Felt sandwich
Felt sandwich from $42.50
Felt food! These wonderful pieces of toy food are handmade and hand felted from 100% merino wool. Each piece of felted foods is unique and original! Felt foods are just like or similar to real food, but are made from merino wool. Each item is created by hand by the local Nepali people. Decorate your home with these cute felt foods and it will be a head turning product for sure! Felt food is a clever way of using natural fibres by creating colourful felt food that looks just like real food made from 100% merino wool!
Felt roll
Felt roll from $42.50
Kids or kids at heart will love this felt food! These are handmade, hand cut and hand felted from 100% merino wool. There are no parts made from plastic or other synthetic materials and each piece is unique and original! The felted foods not only serve as great and creative fun but also help to learn about the uses of natural fibres as well as the products that conserve the environment in your house. Felt foods are a creative and sustainable handmade product, made from natural fibres to help you decorate your home along with being great for imaginative play. Felt foods look just like real food, but are made from merino wool. Each item is created by hand by the local Nepali people.
Felt popsicles
Felt popsicles from $42.50
Felt food makes a great gift as it is reusable. The handmade felt food items are not just decorative but can be played with or used to tell stories and make up your own games. They come in an array of colours and sizes, from plates, bowls and cups to animals, sandwiches, fruit and vegetables. Each of our felt food items is handmade by the local craftswomen in Nepal. With each piece being a unique and original creation, these felt food items provide your home with a fun way to decorate while also learning about the uses of natural fibres as well as caring for the environment.
Felt ice-cream
Felt ice-cream from $42.50
If you're looking to inspire your children's imaginative play, we have a selection of handmade felt food that will bring loads of fun and creativity to the house. Each piece is lovingly hand-crafted in Nepal by local craftspeople using non-toxic dyes. Perfect for brightening up playtime! Each piece is individually hand crafted with non-toxic dyes and wool, creating one-of-a-kind pieces that are all unique. Felt food is perfect for imaginative play and will spice up any room with its creative colour and character!
Felt croissant Felt croissant
Felt croissant from $42.50
If you are planning to gift your kids a creative and amazing toy, then felt foods are the one. Felt foods are in general a great alternative to plastic for children’s toys. This handmade food not only helps your child to play with but also helps to learn about the uses of natural fibers as well as the products that conserve the environment. Manufactured using merino wool, the felted foods are thick, soft and durable. It does not tear or wear out like the other woven fabrics. Generally, felt foods are the creative and sustainable handmade products that can be used for the decoration purpose as they enhance your interior decorations. The foods made up of merino wool felt are available in any size and colour imaginable.
Felt cookies
Felt cookies from $42.50
Original and handmade, these felt foods are great for imaginative play. Your kids (or the kids inside you) will love playing with these adorable little treats. Each item is made by hand in Nepal from 100% merino wool which is why the product is environmentally friendly and sustainable. Felt Food is a fun and imaginative way to bring colour and life to your table top. Each handcrafted piece is made from natural fibers, with no parts made from plastic or synthetic materials. It’s a creative product made by local craftswomen from Nepal that reflects creativity and uniqueness. As per your order, the felted foods are available in any size, design and colour with the top quality.

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