Contribution to the betterment of the society through women's empowerment!

Felt and wool supports all the kind, considerate and determined women who are working hard to sustain life and support the financial condition of the family despite of being dominated even in this 21st century. Empowering women, providing employment and creating a beautiful change!
Contribution to the betterment of the society through women's empowerment!
Nepal, a country full of natural resources, various traditions, cultures and ethnicity is in fact a mini world. Nepal has a great natural and cultural diversity. Even though Nepal is the landlocked country situated between India and China, it is an oldest independent sovereign country in South Asia.
Nepal is rich in various culture and natural resources. But, it has lot more to get developed and changed. As being a developing country, gender inequality still prevails here. In most of the villages and towns, a woman is not educated and thus has no employment. We can see such type of discrimination and inequality in most of the places in the world.

Youth in crafts


According to ILO, in 2011-12, 62.8 % of women gets employed in the agriculture sector. Likewise, only 20 % gets employed in industry and 17 % in the services sectors. Education and income levels are higher in urban areas. But, many married women drop out of the workforce when they have children. In the same way, a majority of women in a country is less educated than men. Thus they are primarily working as an unskilled labor and gets fewer wages for the work. Not only this, women gets tagged of being inferior in comparison to men. Thus, they gets paid less in spite of the hard work.
 Overviewing all these things, we can analyze how difficult will it be to get dominated. Or, work in a less paid job with the full effort. We all need to bear in mind that getting employment is important to everyone. Whether it’s male or female, everyone has equal right of working to fulfil the basic needs and to sustain life.  Moreover, women employment plays an important role for empowering them. Providing employment to women is a bigger boost to growth. Women bring new skills to the workplace. With that, women involved labor force increase productivity and growth of a company.

                                                     Women empowerment                  

As a small effort everyday can bring a great change, Felt and wool is contributing its best. Our company is a manufacturer and distributor of wool felt products as you all know. We manufacture every sort of wool felted items using pure merino wool from New Zealand. All our felt products are handmade in nature. Thus, we provide employment opportunities to both male and female.

 Most of the employees of Felt and wool are women. We practice no discrimination in gender and work. As all the wool felted products are handmade, they are durable and cheap. All the credit goes to our local Nepali artisans. Especially the women who works hard behind the production. Most of the women here are illiterate, but the training they get here makes them skillful. Using own creative skills and ability, the women employed meets their basic needs. Women working here are being able to fulfill basic needs. They are also sending their children to school. The opportunity they gets here is making every individual capable and independent. Apart from getting employment opportunity, now they know their worth.
Here, we manufacture felt balls, cat house, dryer balls, Christmas items and so on. Our skillful women are behind its production. We have different work departments. We also provide proper training to the new employees. So, married women do not have to drop their work.


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Most of the women who are illiterate, they are able to get the job they are capable in. Those determined women who have to look after their children can do their work from home . They can do their household chores and can do their task that they took from the company. We allow them to do the work from home so that they can do something that motivates them. They can also support their family. Accompanied by that, they will get empowered. The empowerment of women and the improvement of their status is important. Whether in political, social, economic and health sectors. Besides to that, we must empower women along with men . With this, the achievement of sustainable development can be easy.
 In all parts of the world, women are facing threats to their lives, health and well- being. It is because of getting overburdened with work and of their lack of power and influence. Women’s empowerment is very much necessary. It helps us to promote women’s sense of self-worth and their ability to determine their own choices. Women empowerment also brings out the rights in women. It helps them to influence social change for themselves and others.


When women gets equal opportunities as the men, a whole world will be sustainable. Equal rights and opportunities help women to get their dreams. They don’t have to step back every time.

                                     Women empowerment

Something is better than nothing. No matter if they didn’t have opportunity to get education in early years of their life. Felt and wool is building a platform to the local women of Nepal with the motive of empowering them. Women empowerment not only helps in developing a nation. It also helps in eliminating violence against women. It eliminates discriminatory practices and promotes the fulfilment of women’s potential. They can gain education, skill development and employment. Together with this, women empowerment gives foremost importance to the elimination of poverty. And then the illiteracy and ill health among women will start getting improved.

                                   Women empowerment

 It is very important to focus and work on women empowerment. We, Felt and wool of course couldn’t make a rapid change, but we can and we will be giving our best. From the beginning of the company, our main motive has been our customer satisfaction. Then secondly, women empowerment. Having an ability to do the best and being responsible for every work is not only the thing that empowers women. They need to get encouraged in every step. Also, they should get involved in the work that helps them recognize their worth and ability. Thus, Felt and wool supports women empowerment. We help women by providing employment opportunity. and contribute in bringing the change.
Women are the real architects of society! Each single, positive step helps building them. And building them makes building a society, nation and the whole world.



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