The demand for wool felt products are rising day by day because of its huge pros. Here below we have dealt with some of the most crucial benefits of wool felt you will get impressed about:
  • 100% Natural
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Thermal insulating property
  • Health benefits
  • Durable
  • Fits everywhere

     100% natural

    Whether it’s related to household chores or working place, indoor decorations, or the outdoor purpose. We all wish to have as well as choose a product that is as natural as the beauty of a child. In the same way, wool felt products get manufactured with 100% pure merino wool from New Zealand. There are various types of wool in the world that has their own significance. Among them, merino is the best quality wool that is gentle, strong and resilient in nature. It is in fact abstracted from the special breed of sheep. It is found in the countries like New Zealand and Australia. It bears the best quality among others. So, most wool felt products get manufactured from merino wool all around the world.
    Felt products manufactured from pure merino wool go as per the nature of the wool. That is gentle, durable, and flexible. For instance, Felt and wool manufacture all its felt products from pure merino wool. Without including any kind of chemicals, we get 100% natural products here. Such manufacturing results in a product that is non-toxic, non-allergic, and azo-free. With that, it gives the proper satisfaction to the one that makes a purchase.
     Being natural not only means excluding harmful chemicals. But together with that, it means that the wool felt product is anti-microbial in nature. Use of such products won’t hamper you or anyone out there. Especially sensitive people can enjoy the benefits of a product that is natural and safe. Such nature distinguishes the product from others prepared using chemicals. The chemicals used in such products are harmful to human health and the health of flora and fauna.


    Pure merino wool                                           

    Environmentally friendly


    The friendly nature of an individual drives the other without any doubt. Same goes for the product especially if it’s environmentally friendly. Wool felt is an excellent product that copes with the environment. Being free from chemicals, wool felt products contribute at their best. Not only for decoration but also for the protection of the environment.
     First, wool felt products from Felt and wool International Pvt. Ltd. are made up of 100% pure merino wool from New Zealand. The wool-felted products are all handmade in nature by local Nepali artisans. Wool felt products hence produced has no chemicals at all. Besides that, azo-free dyes in the wool prevent deadly diseases. like cancer and the dangers to human health that can be incurable.
    The non-toxic and non-allergic nature of course is the best part of making a purchase of the wool felted product. As of now, we are aware that no any chemicals get used in the manufacturing process. It helps reduce pollution from the environment. Most of factories and industries use harmful chemicals in the manufacturing processes. Such harmful chemicals cause air, water, or land pollution. Pollution degrades the environment that we are relying on. Thus, felted products seem useful as well as environmentally friendly.


     Thermal insulating property


    Wool felt with pure and environmentally friendly nature carries a lot more features and benefits. In fact, the core of a wool fiber is hydrophilic and absorbs heat radiated from the body in the form of water vapor. The fiber can absorb up to a third of its dry weight without feeling damp. Wool’s thermal property and ability to wick moisture make it an unbeatable material.
     Superior thermal insulating property in wool felted products acts as extra benefits one wishes to have. Whether as garment or pet products or accessories, sheep wool insulation is an outstanding insulator. Due to the crimped nature of wool fibers, they form millions of tiny air pockets. It helps to trap air, helping to provide a thermal barrier. Thermal conductivity is the ability for heat to pass from one side of the material to the other.
     You can gift someone a beautiful wool-felted product that releases heat. Even for the pets like cats, dogs, or birds, you can offer a warm, cozy and cute space. They can relax, take a nap or enjoy their daily playtime. Accessories like felt coasters, trivets, baskets, or anything will be beneficial for sure.

                                               Felt balls

     Health benefits


    Health is wealth. If there is health you can earn wealth without any doubt. But, poor health will make you unable to achieve the motive. The thing is a product that offers you health benefits should be on the priority list. The same goes for wool-felted products.
    Wool felt product offers you the greatest health benefits. The wool fibers are breathing and wick away moisture, which is great for your skin and comfort levels. The wool-felted products are also suitable for people who have sensitive skin.
      If you want to make a purchase for your pets, then wool felt could be the best choice among the others. Pets, especially cats love the smell of wool. The wool-felted products make them feel like being with their mother. Together with that, no use of chemicals in the wool felted products are safe for pets. Even if they get the wool fiber into their mouth there seems less risk as there are no chemicals. But one should take them to the veterinarian if such a thing happens. Along with that, wool felted products benefit you in every way.



    When it comes to durability, wool-felted products top the list. All the wool felt products from Felt and wool are handmade in nature. We do not use machines for manufacturing. Pure merino wool from New Zealand has been used for producing all the wool-felted items. Whether it’s a felt ball, felt key ring, felt ball rug, or felt cat house, every item of Felt and wool is 100% natural and pure.
    As merino wool is gentle, strong, and resilient in nature, its products have the same features. The products are clean, strong, and sturdy. Handcrafted by skillful local Nepali artisans, products are of the best quality. Our local manufacturers give proper thickness to the felt product. It makes them comfortable and durable.
     Hence, the wool felt gets thickened by hands and is handcrafted. Along with the cozy and cute feature, one can get in use the wool felted products for years. Wool is never out of fashion so as the wool felted. Its durable nature keeps on making you fashionable forever.


    Fits everywhere


    Wool felt products fit everywhere with style, look and feel. Home or working place, bedroom or dining room, personal use or gifting loved ones; it is suitable for each and everyone out there.
     As all the wool-felted products are handmade in nature, they have unique designs. It has the perfect color combination with variable patterns or a simply made one. Every wool felt products seem outstanding. Moreover, Felt and wool come up with supreme quality wool felt products. You won’t feel regret of purchasing them.
    From adding decor to providing an eye-catching look, wool felt product gives their best. Apart from that, the light weighted nature of wool felt products adds extra benefits. The products can be easily carried from one place to another place. One can change the position or the decoration of the home or workplace without any effort. There will be no bother in shifting the felt products.

                                            Merino wool roving


    Mentioned above are the common benefits that are provided to you by the use of felt products. There is much more than this. In fact, we all are aware of wool products as it is warm and comfortable. Accompanied by that, pure wool felted products do offer benefits. Comparatively better than other fabrics. At last, wool felt is a man-made fiber created from wool pulp. Those who are new to wool felt try the products you desire and you won’t remorse buying them. Those who are using wool-felted products; may have known more about it.
     Are you willing to make a purchase and try more wool felt products after knowing its benefits? Get in contact with Felt and wool international Pvt. Ltd. without further delay. Or, visit the site for more details.

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