Want to get inspired? Read how Felt and wool got established

A company Felt and wool is simply a felt product manufacturing as well as distributing company. But its establishment carries a huge motive that retains the hope on hard work, dedication and loyalty. In general, its a heartwarming story about a considerate woman you will adore for sure. Go through it all to discover more.
Want to get inspired? Read how Felt and wool got established
Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done!
The establishment of Felt and wool International Pvt. Ltd. follows the same. We all assume that the company gets established only with the aim of profit maximization. Other than this fact, Felt and wool was also get established with the goal of providing employment opportunities and empowerment. And, in general to the women of a developing country like Nepal. It’s a company that’s not only established but run by a woman with a strong determination. There’s far more to Felt and wool than meets the eye.
Here’s the fact in detail that will be inspiring not only women but each one out there. It is for those who have faced the same pain and suffered or suffering a lot on the path to success.

                                         Mrs. Devi(Owner of Felt and wool)

Devi Karki, owner of Felt and wool International Pvt. Ltd. is an intellectual woman. A woman who steps down from a government job to engage in a such thing that not only benefits a single person. But, the whole society, the nation as well as the world. During the journey of change-bringing motive, she worked as a production manager. She worked for 7 years in a similar company to Felt and wool. She was the only woman among the partners. The one who dealt with every circumstance relating to production and factory management. With her self-determination and hard work, the company started touching its peak. Along with carrying out better result with the proper satisfaction of the customers.

 Team work


The saddest thing about betrayal is it never comes from your enemies. Despite the fact that Mrs. Devi contributed a lot, she got betrayed by the company. Not only that, but with a false allegation. Further steps couldn’t be taken due to the lack of legal proof. The hard work and continuous effort of her for 7 years went unobserved. We can sense how it feels when someone betrays or humiliate us even though we gave our best and remained loyal. Mrs. Devi was going through the same pain that was mentally and physically disturbing. She got in partnership with the hope of not only developing herself but the entire society. It seemed self-destructive by that incident. But, she didn’t stop when she got tired of this all. She aimed to give a new start and stop only when her motive will get satisfied.
Continuous support from the better half and her never giving up nature became a ray of hope. Hope for the starting of a new journey into a similar field she knew about. Following all the legal procedures, she established Felt and wool. With all the knowledge, skill, and experience she had, she was able to give a glow to a new company.



As honest people don’t hide their deeds, there was no such thing to cover from the world. Good deed of her attracted those loyal employees. Some of them were from the previous company too where she contributed. That gave her more inspiration and motivation to do better than before. From having 15 at the start to having more than 200 staff now; we, Felt and wool have achieved a lot more in 3 years.
A good spouse is a person’s best wealth. With continuous support from my spouse at every up and down, I am able to achieve my goals. Now, my husband is also engaged in the company as a CEO resigning from the renowned bank. I am happy as I am meeting my target day by day along with the love of my life, says Mrs. Devi.

Quality checking

Altogether, Mrs. Devi holds 10 years of experience in the field of felt items. From simple wool felt balls to felt cat houses, every item that is wool felted gets manufactured. Not only this, Felt and wool deliver them to various customers worldwide. Local customers as well as customers from foreign show their satisfaction. With premium quality products of Felt and wool, the products are at a reasonable price. Considering the core needs of the customers, qualitative products get manufactured here. All our products are non-toxic, non-allergic, and of azo-free dyes.

 Measuring the threads

Nepal is a country that is multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, and multi-religious. It carries a separate pride along with various natural beauties. It includes the top of the world, Mount Everest. It is a small landlocked country with a heart of gold. Humanity, kindness, politeness, and helpful nature are present here. Such the nature of the people of Nepal gives separate identities. Nepal is an independent country throughout its history. But, employment opportunities are very few here.
In consideration of that, Felt and wool provide employment to people. On the basis of their ability without any discrimination, we provide employment here.

Inspection in making cat house

Woman, a simple one-word with 5 letters carries a lot more weight. Even though she is illiterate, she knows how to manage every task. She does not step back even at a harsh times and everyone out there agrees on it. As per the latest poll, Women are more financially responsible than men. The saddest thing is that most of them have no opportunity to go out and work even on this date.

 Happy employees


Felt and wool practices no gender discrimination. And is in general established to drop the dominance that women face in a country like Nepal. Felt and wool have been doing its best for women from its side.

Before conclusion on this, let’s have a look at some recent shocking facts. They are about gender inequality through the following bullets:

·    In underdeveloped or developing countries, for every hundred boys who continue their education after high school, only fifty-five girls do the same.
·    On average, women around the world spend more than twice as many hours as men doing unpaid work.
·    Women complete more work on average, but they get assigned 55% of all work.
·    33,000 girls become child brides every day.

 Women empowerment

The above-mentioned were a few examples. The world is developing and getting modernized day by day. There are lot more cases of such inequalities together with unemployment for women. Letting today be the start of something new, Felt and wool is providing employment. Many local people of Nepal are getting opportunities from this. Despite the staff, there are lot more employees here. Most of them earn by working at home. They do it along with managing household chores, among which most of them are women. Learning with skills, the staff here manufacture products with love and proper care.

 Making felted carrot

Heading towards the motive day by day with better results, Felt and wool is flourishing step by step. It is achieving desired results and customers’ positive feedback. Meeting the employees’ expectations, the company is being operated with new energy and scheme. Reaching a sweet fruit after hard work is worth it. The goal of establishing a new company after getting betrayed requires a lot of courage. Solo comeback towards the desired field and after much more hard work, the company has taken its form. Every woman around along with the men is getting employed and trained here.

 Making felt ball basket

No discrimination on the basis of gender is done on wages or salary. Everyone gets paid as per their capacity and skills. All the felt products get handcrafted here. Due to which male or female, the employees get as much as they have manufactured.

 Showing details

It not only shows how the company i.e. Felt and wool got established. With that, it represents how one can reach his/her aim. We need hard work, efficiency, and strong determination to achieve our goals. Even though the company is being operated with flying colors, a lot more is still remaining to do. We respect every hardworking person out there. Especially the courageous women who, without showing obligation have to suppress their dreams. Keep your step forward and you can do what you wish.
Hope, this story will again be an inspiration to those who also thought of stepping back most of the time.
Defeating the past and improving the present! The establishment of our company shows the capacity and willpower of a courageous woman to the backstabbers.

 Mrs. Devi

Following your dreams to bring certain change to yourself and the entire world, it’s better to work hard. Get motivated and keep on trying with great determination. It is better to do rather than to partner with others. Life is too short for a bad business partner. Those whose so-called business is only focused on making money. And sinking others' ships despite being honest to them without selfishness. 
                                        Mrs. Devi Karki

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