6 reasons to prefer wool felt mobile case

Do you want to give your mobile a brand new and creative case full of benefits? Then we are right here for you with felt mobile case. Yes, if you are still confused what is to be chosen, we have got 6 reasons for you to prefer felt mobile case. So, read it now and make a great choice!!
6 reasons to prefer wool felt mobile case

Mobile (Phone) has become one of the necessities in today’s life! Even though it was invented by Martin Copper with a purpose to give people freedom to talk on the phone away from their cars, it has become the part of life in today’s world.

There are lot more advantages that a mobile phone offers. Some of its key benefits can be listed as:

  • Smooth communication
  • Developing businesses
  • Education
  • Finding directions
  • Research and news updates
  • Entertainment

From the points mentioned above, we can conclude that the mobile phone is an important gadget that helps us to have a smooth communication with our friends and families from one corner of the world to another. Not only it helps to have an easy communication, but also helps to promote, develop and recognize ones’ business to another in the entire world.

Rainbow felt mobile case

Moving towards the next benefit, these days phone has become a means of gaining knowledge. Anyone including students can perceive education on any matter with the help of the mobile phone.

Likewise from finding directions to reach the destination or for the research or updates, everyone prefers mobile. Apart from theses all, you can click photos, make videos, listen to the music or watch movies; all the things are made possible by the mobile phone. Knowingly or unknowingly, mobile phone has really become a part of our life and we are addicted to it now!


Therefore, a gadget that helps us with its maximum numbers of benefits should be properly cared. For this there are many products that are related to the protection and care of mobile phones. Among them, merino wool felt eco-friendly mobile case is also the one.

Colourful sheep felt mobile case

Felt mobile case is light in weight, has long durability and is very fashionable. Moreover, wool felt mobile case has the extra and amazing benefits in comparison to the similar products made from other materials. Handmade by the local artisans of Nepal, the product reflects skills and creativity that are far better, original and realistic for sure.


Getting towards todays’ topic, here below we have mentioned 6 reasons for you to prefer wool felt mobile case. Here it goes:

  • Handmade
  • Eco-friendly
  • Light in weight
  • Long durability
  • Elegant
  • Cost effective

How about learning about it in detail? So, let’s begin:

Stripped felt mobile case


First and foremost, all sorts of wool felt products from Felt and wool are handmade in nature. They are manufactured by local people of Nepal, mainly women with proper training.


For the production, we use 100% pure and natural merino wool. The merino wool felt are strong and sturdy in nature. Being a natural product, the mobile cases from wool felt are soft as well. When you compare it with other mobile cases made from the materials other than the wool felt, you will find felt one to be the best one.


Handmade nature of the product helps it being a soft, strong, flexible and well made one. Together with that, it has a unique appearance and creative nature making itself the best among the rest.

Cute white sheep felt mobile case


 Consciously or unconsciously, a natural ecosystem that is a community of living and non-living things, occurring freely in nature is getting hampered day by day. It is our responsibility to protect the nature, our whole eco-system by contributing as much as we can. Why not start from today?


Products that get manufactured in Felt and wool are all naturally made and are directed towards protecting the environment. Similar to other felt products, felt mobile case are handmade with non-toxic, non-allergic and azo-free dyes that helps minimizing environmental degradation.


Along with that, manufacturing of handmade mobile case is an example of a perfect product that is manufactured creating no any kind of pollution. Thus, felt mobile case is an eco-friendly product that you can prefer.

Animal felt mobile case

Light in weight

Are you searching for a mobile case that is light in weight? Your search is over now. Wool felt mobile case is light weighted and easily carried.


We make up our mind to purchase mobile case so that we don’t have to carry bags or even the side bags just for the mobile phones. But, what’s the point if the mobile case is as similar in weight to the side bags?


Our mobile phone case is made from natural wool fibers that are felted together by human hands. Due to this reason, the felt mobile case comes out being light in weight that is the most suitable one to the mobile case owners.

Reverse view of animal felt mobile case

Long durability

Wool bags from Felt and wool are manufactured by hands from pure merino wool; so as this mobile case. The gentle and sturdy nature gives long durability to the fascinating mobile case.


Felt is created by felting the wool fibers together through a process of matting, condensing and pressing. This process leaves a natural material that is soft to touch but durable enough to protect your mobile against common everyday hazards like scratches.  


Felt mobile case provides the softness, warmth and longevity that only wool can deliver. Summing these all, we can simply say that this 100% merino wool felt eco-friendly mobile case has the long durability.

Mobile case


Not only durability and comfort, an elegancy and youthful appeal comes by your side while you carry felt mobile phone case. The colours have been carefully selected to provide you with all the beauty you would expect from Felt and Wool.


We, Felt and wool present you wool felt mobile phone case that possesses color fastness. In simple words, the used wool is dyed in colors that will not fade or be washed out. Accompanied by that, we use fine merino wool to craft these mobile phone cases, which are fabulous gifts, especially for your loved ones.


Our handmade nature of the mobile bag or case helps reflecting the creativity and skills of local Nepali craftswomen; making it an elegant, eye-catching product.

Felt mobile case

Cost effective

Cost effectiveness is what we need from the product that we buy. Talking about wool felt mobile case; they are lightweight, water-resistant and eco-friendly.


In addition to this, it’s a handmade product that is elegant and has the sophisticated look. It is durable and can last for the life time. It’s a product you won’t regret buying.


In simple words, felt mobile phone case possesses comparatively more benefits than the similar products made from other materials. So, we can conclude that it’s an outstanding product that is economical or cost effective in nature.

Sheep felt mobile case

Mobile phone cases made from wool felt are an excellent choice for those who love to travel. Handmade nature of the mobile case helps reflecting the creativity and skills of local Nepali craftswomen.


It suits every kind of outfits and is best for every sort of outdoor activities. It’s also a wool felt product that can be easily cleaned and taken care of. Moreover, the wool felt mobile case can also be used as a replacement to felt side bags.


And there you have it! These are the 6 main reasons for you to prefer handmade wool felt mobile case. Thank you for supporting us and reading this till the end. Hope your creative soul flourishes everyday considering the responsibilities towards our beautiful environment.


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