Felt ball: an incredible product

You may be aware about wool felt balls. How about getting to know more about it? So, today we are with simple, but incredible felt balls from 100% pure merino wool. Read more and explore its exciting part!
Felt ball: an incredible product

Felt ball is an incredible item whose manufacturing is incredibly easy. It is a simplest but a multi-purpose product. With numerous benefits, felt balls are at top list among the wool felted items for the creativity loving people. Wool felt balls can be a great toy for your pets as well as help you in decoration being a great object.


We always focus on the products that are 100% natural, renewable and sustainable. Together with appealing nature, these multi coloured wool felt balls from Felt and wool meets the need of our valuable customers.

Multi-colored felt balls

Along with a charm in itself, wool felt balls can be used greatly for DIYs. Garlands, decoration items or ornaments, you can make them at home in simple steps using wool felt balls. With lot more creativity options, felt balls provides you the product of your choice.


Wool felted products are famous due to their everlasting beauty and style. Wool is always in fashion, thus you can be sure that wool felt balls will never go out of fashion. They have a multi-purpose usage. Not only the attractiveness and beauty, felt balls are way more than that. It has lot more benefits you may not be aware about.


To those who are new to this (wool felted balls) or those who are curious to know more about it, here below are some points that introduces you to its benefits.

So, let’s go through it:

  • Wool felted balls are handmade with love by the local artisans in Nepal.
  • It is made using pure merino wool from special breed of merino sheep of New Zealand which is why it results in a soft, thick and durable product.
  • It is a pet friendly, anti-microbial and a harmless product that is safer as a toy for your kids too.
  • The felt balls are environmentally friendly and discourage environmental degradation.
  • Felted balls are durable and last long. In addition to this, balls from felted wool are economical in nature.
  • It’s a great and beautiful item for decorations and DIYs.
  • Not only do they decorate the entire space, but also carry the feature of being water repellent.

Colorful wool felt balls

Merino wool in general is gentle, strong and resilient. It retains its shape and is an excellent insulator too. When it is further processed into new items, we obtain an incredible felt product. Being an awesome material for many kinds of arts and crafts wool felts stands out reflecting creativity, skill and dedication.


Likewise, felt balls are one of the multi-purpose wool felt item which can be used for creating many more felt products. Even though it is itself a finished and ready to use item, it can be further used as raw material.


Some of the favored wool felted ball products are:

  • Trivets and coasters
  • Rugs
  • Garlands
  • Accessories
  • Baskets
  • Pet products


How about a brief description on the wool felted ball products?


Trivets and coasters

Wool felt 20 cm trivet

To the people who love not only cooking but adding creativity to it, wool felt trivet is the one who could be their best friend. Handcrafted balls that are hand woven by the local Nepali woman results in a properly durable and resilient nature hot dishes trivet. Felt trivets are one of the adorable felt ball products. It is handmade using varieties of felt balls which enhances its looks and make it more attractive.

Felt coaster

Moving towards the coasters, coasters made up of felt balls adds warm, textural note to any table or surface. Felt balls being thick enough and soft helps making the coaster simple, but effective. It’s light and can be easily moveable. Apart from this all, felt ball coaster can be a great gift that reflects love and outstanding creativity.


Ball rugs

Multi-colored ball rug

To give a sophisticated look to your home, office or other spaces, felt ball rug can be considered the best. With durable and eco-friendly nature, it will provide you the warmth and comfort. From a hardwood floor to a soft as well as astonishing one, felt wool ball rug won’t disappoint you.


Felt ball rug is also a handmade product. It is made with felt balls of pure merino wool that makes it a unique decorative piece for any home, office or shop. This lovely felt ball rug will add luxurious, comforting and inviting feel to any room or space. It is ideal to be placed indoors on wooden or tiled flooring and can be used luxuriously.



Felt ball garland

Wool felt balls are also used in the making of garland. From a simple to a fancy one, felt balls helps making eye-catching felt garlands of your choice. Felt garlands are the product which is especially manufactured to beautify the spaces and objects. It can be used to decorate the frame of the main entrance on special occasions or for the regular days.


It’s a creative product with high durability and can be used for regular days or special occasions. Felt garland is attractive and catches the eye of each and every one flaunting its creativity. Felted garland is a harmless and eco-friendly product as it is made using felt balls that are non-toxic, non-allergic and of azo-free dyes.



Felt brooches

Whether it’s a fashion accessory or a home accessory, they are even more influencing with the use of wool felt balls. Felt balls are arranged and woven or attached in order to get the felt accessories completed. Felt accessories that can be manufactured using wool felt balls are key rings, brooches, hairband, and the like.

Felt ball hairband

It is felted by human hands giving various shape and designs as per the requirement. As it is beautifully handmade, it not only helps fulfilling the requirement, but also adds a distinct look. Felt accessories are even decorated using wool felted balls. An interesting thing is that the felt balls used in these accessories itself has amazing, variable designs.



Colorful felt ball basket

Felted ball basket can be used for home furnishing as well as for decorating purpose. From hiding plenty of items to serving dry food, felt baskets could be the best choice. Not only for placing the items of your home or working place, felt basket equally contributes in decorating. It will surely give an eye catching beauty to where ever it is placed without any doubt.


In a simple note, while looking for a product, we think of our home first. Felt and wool manufactures such felted baskets that is useful everywhere. It’s not only made for the household purpose. You can even use it in your office or for outdoors. It’s simply a product which is made by weaving desirable felt balls.


Pet products 

Handmade felt ball dog puff

Pets are the part of our lives. Why not think about something that treats our beloved companion? Considering that in mind, Felt and wool introduces unique and attractive felt balls products; the products that are best suitable for the pets.


Whether it’s a felted ball puff for your dog or everlasting toy for your cat or any other pets, you can choose it as per your wish. Being a felted one, your pets will love it for sure.


Summing it up, merino wool felted ball is not just the product; it is a way more than that. From a simple felt ball, we can have jaw-dropping felted products manufactured. Whether it’s a trivet, coaster, rugs, garlands, baskets, pet products or any other accessories, felt balls are the key elements.


With this all, we can say that felt ball is an incredible product. Thank you for being with us and knowing more about simply beautiful felt item that is felt ball. Have a nice day!


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