Felt toys: Enhancing the imagination and creative thinking of your child

The best way to make children good is to make them happy! Why not go for it? Considering the development, earnings, behaviour and health of a child, Felt and wool is here with felt toys that enhances the imagination and creative thinking of your child. Click below and learn more about it.
Felt toys: enhancing the imagination and creative thinking of your child

In general, a human being between the birth and puberty stage is considered as a child. Children are ever exciting, curious and innocent. They are the symbol of purity, truth and simplicity.


In fact, children are like raw clay. We need to mold them in a proper and creative way shaping (or considering) their future. Their innovative minds are to be nurtured each and every day with full love and care. From developing problem solving skills to enhancing imagination, creativity is the key element. Summing it all, creativity simply and interestingly helps in the child development.

Felt ball reindeer

Here are some of the points that will help you know how creativity significantly contributes to the child development:

  • Creativity helps for the child development by providing opportunities for imagination and experimenting.
  • It helps by shaping social skills through understanding the needs of others.
  • It supports the thought of children that includes inquiry, curiosity, wonder and supported confusions.
  • It helps in supporting mental growth of the children.
  • It helps supporting the skills development.
  • It helps improving children’s mood along with helping them practice original thinking.


As creativity and arts helps children for the all-round development, why not engage them or yourself for their betterment? Keeping in mind the necessity of imagination and creativity of the children, Felt and wool introduces you to the felt toys.

Felt mouse

Felt toys are the objects made out of wool felts for the children to play with. An interesting thing about wool felt toys is that it not only helps developing creativity and shaping out the imagination of your child, but also helps your pets(cats, dogs and the like) to play with.


Being a felt products manufacturer as well as distributor, we have got some really creative felt products as a toy for your kids including pets. A plus point is that our felt toys or the products that are used for the plays are so appealing and creative that helps in enhancing your interior decoration too.


Today we are going to provide you some of the felt toys that include:

  • Felt animals
  • Felt foods
  • Felt plants

Why not study in detail? So, here it goes….


Felt animals

Felt one horned rhino

Wool felt animals from Felt and wool are all handmade and of top quality which are great piece of art.


Made up of fine and soft merino wool, these felted animals are eco-friendly, washable, durable, and cut-edge free which even makes it possible to adorn your home decor with these amazing little creatures.

Felt frog

As felt animals are handmade by local artisans of Nepal, it reflects the skills and creativity making the product more interesting and adorable. If taken proper care, felt animals are in fact a long-lasting product that lasts for your life time retaining the quality and features.


Available in any colour and design, you can choose from our range of felt animal collections that include dogs, cats, elephants, lions, fish and other marine animals and the like. Due to this, the felt animals or the felt toys made from wool felt supports your child imaginative play. Together with that, its eco-friendly and harmless nature makes it safer for your kids, cats or dogs whoever it’s for.

 Felt octopus

Felt animal toys helps your child to get engaged in the creative, handmade item increasing their curiosity level. A unique and attractive felt item surely triggers their senses motivating them to create their own.


Felt foods

  Felt croissant and ice-cream

If you’re looking something that will help to inspire your children’s imaginative play, we also have a selection of handmade felt foods. It will not just be the play item, but will also bring loads of fun and creativity to the house.


Each piece of felt foods is individually handcrafted in Nepal with love by local craftsperson using non-toxic dyes and wool, creating one-of-a kind pieces. These felt foods are all distinct and unique from each other.

  Wool felt cookies

It’s one of a kind product that’s perfect for the imaginative play of your child. For brightening up playtime and spicing up any room with creative colour and character, felt foods are the best than the rest.

 Felt rolls and sandwich

It not only serves as a great and creative fun for your kids but also helps to learn about the uses of natural fibers. Felt foods look just like real food, but are made from merino wool. Along with protecting the environment from degradation and pollution, your child learns and recognizes varieties of food items and their benefits.


Felt plants

Felt purple plant

Made out of pure and natural merino wool, felt plants are soft and flexible in nature. Its flexibility makes it suitable for any space either home, by the window or on the desk at workspace. The felt plants are one of the many creative products that are made out of 100% merino wool felt that we offer. With being customizable, the felt plant is a soft, strong and durable felt item that requires low maintenance and is easy to take care of.


Apart from this, talking about felt plants we instantly have image of the product used in decoration. But the product from wool felt does not stop here. From enhancing the interior decors to enhancing the imaginative play, plants from wool felts gives it best.

 Wool felt cactus

Felt plants are in fact a long lasting work of art that is handmade for you to last a life time. Forget about the care or losing the leaf and the like, our felt plants are built to stay alive forever influencing each and every one out there, being you child’s best toy.


One can order as per their need using samples and help the child learn growing plants in the garden, decorating desired areas and to learn names. It’s an everlasting felt item that is durable, eco-friendly and helps a child recognize and learn.

Felt plant

A felt toy that includes the above mentioned animals, foods and plants are all safe for cats, dogs and your sweet little babies. These are the products that are incredible in look and are easy to clean and take care of. Even though it matters how do you clean felt toys, it’s not that hard and time consuming.


Summing up all these things, we can conclude that the felt toys which are creative, handmade and environmentally friendly are way better than the similar kinds. With this note, felt toys becomes one of the creativity enhancing item for your champs.

Felt fish

From enhancing imaginations to guiding in problem solving matters, mental growth to skill development, there is a need of creative thinking and engagement of your child. For this, felt toys stands out being one of the best.


Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood. Children learn as they play. Most importantly in play children learn how to learn. So, it is very important to provide them with the good and knowledgeable thing to play with. Thank you for reading this out. We appreciate your valuable time you spend here. Have a great day!



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