Handmade felt cushion
Handmade felt cushion $40.90
In accordance with the preservation of our almighty nature we, Felt and wool present you felt cushions from pure wool. Handmade cushions by the local artisans of Nepal preserve our precious nature. Along with providing comfort and sophisticated look to your desired place, it is environmentally friendly as it contains no chemicals at all. Features: Resilient Uniquely designed Enhancing Comfortable Easily cleaned Benefits: Being felt item, fiber filled felt cushions are resilient in nature. It is very soft as well as with less fuzz. Made from pure New Zealand wool, felt cushions are non-toxic and non-allergic in nature. In comparison to the cushions made from various materials, felt wool cushions are the uniquely designed ones. As it is made from felt, it’s unique in itself. Apart from that, variable art present in the felt cushion catches the eye of everyone out there. What could be so enhancing for your home or office than the new product, with distinct material? Here, with felt cushions you can enhance the beauty of your desirable place by simply placing it to your couch, bed and even the chair. Talking about comfort, fiber filled felt cushions are much more comfortable one. From providing posture support to relieving pressure, it is effective in both ways. It provides one the comfort after a busy day. Cleaning or taking care of felt cushion is a piece of cake. One may get worry as it is the felt product but you don’t have to. Just clean by hands using cool water or spot clean it. So simple and quick! A simple but admirable product is hard to find. But with all the features you wished for your cushions to have are found in felt cushions from Felt and wool. Along with meeting your core need, you are also provided with the best quality felt cushions considering your satisfaction.
Fiber filled felt cushion
Fiber filled felt cushion $40.90
Head turned by everyone seeing the beauty by the appearance of your home or any other place you desire is somewhere all of us want to have. We all love to get the feel of getting praised. Why not along with felt cushion that consists of numerous advantages? Get your desirable felt cushion from Felt and wool that not only decorates the entire area, but also offers you with comfort and health benefits. Benefits: Warm Nothing can beat a warm and pleasant feeling especially after a tiring day. Superior thermal insulating property of felted wool with the fiber filled in it prepares felt cushions with warmness any one wish to have in their cushions. Comfortable Fiber filled wool felt cushions are far more comfortable than the rest. It offers one the most comfortable sits you can get making you feel amazing after a busy day. Useful everywhere  Wool felt cushions are not only meant for the couch. It can be used gracefully on your beds or even on your chairs. It fits everywhere with style, look and feel. Economical  A long lasting, durable and cosy cushions from Felt and wool are beneficial from economic point of view. We provide you the best quality felt cushions at reasonable price making it the most economical for you. Improves posture  Felt wool cushions are not only known for their delightful nature. They adequately provide support hence, improving our posture. In addition to that, it helps distributing body weight effectively providing spinal support. In order to provide comfort with style, wool felt cushion passes with flying colours. Beautify your home, office or outdoors with an inviting and luxurious glance. Felt cushions from Felt and wool provides you with the best.
Flower felted cushion
Flower felted cushion $40.90 $46.50
Want comfort as well as finishing touch to the place you desire, get both the essential features from wool felt cushion. Felt and wool provides you the cushion that adds colour, character, and texture and make your bed, couch or chair cosy. Made from felt, the cushion is unique and durable. No matter whether it’s your home or office, flower felted cushion grants refined look to everywhere it’s placed. Benefits: Fiber filled felt cushion not only adds decor, but also adequately provides support and huge comfort. It’s soft and flexible enough to make you feel amazing after a tiring day. Manufactured in Nepal by local Nepali craft persons, impressive special art exist on felt cushions. Felt and wool uses the best quality fiber along with pure New Zealand wool making wool felt cushions non-toxic and non-allergic. A perfect decor item along with numbers of benefit is added to your desired area. It’s as beautiful as the world with various unique and pleasant designs or as per your choice. Felt wool cushion distributes the body weight effectively, improving your posture as it makes your chair or couch feel more comfortable. As a felt product, felt cushion is soft, durable and fashionable. It is also thick enough and can be a great gift as well. Felt and wool in accordance with the core need of our precious customer presents handmade wool felt cushion that you will definitely love.
Owl designed felt cushion
Owl designed felt cushion $40.90
Enhance your favourite place with comfort providing felt cushions. Not only improving your body posture, felt cushions help making your bed or couch stylish and inviting. Present in different designs and colours, you can add finishing touch to your home or working place. Motivating local artisans, Felt and wool comes up with newly designed and variable coloured cushions. Whether the cushions are for bed, couch or chair, they are the extremely comfortable ones with head turning capacity. Features: Work of art Luxurious Comfortable Easy to clean Pressure relief Benefits: Felt cushions are in fact a piece of art. Skilled Nepali local artisans manufacture the wool felt cushions with lots of love reflecting their art. Available in different colours and shape, it catches the eye of everyone out there. Cushions are entitled with the name of luxurious items since so long. They were actually related to status of a person. You can simply increase the aesthetics of your room along with the luxuriousness with owl felted cushions from Felt and wool. Filled with best quality fibers, felt cushions are extremely comfortable, resilient and provides consistent level across the entire cushion. Therefore, it is a comfort providing product after a busy day at work or school. Wool felt products are simply cleaned, so as the felt cushions. It can be cleaned using cool water by hands. If there seems any spot or stain you can just spot clean it in order to retain its quality. Felt and wool primarily focuses on providing relief from pressure as the felt cushions are designed to reduce peak pressure zones on skin. Along with pressure relief nature, the felt cushions are well known for the posture support. With all the benefits you can achieve from a cushion, Felt and craft offer you wool felt cushion that is artistic as well as eye catching. Give an admirable look to the place you adore the most with our beautifully designed owl felt cushions. Available in any size and colour imaginable.

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