Discover new on felt ball coaster

Creative and unique product is among the one that enhances the beauty of a particular place. But, you may be willing to know whether its purchase will benefit you or not!? No worries now, discover and know more about felt ball coasters. Click below for more details.
Discover new on felt ball coaster
Coaster refers to a small mat that gets used for a bottle, glass, or cup. The main purpose of using a coaster is to protect the table or any other surface from ugly water rings and marks. Such type of stains occurs due to sweaty drinks like beer, water, juice, and the like. Thus, using coasters on the table or countertops helps prolong the life of the furniture.
Getting to the main point, coasters from wool felt are also manufactured for the same purpose. But it possesses completely different and variable designs. Not only this, it has different manufacturing procedures. It is also a product full of creativity and skill. It’s in fact a perfect piece of art that nobody can resist. 

Red and white ball coaster

Today, we are going to help you discover and know more about your favorite felt ball coaster.

Before the details, let us first have a quick look at the questions we are dealing with to make you easier and clear:

  • What is a felt ball coaster?
  • How is it made?
  • What is the purpose of using a coaster?
  • Where are the coasters used?
  • Are felt coasters durable?

    Natural felt ball coaster


    So, the first question makes you aware of what exactly is a felt ball coaster.
    The second one helps you to know how the wool-felt ball coasters get manufactured.
    Likewise, the third one explains the purpose of using a felt coaster in everyday life.
    Moving toward the fourth question! It helps clear your doubt by describing the places where you can use ball coasters.
    The fifth and final question answers one of the most asked questions. That is whether the coasters from wool felt are durable, or not!
    • What is a felt ball coaster?

    Christmas themed ball coaster


    A Felt ball coaster is a coaster made out of merino wool felt. Merino wool felt is a handmade, thick, and awesome material for many kinds of crafts. So, it helps to produce a perfect and effective coaster. Even though the coaster looks simple, it is very functional.
    Each product of Felt and wool including coasters gets manufactured with merino wool. The wool is of a special breed of merino sheep from New Zealand. In general, a felt ball wool coaster is a magnet pulling the desirability of each one out there. With a warm and textural note, one can decorate every part of the home or workplace. It stands out as being an extra absorbent material for cups and glasses.


    • How is it made?

    Multi coloured ball coaster


    The wool felt ball coaster get made using merino wool from New Zealand. One of the unique features of a felt ball coaster is that it gets manufactured using variable sizes and the design of wool-felted balls. Due to this reason, the coaster seems unique, attractive, and full of creativity.
    In its manufacturing process, felt balls are woven by the local artisans of Nepal. Especially women get involved in it giving the shape to a fine, productive tea coaster. Handmade nature makes the coaster thick enough and soft. Due to this, it protects the table from hot and sweaty drinks.
    Though our felt wool coaster seems simple, we can not neglect its elegance. All the coasters get manufactured for the same purpose. But felt ball coasters top the lists with extra beneficial nature.


    • What is the purpose of using a coaster?

    Natural coloured ball coaster


    Above all, the main purpose of getting coasters into use is to prevent the table. It can be from scratch, spill, or moisture of the drink. The same goes for the ball coasters. Felt and wool manufacture thick balls for the coasters increasing their efficiency.
    Wool felt ball coasters from our company are absorbent. It ensures moisture from glass doesn’t reach the table underneath. Getting to the topic, felt ball coasters not only help prevent the table or countertops. But also adds warm, textural notes to any table or surface.


    • Where are the coasters used?

    Handmade ball coaster


    From home to the workplace, the ball coaster fits everywhere adding extra decor. You can use these beautiful handmade coasters in your kitchen, dining hall, office areas, or even for decoration. Being a thick product, the ball coaster stops hot drinks from burning the table. Together with that, it prevents the table from sweaty drinks like beer, soda, water, and juice.
    When the felt balls are woven giving a desirable shape, felt ball coasters get prepared. Due to that reason, it is not only thick enough but also soft. Besides that, it is soundless and can also be a great gift.
    You can use it for placing your bottle, glass, or cup in any of your desired places. Or, can also use it for decoration purposes as it enhances the beauty of any area.


    • Are felt coasters durable?

    Colourful ball coaster


    Every sort of felt item is handmade considering the quality and customer satisfaction. Likewise, felt ball coasters are made by stitching the balls together with threads. In this, we make sure that the balls get attached in a proper manner.
    Felt coaster bulk offers you a long-lasting coaster life as it is non-fragile. Such durable nature makes felt ball coasters cost-effective as one doesn’t have to buy them often. Accompanied by that, these handmade coasters can get used on both sides. It increases the life of the coasters. In short, you don’t have to get worried about the breakage of the coaster or its cleanliness. You can clean it on regular basis and with easy steps with proper care without any doubt.

     Felt ball coaster set


    Summing it all up, the felt ball coaster is a felt item which gets manufactured by local Nepali women. It gets made with 100% pure New Zealand wool. It gets used to protect the table or countertops. It helps to protect from unnecessary water rings, burns, watermarks, and the like.
    Likewise, the ball coaster reflects creativity and is skillful. It gets used for home, office, or any other desired place for serving drinks. It can also be a great decorating item that refreshes you every day. Along with that, it catches the eyes of your visitors.

    Multi coloured coasters

    A simple, but effective nature of the ball coaster makes it popular among other coasters. The coaster from felted balls carries a lot more benefits.
    With this, we have presented you with the answer to the questions that most felt items lovers are willing to know. Thank you for your precious time. For creativity-loving people like you, our door is always open.

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