Introducing you to the benefits of felt ball rug

Are you thinking to spice up the interior decorations? Do you want a floor covering that's rich in comfort and softness?  If yes, you are in the right place! These handmade merino wool felted ball rugs are gorgeous in look and great in use! Click now and know about the benefits that the wool felt ball rugs provides.
Beautifully handmade felt ball rugs
Felt ball rugs are the common wool felted products that we use as floor covering. It adds decorative touch along with warming up the room. It is in fact a carpet that does not cover the whole floor. It anchors, defines, and warms the room. It comes up with praiseworthy skill and a gorgeous appearance.
Made with many felted balls, the ball rug is thick enough and gives lots of padding and warmth. It is a product that’s more useful on hardwood floors. Wool felt ball rug with thermal insulating properties not only warms the room. But, also adds extra decor. You can feel refreshed and comfortable with the handmade felt ball rug without any doubt.

Colorfully patterned felt ball rugs


Wool felt ball rug is a safe and healthy choice. It is beneficial from social, environmental as well as economic points of view. You can give an elegant look to your home or working place with a felt wool ball rug. It is a harmless product with no chemicals. So, it not only meets your needs but is helpful for you as well as your babies and pets.
Likewise, felt ball rugs from Felt and wool gets manufactured by local Nepali women. Skilled Nepalese women, who are passionate about their art make the felted wool rug. They make the rug with intense love and care. A profitable and comfortable ball rug is present in different shapes and colors. With a huge range of design options, one can give a beautiful touch to their desired area with felt rugs. You can buy as per your desire and give a sophisticated appearance to the area you adore.

Yellow based ball rug

To make you more conscious about the felted ball rug, we have listed its simple and sweet benefits. They are as follows:

  • Natural product
  • Alluring appearance
  • High quality
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Harmless(Promotes health benefits)
  • Easy to clean
  • Economical

We have described the above-mentioned benefits of ball rugs below so that you can know about it in detail:

Square felt patterned ball rug


There are mainly three types of felt: natural, synthetic, and combined. Among them, wool is the most common material for rugs that comes under the natural felt. Accompanied by that, the wool felted ball rugs from Felt and wool get made using 100% pure wool. We use merino wool from New Zealand for better quality. If you have already gone through the interesting facts of wool and wool felts, you do have an idea about it. If not, you can get its highlight here.
Merino wool is a special kind of top-quality wool that we get from a special breed of merino sheep. The felted rugs are handmade from felted balls with natural merino wool. It is natural and pure that causes no harm to the health or our environment. In the same way, its handmade nature makes it a most creative and adorable product.



The Felt ball rug is great in look with being a natural and environmentally friendly product. It has an alluring appearance that suits every area of your home, office, or place of your desire.
Apart from the wet areas, you can use this wool-felted product everywhere. In the same way, felt ball rugs are available in different shapes and colors imaginable. It can also vary as per the size and design you want. The felt ball rug has a huge range of design options. Being a handmade item, it even reflects the skills and creativity of local Nepali women. The ball rug is handmade by stitching the number of felt balls that varies as per size. The ball rug is a great product with a gorgeous head-turning look. It is perfect in design to decorate your plain floor.


White ball rug with flowers


Number of felt balls gets used for making different kinds of ball rugs. The felt balls that we use for the ball rugs get manufactured with human hands. It has a natural and safe material which is merino wool. Merino wool is a premium quality wool. Most felt product producers and distributors prefer it. The customers adore merino wool-felted handmade items in comparison to the other materials.
The wool from the merino sheep comes with the finest micron. Which is why it gets used for high-quality, soft-handling fabrics. Due to its renewable and sustainable nature, merino wool gets used for felts and crafts. So, felt ball rugs made from merino wool are high in quality and great in use.


  • Comfortable


Felt is a soft, durable, and fashionable fabric. So as the felt ball rug does. Handmade with merino wool felt balls; the rug seems incredible in look. Also, it is comfortable when used.
The felted balls used for making ball rugs are soft and thick enough in nature. As the balls get stitched together, the rug comes out being the most comfortable one. The superior thermal insulating property makes the rug a great winter sock material. The softness and thickness of the rug help offer a natural barrier to water. Wool felt ball rug is a stunning product that is attractive and comfortable to sit, kneel or lie on.


  • Durable

Natural square ball rug


Made with high quality pure merino wool, the ball rug is a natural and safe product with an alluring look.  It’s not only soft and comfortable but is also durable.
As wool felted ball rugs have a similar pattern or design, it can get used on both sides. In point of fact, ball rug is a durable product. It is hand-stitched using handmade, durable felt balls. Together with that, it is flame and melts resistant. And is an anti-microbial product that stands up to the day to day activities. It lasts for a lifetime being a product you can trust on.


  • Harmless(Promotes health benefits)


Wool felt ball rug is a harmless product with no doubt. It gets manufactured by stitching together many wool-felted balls. The balls used in making ball rugs are from merino wool. Yes, the wool is pure and harmless. It is non-toxic, non-allergic, and of azo-free dyes.
Besides that, the rug from merino wool felt is a safe and healthy choice for pet owners. The felt rug is an anti-microbial product. It does not promote the growth of bacteria, or dust mites or give off harmful emissions. It’s a safer product for your baby as well as product friendly for the pet.


      Tie-dye felt ball rug


The cleaning of the wool felt rug is easy and quick. To remove the dust and debris you can take the help of a vacuum cleaner. Likewise, to wash the felt ball rug, we recommend hand washing or dry cleaning.
During the cleaning of the ball rug, do not be aggressive in soaking or rubbing balls. It may cause the balls to damage. You can spot-clean it as well. You can remove the stain by dabbing the particular stain on felt balls until it gets removed. If the liquid gets spilled on the ball rug, wipe or tap it off as soon as possible. It’s better not to leave the ball rug in wet areas or in strong sunlight to increase its durability.
You can clean it every day! And to dry it, you better lay it flat. Among all, hand washing is the best and safest method to clean and take care of wool felt ball rugs.


  • Economical

    Natural coloured ball rug


Ball rug is a natural product with a sophisticated look. It is made up of high-quality wool which is durable in nature. Additionally, it is soft, comfortable as well as cleaned in an easy way. Wool felt ball rug from Felt and Wool is completely a harmless product. It is handmade with felted balls of azo-free dyes.
It can get used in the nursery for your children or living room for a welcoming feel. You can even use it in the office for enhancing creativity. You can use it in many other places. It can be bedrooms, lounges, laundry rooms, kitchens, basements, balconies, and the like. Thus, ball rug is a product that you can use everywhere for years retaining the same quality and benefits. Summing it all up, the wool felted ball rug stands out being an economical product.

 Square felt ball rug

An item that is wool felted itself seems attractive. In the same way, wool felt ball rug gives extra design and texture; along with the fulfillment of core needs.
Be the sunshine of your loved ones offering them a snuggling floor cover. From a hardwood floor to a soft as well as astonishing one, the felt wool ball rug won’t disappoint you.
Decorate your home, office or any other place of your choice with a wool felt ball rug. The absorbent and warm nature of the felted rug adds a warm, textural note to any place where it’s set down.

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