Multi coloured felt ball baskets Multi coloured felt ball baskets
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From gathering miscellaneous items to adding extra touch of beauty to your home; felt wool basket is a perfect product. It’s a 100% natural, renewable and sustainable material you won’t resist. Wool felt basket is a flawless organization for the storage of home cluttering items. Give your cluttered home a new and admirable look with wool felt basket from Felt and wool. Benefits: Perfect organization: Other than the fact that felt basket hides plenty of assorted items from any of the places, it also perfectly organizes them. Helping to manage the items, it works as a perfect organization. Useful for every place: In a simple note, while looking for a product, we think of our home first. Felt and wool manufactures such felted baskets that is useful everywhere. It’s not only made for the household purpose. You can even use it in your office or for outdoors. Easy to clean: Made from wool, felt wool basket are very easy to clean. It can also be manipulated and shaped by oneself easily just by using soap and water. Safety: Non-toxic and non-allergic nature of felt basket makes it safe from every point of view. It has health benefits as well as it is eco-friendly. Besides that, you can use it for keeping the dry foods such as fruits and breads due to its safe nature. Beautifying: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But, the beauty that wool felt basket offers to the respective place is the one that nobody can deny. It will be a head turning product that everyone would love to have. As baskets from Felt and wool are made from felt of 100% natural wool, it carries uniqueness in itself. Less fuzz and no pilling nature of felted wool basket makes it more admirable. Add some sophisticated look to your favourite place together with your life. Your purchase from Felt and wool contributes in the earning of underprivileged and needy people mostly women.
Felt ball basket Felt ball basket
Felt ball basket $69.45
Numbers of baskets are available in the market, but the one who knows the exact benefits chooses felt one. Handmade with 100% pure wool makes the felt basket more fascinating and effective. Felted ball baskets can be used for home furnishing as well as for decorating purposes. From hiding, plenty of items to serving dry food felt baskets could be the best choice. Features: Minimalist in design Less fuzz Easy cleaning Maximum safety Decorative Benefits: Felt wool baskets are minimalist in design. They are manufactured by human hands using simple methods. Natural and bold colours are used in the manufacturing process. Even though it seems simple, but it’s effective enough to carry out its functions. Listening of the felt item obviously clicks our mind with the image of fuzz. Actually, it’s not like that. Felt item comes up with less fuzz, so do the felt baskets. Being a felt item felt basket is not bothering at all in terms of cleanliness. It is manufactured by hands using soap and water; as a result it can be cleaned smoothly with hands and cool water. Felt baskets are formed when the pure New Zealand wool is subjected to moisture, heat and pressure. No any other harmful chemicals are added during its manufacturing process. As a whole, wool felt baskets are the products with maximum safety. It is eco-friendly as well as promotes healthy living. Not only for placing the items of your home or working place, felt basket equally contributes in decorating. It will surely give an eye catching beauty to where ever it is placed without any doubt. Along with gathering miscellaneous items that clutters up the room, felt basket from Felt and wool adds aesthetic texture to your home, office or any other places.

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