Top 8 uses of wool felt balls you will adore

Do you know about felt balls? Do you find it interesting? Today, Felt and wool is here with top 8 uses of wool felt balls you will adore. Click now and explore more!
Top 8 uses of wool felt balls you will adore

Felt balls are one of the best wool-felted items that you can use in many ways. In fact, wool felt balls are made up of 100% pure merino wool. The balls are handmade with natural merino wool from New Zealand that is of azo-free dyes.


The balls have similar benefits as wool. It is thick enough and soft and is a perfect product. Merino wool gets obtained from a special breed of sheep that is merino sheep of New Zealand. In nature, the wool is gentle, strong, and resilient.                                                  

Merino wool

Felt made out of merino wool is awesome in general. Reflecting the uniqueness, the felted balls from merino wool are of top quality. Whether you prefer multicolor, or plain, every single piece comes up with the same outstanding quality no one can ignore.


If you get involved in felt items, it means you involve in crafts and creativity. Buying these wool felt balls or any felt items reflects your creative side. Not only are the felt balls used for events or decorations but are also useful in crafting day-to-day items.


To help you find out about the uses of felt balls, we have prepared a list below. Let’s go for it:


  • Decorations
  • DIYs
  • Trivets
  • Coasters
  • Garlands
  • Rugs
  • Wreath
  • Others




Without a doubt, merino wool felted balls get used in decorations and events. The felted balls are available in variable colors. And the dyes used are all azo-free and safe.


Felted balls are ideal to decorate any area of your choice. You can use it in any way you like to explore. As the product is wool felt you don’t have to worry about its harm. It is completely chemical-free and suitable for sensitive people too. Coming towards the decoration, you can use mixed-colored balls. Or, can give a touch of simplicity with similar color types.



Wool felt ball hairband

Felt balls are great for DIYs. If you are a creative soul that loves exploring something new, you are at the right place. The felted balls are customizable. They can get pierced or sewn giving extra design than usual. You can even use the balls as per your choice giving a touch of needling.


Ornaments, baby cot charms, nursery decor, and many more. You can use the felt wool balls as per your choice.



Felt ball trivet

Trivets from felt balls are one of our favorite produced items. Felt ball trivets are adored by our number of customers worldwide. You can use them for hot dishes, plant pots, or as a placement for your valuable treasures.


We provide a beautiful design or pattern to the trivet made up of felt balls. In fact, the trivet is handmade. With stitching felt balls, the trivet gets prepared. It is unique, creative, and at the same time effective in use. The trivet has anti-microbial nature. And it adds excitement to your family meals and gatherings too.



Felt ball coaster

Simple, but effective! Coasters made from felt balls are absorbent. Made up of 1 cm felt balls, the coaster is more attractive and impressive than the usual ones.


It adds a warm, textural note to any table or surfaces it’s used. It prevents the table or countertops from staining, spilling, burning, and water ring. Using felt balls, you can also make your own felt ball coasters. With multi-colored balls, you can give a creative touch to the coaster.



Colorful felt ball garland

One of the uses of felt balls is the making of garland. Garlands from wool-felted balls are alluring. By following simple steps, you can also be able to create a unique garland at your home. The garlands from felt balls can be elegantly used in decoration. Whether it is your home, office, or other desired areas. Likewise, it can be a great item. You can use it in the decoration of Christmas, Halloween, birthday parties, and the like.


The idea of felt balls in making garlands has helped many to reflect their creativity in a whole new way. The wool felt balls are available in various sizes as well as designs. It has also made the buyers add something new and interesting to their to-do lists.



Tie-dye felt ball rug

A Felt ball rug in general is a carpet (floor covering) that does not cover the whole floor. In fact, it adds a decorative touch and helps to enhance your interior decorations. The handmade nature of the ball rug makes it soft to sit, kneel or lie on.


Moreover, the ball rug anchors, define and warms up a room it gets placed in. We can say that the handmade rug from Felt and wool is one of the best results that the use of felted balls provides. It is not only durable. But also has a huge range of design options. Whether home or office or other spaces, ball rug gives sophisticated look. With that, it catches the eye of everyone.



Ball wreath

Felt and wool as a manufacturer, manufactures top-quality wool felt balls. Not only do the balls are pure and safe, but also are available in variable colors and sizes. Utilizing what we have, we further move into making handcrafted felt ball wreaths.


The wreath is unique in look and effective in use. It helps to add extra decor to the entire space. It is a creative, skillful, and head-turning product. Merino wool felt ball wreath can be a great item to welcome your guests. It can also get used at the entrance door. It’s available in any color or size. One can provide a festive touch all year round or years as the product is durable.



Felt brooches

Other uses of the wool felted ball include various accessories. For example key rings, brooches, hanging mobiles, and the like. The accessories made out of felt balls are attractive with no doubt.

Wool felt ball keyring

Being available in different shapes and colors, items from felted balls stand out. They stand up to the day-to-day activities. They are not only alluring but useful as well. They can be a great gift to your loved ones. If you are a creativity lover, these wool ball felt accessories best suites your personality. It can be your favorite product as it carries fashion at the top level.


Mentioned above are the most common uses of merino wool felted balls. Whether it’s for decorations, DIYs, trivets, coasters, garlands, rugs, wreaths, and others. The use of felt balls has made them adorable. These items are most loved by our customers worldwide.


There is more to go with the use of felt balls. For more details on these or any other wool-felted items, keep in touch with our site. The products here are all 100% pure, safe, and long-lasting. Don’t miss the opportunity. Grab the best deal now!


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