Do cats like cat cave bed? Here's the answer for you to the most frequent question!

Cats are the smartest creature! Being valued for companionship and their ability to kill rodents, cats deserves to get treated with warm and comfy wool cat cave beds. But, do cats really like felt cat cave bed? Don't worry read more to get the answer with interesting facts of cats.
Do cats like cat cave bed?

Cats are the species that are commonly kept as pet. They are one of the animals that are valued by humans for their companionship and ability to kill rodents.

In fact, cats are the domestic animals that want a space away from common household disruptions. In general terms, they love to hide. They adore enclosed spaces and are the species with box loving behaviour.

Considering all the behaviour of the cats and their nature, the felt cat caves are manufactured. The felted cat caves are of 100% pure and natural merino wool felt and has the harmless properties.

Cat faced cat cave

Despite these all, there are lot more benefits that the wool possesses. Merino wool felts are extremely environmentally friendly, sustainable and pollution free. Including this, let us have a quick look on the nature or characteristics that the pure merino wool consists of:

  • 100% natural and safe
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Thermal insulating property
  • Anti-microbial
  • Gentle and strong
  • Health benefits
  • Durable
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Water repellent
  • Flame and melt resistant
  • Wool felt is highly resilient.
  • Felt from wool does not ravel or fray.
  • Wool felt is an excellent sound insulator.
  • Renewable and sustainable
  • Can be just about anything you need it to be.

Totalizing these all, merino wool felt comes up being a gentle, strong and resilient material that is natural and 100% pure. Along with this, the felted items made up of wool felts are free of harmful chemicals and azo free dyes. Such nature makes them environmentally friendly enhancing its anti-microbial feature.

Panda faced cat cave

Merino wool and the felt made out of merino wool are flame and melt resistant by nature. It is water repellent and is highly resilient. Apart from all, felt made out of merino wool are excellent sound insulator with superior thermal insulating property. This adds benefits and an extra feature to the wool felted items.

Among many questions asked by the cat owners, one of the most asked question is ‘Do cats like cat cave bed?’

The simple answer to this question is cats adore cat cave, especially the wool felted one!

Almost every cats love covered or enclosed spaces. Such spaces make them feel safe and secure. Apart from this, many cats are naturally attracted to wool. They love the smell of lanolin that the wool felted product gives off! As cats like hiding places, it’s better to provide them with a soft and warm bed made out of merino wool felt.

Flower felted cat cave

Here below are the reasons that helps clarifying you why cat adores wool felt cat cave bed:

  • Cats adore enclosed spaces
  • Cats love the smell of wool
  • Felt cat cave helps them feel secure and stress free.
  • Felted cat cave maintains warm, cozy environment
  • Playful


How about going through it in detail?

  • Cats adore enclosed spaces:

Cats are in general, the animals with box loving behavior. As cats are the smartest creatures, they like to observe unseen as well as avoids cold floor. Semi-closed nature of wool felt cat house resembles box like structure that your cat adores. Felt cat cave from pure nz wool provides a separate cosy and cute place for your cats to take naps and enjoy the daily playtime.

Pink octopus felt cat cave

Box loving behaviour of cat obviously makes them feel safe, comfortable and relaxed in felt cat cave. Semi-closed felt cat house is a secure space for a cat along with the reduction of unnecessary noise.

Semi-closed nature makes handmade wool cat cave an excellent insulator too. Also, the cat can take nap or relax inside it with no noise at all. Similarly, there is no messiness around as the cat has its own private space.


  • Cats love the smell of wool:

Being handmade, only soap and water is used in the manufacturing procedures of the cat cave. No chemical is used in the felted cat house that makes it safe for both the owner and the cat. With that, it is eco-friendly and carries health benefits.

As a result of being soft, wool felt cat cave is endearing and pleasant to cuddle. Cats love the smell of wool so it can be a great toy and a bed as well. They can spend their playing time or can relax and take a nap inside wool cat cave without any disturbance and creating messiness.

Tendril felt cat cave

Together with loving the smell of wool, cat loves the scent of lanolin (fatty substance found naturally on sheep’s wool). The main reason behind this is that the wool reminds them of their mother. Accompanied by that, the wool and the lanolin present in it is the animal by-product.

Everything seems dim in front of mother’s love and care. Keeping that in mind, Felt and wool presents you a secure and warm space for your cats that is as similar as with their mother. Which is why cats adore wool felt cat cave bed more than the other of similar nature.


  • Felt cat cave helps making them feel secure and stress free:

Cats love to feel invisible. They adore the place that’s secure as well as comfortable for them. In accordance to that, wool cat cave is manufactured with semi-closed nature providing your cat a secure space that reduces noise naturally.

Cat house with opening at the top

Having own secure space makes the cat spend their time inside the felt cat house. Because of this, the messiness that arises from the fur of cats or by their plays will be reduced.

For reducing stress and having comfort, cats adore the place that is of box like structure. In the same way, semi-closed nature of felt cat cave bed helps cat to get comfort and security.


  • Felted cat cave maintains warm, cozy environment:

Properly thickened nature makes felt cat cave snuggly and the most comfortable place that cat definitely adores.

A cosy and enjoyable product is the best desired product for each and every one of us. So does the cat! With a sleepy nature, cats like to take nap and relax comfortably which is absolutely possible with wool felt cat cave.

Simple grey cat cave with stripes

Cat house made with merino wool is comparatively a safer, warmer and cosy place for the cats. As cats like to observe unseen and sleeps a lot, felt indoor cat house will be a comfortable as well as an attractive place; adding the extra decor.


  • Playful:

Besides the fact that wool felt cat house releases heat naturally and keeps warm, it can also be used as a padded mat during the hotter days. Felt cat cave bed can be used from two different ways as per your need or the needs of your cat.

Cats love the smell of wool, love hiding, jumping and playing in and around the cat caves. Sleep is one of the most important things in cats’ life. With the merino wool felted cat cave bed, your cat not only gets the warm, snuggly shelter from the stress, but also gets a private space away from common household disruptions.

Yellow felt cat cave

Handmade felt cat cave bed helps your cat to climb or sleep on the top and to explore inside the cat cave.  It’s a perfect gift for your playful cat.  


With this all, you may have known more about the cats and their interesting characters or nature. Summing it all, wool felted cat cave bed comes up being one of the best and adorable gifts you can provide your companion.

White felted cat cave with flowers

From the purchase of felt cat house or felt cat cave bed, you are not only providing a secure and snuggly space to your beloved cat, but also helping for the employment generation in the developing country like Nepal.

Other than the fact that felt cat cave is made especially by the local Nepali women, your cat is surely going to love it.

If you are ailurophile (a cat lover) you are surely going to love the benefits of felt cat cave.

Enjoy reading and get in touch for the fascinating felted products and advantageous blogs from Felt and wool.


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