Products you can offer to your pet dog

Need a product for your pet dog? Here we are to help! Today we have listed few of our felt products that your beloved and trusted canine friend will adore.
Products you can offer to your pet dog

Dogs are in general friendly animals. They are wonderful loyal pets for you and your family without any doubt. Likewise, owning a dog means you own a best friend, a companion, and an awesome creature.


If you own a pet dog, you will always have a sense of emotional well-being. They give us unconditional love and are our most loyal friends. If we move toward the fact, a dog is a great comfort for people who live alone. Not only has this but owning a dog helped people to recover from different trauma. In the same way, a dog has healing magic and is full of love and emotions.


Every dog has a unique personality. Despite those, each of them love being around their owners. Not only do they accompany us, but also please us every time.


Why not provide something special to this special pet?


We, Felt and wool is here to help you with an outstanding product made out of wool felt. Wool felts are products that are all pet-friendly. Wool is a natural fiber and is anti-microbial. Due to this, the products made out of it are harmless.


Let us help you explore more about the felted items that will please your beloved pet dog. So, here we go:


  • Felt ball dog bed

   Felt ball dog bed

A Felt ball dog bed is an interesting product to buy for your pet dog. Every ball is handmade in Nepal with 100% pure merino wool. Not only this, we stitch the ball with our hands in consideration of its design and feel. A wool felted ball used in making the dog bed provides comfort along with quality. It breathes more naturally in comparison to synthetics.


The dog bed has a sophisticated look and is renewable. Made with natural merino wool, the bed is flame and melt-resistant. Due to its handmade nature, it appears as a center of attraction in the area it gets placed in. Moreover, the felted ball bed is an excellent insulator. It has a superior thermal insulating property. The bed comes up with a warm and snuggly feel that your dog will adore.

Felt ball dog bed round

Moving towards the further benefits, the dog bed is nature friendly. It is harmless as we make it with merino wool of azo-free dyes. You even don’t have to bother about its cleanliness. Vacuum it or clean it with your hands using cool water, the result will be best.


Thus, for a soft feel and superior breathability, our felt ball dog bed will stand out. With this, you can provide a touch of beauty to your place. And, it will reflect the creativity of local Nepali women in your desired area.


  • Felted bone


You may wonder what a felted bone is. So, to make you clear on this, felted bone is a felt product that gets felted providing the shape of a bone.


Dogs love to chew bones! Chewing provides dogs with the great exercise of the jaw. Along with this, it reduces their boredom too. Analyzing this, we provide a handmade felted bone for you to offer your dog. Because of its handmade nature, the felted bone is super soft and light weighted.

Felted bone

Felted bones are 100% digestible as it is made from chemical-free merino wool. It is a pet-friendly product that will please your pet dog without any doubts. It’s a sustainable product that lasts long. As well as bones made in our company have top quality and sustainable nature.


Bones from felted wool can be a great product. It keeps your dog engaged too. As food, a bone is also a prize that you provide to your dog. Likewise, felt bone is distinct from the rest and can also be an engaging product for your canine.


  • Felted animals


Like our other items, felted animals are also made up of merino wool felt. The wool is gentle making its items soft and durable. For pet dogs, we have some felted animals that will please you along with your canine friend. Here we go:


  1. Felted Rhino


Science proves that dogs are associated with positive emotions. When we are around them, we always feel good. Also, it is our prime duty to take good care of them. And for that, a felted rhino could be a great toy gift.

Wool felt Rhino

Felted Rhino is a wool felted product. This is why your dogs will be more attracted to it. It is a hand-felted product where you can also see stitching work done. It makes the Rhino more durable and playful.


  1. Felted Rabbit


This felted rabbit gets manufactured from white-colored merino wool. Where we use pink color for the touch-up. The beautiful color combination makes it more attractive.

Wool felt rabbit

It has the no-sew craftsmanship of Nepali craftspeople. So, the felted rabbit is soft as well as sturdy. It will provide hours of entertainment for the dogs. It is one of our unique selections that will go in a perfect manner to please your dog.


  1. Felted Frog


A Felted frog is a wonderful item. It is soft and is a unique piece of art. It not only helps to entertain the dogs but also helps to add extra decor to your home.

Handmade felt frog

As we manufacture a felted frog in a distinct manner, it can be an interesting toy. With a digestible fiber, you will be providing a safe toy for your dog.


  • Felt balls


Felt balls are one of the demandable products of our company. Felt and wool is satisfying number of customers worldwide with the best quality felted balls. One can use it in decorations, DIYs, and many more activities. It’s a multi-purpose item that is also available for pets to play with.

Merino wool felt balls

Dogs adore playing with felt balls. The balls are available in different sizes and colors. It is handmade and has the best quality. A Felt ball is resistant to wear and tear. It lasts long providing satisfaction to your dog every time it plays.


When we sum this all up, one can have options to choose from to gift the canine friend something special. Whether it is a dog bed, felt bone, felted toys, or felt balls. Your dog will be happy with it and comfort you more.


These were a few items we listed today to provide you with an idea. We have a lot more to offer you. And, you too have a lot more to offer your beloved canine friend. Hope you like our felt dog products. Follow us and keep in touch for further more.


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