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Looking for a coaster that won’t give a sound and is unique as well? Wool felt tea coasters set are probably the best choice. Manufactured using the hands, the product are durable and convenient. Wool felt tea coaster probably gives the satisfaction you were not finding on other coasters. With health benefit, you can give your home or working space the stunning look everyone wish to have. Features: Eco-friendly Convenient Economical Long-lasting Noiseless Benefits: Handmade felt table coaster for drinks are made with pure and natural wool that doesn’t promote pollution. In other words, it is eco-friendly. Fits everywhere meeting your prime motive of making a purchase of the product. Durability of the table coasters set makes it economical as they lasts for longer time. In addition to that there is no worrying of its breakage or cracking. As it is made using wool, there is no possibility of the occurrence of unwanted noise. In the same way, table coaster for glass or wood table helps protecting your table from spill, scratches or stains. Table coaster for drinks is simple and easy to clean. Use cool water and simply clean by hands or spot clean it. Sponge-like nature of the wool that is pure and made with love and care eventually makes the product perfectly ready to use. Without creating further damage of your table, table coaster performs its task well. In addition to that, natural coloured table coasters set helps you add some extra touch of beauty at your home or desired area.
Handmade Felt Ball Coaster Handmade Felt Ball Coaster
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Gift someone extremely absorbent wool felt coaster set that ensures the prevention of table from the moisture of the glass or any sort of sweaty drinks. Apart from that, it protects the surface of the table or any other surface where the user might place a drink. A light, moveable coaster with its maximum benefit is lucky to have. Benefits: Primarily, tea coasters are made with the aim of protecting table top from scratch or spill eliminating the moisture that the sweaty glass may produce. No chemicals and non-toxic nature of the table coasters set presents itself as an eco-friendly handmade product. As tea coaster is handmade, it can be regularly cleaned. Provides sophisticated look to your home or working space as tea coaster for drinks is a felt as well as distinctive. Table coasters set are durable which ultimately makes it cost effective. Particularly made with natural wool caring about your health along with the basic requirements. Unlimited benefits of the wool felt coasters may have definitely influenced you somewhere. Try out simple, but effective tea coaster which is obviously different and comparatively beneficial than the one made from the common materials.
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Felt ball wool coaster is a magnet pulling the desirability of each and every one out there. Felt balls are woven by hands by the local artisans of Nepal; especially women giving the shape to a fine, productive tea coasters.   With warm, textural note you can simply decor every part of your home or workplace along with offering an extra absorbent material for the cups and glasses. With numbers of benefits, you can purchase a unique product that is economical. Benefits: Health benefits: Health is wealth. Considering the fact, table coaster for drinks manufactured by Felt and wool is of no harm at all. Made with pure New Zealand wool which is non-toxic and non-allergic definitely works for each and every one out there. Simple, but effective: Simplicity is beauty in itself. Though our table coaster seems simple but its elegancy can’t be neglected. In the same way, it is super absorbent by which it protects your table from getting spilled or stained. Easy to clean: Although made from wool, felt tea coaster sets are easily cleaned with hands. Spot clean and dry clean is also applicable. Eco-friendly: Non-toxic and non-allergic nature of table coasters are eco-friendly in nature as it do not cause any kind of hamper to the natural environment. Addition to that, felt coaster by felt and wool demotes pollution. Cost effective: Table coaster set offers you a long lasting coaster life as the coasters are non-fragile. Such durable nature makes felt ball coasters cost effective as one don’t have to purchase the similar product often. Perfect offering: What could be a perfect offering to your loved and supportive ones than unique and attractive tea coasters with bucketful of benefits?   Each and every one of us is possessed of various features that somewhere differs from rest of the world. In the same way, the coasters do. Though all are made for the same purpose, felt ball coasters tops the lists with extra beneficial nature. Accompanied by that, the selected coloured balls that are red, green and white makes the tea coaster more beautiful and elegant.
Felt Coasters Round Felt Coasters Round
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A perfect drink deserves a perfect coaster. Try table coasters to place a drink adding extra glory to anywhere you desire.  From home to workplace, it fits everywhere adding extra decor. When the felt balls are woven giving a desirable shape, felt ball coasters are prepared. Due to that reason, it is thick enough as well as soft. In addition to that, table coaster is soundless and can also be a great gift. Benefits: Prevention: Tea coaster is to prevent the table from scratch, spill or moisture from the drink. Felt and wool manufactures perfectly thick balls for the coasters increasing its efficiency. Absorption: Table coasters for drink from Felt and wool are extremely absorbent as it ensures moisture from glass doesn’t reach the table underneath. Light weighted: Being a light weighted product, table coasters set are easily moveable from one place to another without any difficulties. Easily cleaned: Made from natural and pure wool, the coasters are easily cleaned by hands just by using cool water. One doesn’t have to worry for its cleanliness as it can be cleaned regularly. Decorative: Include some extra decorating item to your home with wool felt ball coaster. By its uniqueness, it will make each and every one speak about its bold and attractive nature along with its outstanding benefits. Without delay, gift your home or beloved ones a beautiful present that can’t be denied. Representing your warm love and care, handmade wool felt table coasters from Felt and wool will definitely satisfy you with its best quality at reasonable price. 
White and Red Color Coaster White and Red Color Coaster
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Bearing in mind the crucial need of yours, Felt and wool presents a coaster that adds warm, textural note to any table or surface. With the use of red and white coloured felt balls, the table coaster looks fascinating. Felt items at Felt and wool are all handmade by the local artisans from Nepal; most of which include women. With a nature of understanding material dependency, women of our company manufactures the felt items precisely making it best in quality. Features: Qualitative Protective Uniquely designed Light weighted Easily cleaned No chemicals Soundless Effective   Benefits: Handmade with pure New Zealand wool makes the felt table coasters a qualitative one. With an aim of satisfying valuable customers, wool felt coasters are made. Considering the main objective, table coasters set from Felt and wool are of protective nature. It helps protecting the table from getting stained, spilled, and scratched as well as heat burnt. Tea coasters are made with variable designs, colours and patterns making them unique itself. Tired of heavy coasters? Now you don’t have to. Wool felt tea coasters set is light weighted which make it to be easily carried from one place to another. You may get panic for the cleanliness and taking care of table coasters made from felt. But, it’s a very simple task. Just clean it with the hands using cold water for better result. Product with no chemicals means no pollution and no harm for the health. As health comes first among all as a gift from the nature, product with no chemicals seems beneficial from every point of view. Table coasters from Felt and wool are soundless as well as non-fragile. Clunking sound may be irritating and unpleasant. Therefore, getting in use of the felt wool coasters avoid such type of sound. Product that is as effective as described is hard to get but felt tea coasters won’t make you feel rue of purchasing it. It works in a very smooth and effective manner leaving its competitors behind.   Other than the fact that felt wool coaster seems simple; it is a very effective one. Purchasing of the product won’t only benefits you, but also the local people of developing country like Nepal (mainly empowering women). Simply, it carries two sided benefits. So decor and get benefited with wool felt coasters from Felt and craft along with indirectly contributing to others.

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