Wool felt balls for the creativity lovers

Are you a creativity lover? If so, get engaged here to know more about beautifully handmade wool felted balls. Together with that, explore the interesting features and uses that the felted balls possesses discovering your creative soul!
2 cm multi coloured felt balls

A felt ball in fact is a product that’s perfect for the craft lovers. It can be of any colour imaginable. It’s a soft and the tough product which can be varied as per the choice.

As felt have many uses since the past from clothing to home decoration, it’s an outstanding product that possesses lot more benefits. In the same way, wool felted balls are one of the most flexible wool felted product which can be elegantly used in various ways. It can be a great material for your DIYs as well!

As our company, Felt and wool is a manufacturer as well as a distributer of wool felted products including felted balls, you don’t have to wonder where to buy felt balls in bulk!

Mustard yellow felt balls

Today, we are here with you presenting some of the beautiful and adorable handmade felted balls. Together with that we will be answering to the questions that frequently arise regarding wool felted balls.

Here below is the list of selective coloured felt balls we are going to deal with:

  • Yellow felt balls
  • Bright pink felt balls
  • White felt balls
  • Natural brown felt balls
  • Charcoal felt balls
  • Natural grey felt balls
  • Blue felt balls
  • Green felt balls

Yellow felt balls

Yellow felt balls

Being a pervasive colour, yellow felt balls catches the eye of each and every person. The beauty and attractiveness that the yellow colour provides makes the felt balls even more adorable.

As yellow felt balls attract attention, you can purchase felt balls in bulk so that you can make as much crafts as you like. For the yellow lovers these balls could be an adorable product which will help decorating the desired places!


Bright pink felt balls

Bright pink felt balls

Bright pink felt balls are all handmade by local Nepal women. Being a handmade product, it comes out being soft, durable and thick enough for decorations and further more crafts without any doubt.

No one can resist the beautiful impression that the wool felted ball creates. Apart from that, the bright pink colour of the felted balls catches the eye of every one. Use it directly for decorations or make beautiful items with it, it works in both ways in a perfect manner.


White felt balls

White felt balls

A peaceful colour that is white offers a calm and pleasant look to the area it has been used for decorating. In the same way, it could be a perfect piece of art that fits everywhere with every colour.

From making trivets to rugs you can use the white felt balls that’s 100% pure and natural. Its thickness and long lasting nature makes it a product that lasts for life time. One can amaze everyone using felt balls for crafting. It’s pretty and adorable!


Natural brown felt balls

Natural brown felt balls

The natural brown felt balls are the balls that are distinct than the normal brown felted balls. It is unique in looks and beautiful in crafts! It is easily recognizable one in comparison to rest of the wool felted balls.

2 cm, 3 cm or even the large natural brown felt balls, you can easily buy them at wholesale rate in Nepal including our company. The felted balls of Felt and wool are all handmade, soft and of best quality.


Charcoal felt balls

Charcoal felt balls

At a glance, the charcoal coloured felted balls seem like succulent, juicy black berries in the basket! Its appearance in real is as pretty as the picture doubtlessly.

As it triggered your senses, it will be triggering others too. It is different in appearance and great in uses. In fact, it is a perfect product for the craft lovers. You can use it for making home decor, pet products or the unique ornaments for yourself. In almost every crafts, it fits in the best!


Natural grey felt ballsNatural grey felt balls

Natural grey coloured felted balls are included in this list as it is one of the most purchased products. As like charcoal and natural brown felted balls, it is distinct than the others and catches the attention at first sight.

It falls under the special category among numerous felted balls. Even though you are new to the felted products, you will be able to engage into a craft with these balls that’s simple and awesome.


Blue felt balls

Blue felt balls

Blue is the colour of the sky and the ocean! It is a primary colour that most of the people prefers. Keeping in mind the priority of the customers, these blue felted balls are presented in the list.

 There is no doubt that the colour is highly preferable and great for indoor as well as outdoor decorations. The dyes in the wool for making the felt balls are all azo-free. So, you can buy these blue felt balls in bulk and make surprisingly captivating decor items yourself!


Green felt balls

Green felt balls

As blue represents both the sky and the ocean, the colour green is associated with the nature. It delivers good vibes and refreshment. Likewise, green felt balls can be elegantly used for the crafts.

Either separately or combining with other felted balls, it helps adding a beautiful decoration that will enlighten the entire space.

 Peach pink felt balls

Liking is not enough! One should and would obviously like to get conscious about the product you are going to purchase. Therefore, we have mentioned short and sweet answers below for the frequently asked questions regarding wool felted balls which will surely help you out.


  • What are felt balls made of?

Purple felt balls

There are various types of wool in the world by which the felted balls can be made. But, the felt balls from Felt and wool are made of pure merino wool from New Zealand with premium quality. The wool used for the manufacturing of wool felted balls is non-toxic, non-allergic and of azo free dyes. The balls are all handmade by local Nepali women.

Being the wool felted item, the felt balls comes out being an economical product that lasts for the life time.


  • What are felt balls used for?

Multi coloured 2 cm felt balls

Wool felted balls can be used for various purposes. It’s a great handmade product that can be perfectly used for the further more crafts. Together with that, felt balls are great for DIYs!

Additionally, wool felt balls are used for making trivets, coasters, garlands, baskets, pen holder, beautiful rugs, bags, brooches, key rings and many more. Apart from these all, it’s a felt product that can be directly used to decorate the desired place. Likewise, large felt balls can also be used as a pet toy as it is harmless and environmentally friendly by nature.


  • Can felt balls be washed?

1 cm multi coloured felt balls

Felt is a soft, durable and fashionable fabric in nature. It’s a most common question that a felt balls producer and distributer gets asked about.

The short answer to this question is yes! It is possible to hand wash and machine wash the felted balls. But, hand washing is the best one as it keeps the quality sustainable. For felted balls, soapy water can be used to give a quick touch. In the same way, you are not supposed to soak the balls in water or rub it aggressively as the balls can get damaged. If it gets stained, simply dab it until the stain is removed; and, you’re done!


Get your own favourite felt balls bulk at the best reasonable price. Colour your desired area with beautifully handmade felt balls or with your handmade crafts from it.

If you love wool felted item and crafting yourself, you can learn to make wool felted cat cave providing your feline friend an unforgettable gift!


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