Pineapple felt hat
Pineapple felt hat $35.50
The natural, breathable properties of our wool felt hats will protect you from the elements and keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Our exclusive felting process creates a durable, yet lightweight hat that is softer than ever before. Whether you love pineapple or not, you will surely love this pineapple felt hat! This fabulous felted hat contains the following advantages: Handmade Made with love Eco-friendly Cozy Long lasting High quality Durable Easily cleaned Reasonable price Our felted hats are made from 100% natural wool and are perfect not only for those who enjoy the great outdoors but also for those who regularly wear hats. The quality wool used in this hat is naturally soft, warm and comfortable to wear. This means you can buy one of these hats today and know that it will be in good condition to wear throughout the seasons.
Tiger stripped design felt hat
Tiger stripped design f... $35.50
Felt hats are beautiful, practical and stylish accessories that add warmth to your winter or summer look. Made from all-natural materials, these hats are sturdy, but light weighted and they last ages. With their gorgeous looks, felted hats are a great way to complete any look or outfit. Hat made from merino wool felt is a luxurious, comfortable and environmentally friendly product. Wool felt hats are handmade with care and passion to provide you with the best possible felted products. To pacify your query, some of the benefits of felted hats are listed down: Premium quality Reasonable price Made by local Nepali artisans by hands Unique and attractive tiger stripped design Creative and skillful Lasts for the lifetime Economic in nature Can be cleaned easily This simple, but effective felted hat acts as a sun shade that not only protects your heads, face and ears; but also helps regulating your body temperature. It is a felt product possessing lot more benefits.
Rainbow felted hat Rainbow felted hat
Rainbow felted hat $35.50 $42.92
Hats, in general are the covering for the head. It makes you look stylish, classy and at the same time adds touch up in your personality. Apart from this all, there are lot more benefits that a simple looking felted hat contains. It is a long lasting and an elegant product you won’t regret buying. Here below are few benefits that a merino wool felted hat possesses: Handmade: Merino wool felted hats from Felt and wool are all handmade by the local Nepali craftsperson. With lots of love and care, the hats are prepared providing proper thickness for more comfort. Soft: As the hat is made thick using merino wool from New Zealand, it becomes soft after it gets ready to use. Due to this, you can easily wear your hat that’s soft inside and incredible outside. Durable: These beautiful hats are of handcrafted nature. Because of this, it is durable and lasts long for the life time retaining the same appearance and quality. Protects: Felted hats are way more than you think. It is not only for the style purpose. It also protects your head, face and ears from the cold and weather conditions. Easily cleaned: You don’t have to get worry for the cleanliness of wool felted hats as it can be cleaned easily and regularly. For better result, wash it with hands or spot clean it. You can dry clean it as well. Felted hats are therefore soft, comfy and a light weighted products. It is handmade, durable and protective and can be easily cleaned. Along with providing you elegance and youthful appeal, it can be a great gift for your dear ones as well.
Penguin felt hat
Penguin felt hat $35.50 $40.00
Felted hats are a great addition to any wardrobe. Whether you need one for the winter or summer, our felted wool hats will keep you warm and comfortable. Made from all-natural materials, these hats are sturdy, but lightweight, and they last ages. With their gorgeous looks, they are a great way to complete any look or outfit. In addition to that, this penguin felt hat is distinct in look and is a very effective product. It helps protecting your head, face and ears reflecting the skill and creativity of the craftswomen from the developing country like Nepal. Some benefits of wool felt hats: Felt hats from Felt and wool are all handmade with love and care. The hat is eco-friendly and a harmless product. It is warm and at the same time breathable wool felted item. Suitable for both summer and winter days. Wool felt hats are soft and comfortable in nature. Felted hat is light weighted so it can be worn easily. Penguin design of the hat makes it more attractive together with its effectiveness. It is in fact a head turning product that is adorable. As the hat from merino wool can be easily cleaned, you don’t have to get worried for its cleanliness. Merino wool felted hat is a durable, long lasting and an economical product comparing to other of the same kind. No matter the season, you can trust our wool felt hats to keep your head warm and cozy. This felted hat is great in look and is a functional product without any doubt.
Orange felt hat
Orange felt hat $35.50
Felted hats are easy to wear, comfortable and simple. It is designed perfectly that you can wear it in any place and any time. The 100% natural wool used in them makes them sturdy and long-life lasting product which not only looks good but also provides high comfort level to the person wearing the hat. Well-crafted and made with care, this hat will fit into any formal outfit and make you look your best. Here below are some benefits of merino wool felted hats: Appealing design: Orange color with unique and creative look provides this hat an appealing design that no one could resist. It is attractive and suitable wool felt accessory without any doubt. Environmentally friendly: Non-toxic, non-allergic and azo free dyes are used for the manufacturing of this wool felted hat which is why it is harmless. Such nature of the product makes it environmentally friendly. Creative: The wool felt hats from Felt and wool are all handmade by local Nepali artisans, especially women. With the use of skills and knowledge, the hats are prepared. Due to this, it is creative and unique than the rest. Qualitative: Felt hats are made with top quality merino wool that is 100% natural and safe. In addition, it is made by hands with continuous checking procedures for assuring its quality. Due to which, the felt hat comes out being a qualitative product that’s satisfying 100+ customers worldwide. Economical: Hats from merino wool felts are all handmade which makes it more strong and sturdy in nature. Along with rest of the benefits, the felted hats are economical and long lasting in nature. When you wear a Felt and wool felt hat, you become part of our family. We pride ourselves on offering the most luxurious, natural and long lasting hats possible. Their high quality wool provides outstanding protection against cold and heat while their softness makes them an absolute pleasure to wear.
Green wool felted hat Green wool felted hat
Green wool felted hat $35.50
If you are looking for a simple but elegant hat, then felted hats could be the best option. They can fit in any professional attire and would add a unique touch to your personality. Made with high quality wool, they are soft and comfortable to wear. Felted hats are excellent and only get better with age. You won’t see them lose their softness or shape. They retain their unique look, feel and personality over time, even after hundreds of years. Following are some of the benefits that the wool felted hat possesses: Environmentally friendly Handmade Made with love Super soft Comfortable Easily cleaned Long lasting Attractive Economical Felted hats are one of the most desirable and luxurious products. They not only look good but also provide great personality to people wearing it. We, Felt and wool use only 100% natural wool to provide outstanding features in felted hats. It is a long lasting product made of fully merino wool and provides protection against cold, rain, wind and sun.

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