Trivets Care instruction

Here is the list that helps you, providing proper care instruction for the felt ball trivet:

  • Hand wash or dry clean is recommended during the cleaning process of felt trivet.
  • Do not wash on the machine or natural oils as the wools will be removed.
  • As colours of felt balls used in the felt ball trivet are of azo free dyes, it can be fade with strong sunlight.
  • Do not soak and rub balls of the trivet aggressively. It reduces the durability of the trivet making it look vulnerable.
  • In order to remove dirt from the felt ball trivet, let it dry and gently brush it off. You can simply dab the felt balls until the stain is removed.
  • Do not leave it in the wet areas. Together with that, wipe off the liquid as soon as possible if it gets spilled over wool felt trivet.