Wool felt white color Dryer Ball Wool felt white color Dryer Ball
Wool felt white color D... from $25.00
Felt laundry balls are the good substitutes for laundry detergent. Made with pure wool, it is natural and safe. It’s a product that can be reused; it simply means it is practical. Features: Natural and safe Soften clothes Dries up the clothes faster Durable Can be reused Benefits: Made in Nepal with natural nz wool, felt laundry ball is chemical free and safe. It is a perfect substitute which can be used instead of detergents. Helps fight wrinkles along with improving air flow during the laundry. Felt laundry balls are also favorable to those who are sensitive to fabric softeners. Meeting the purpose, it minimizes drying time along with softening clothes and linens naturally.  Overall, our felt laundry balls with no chemicals prevents laundry from clumping together along with removing pet hair from anything that you wash and dry.
Blue Wool Dryer Balls Blue Wool Dryer Balls
Blue Wool Dryer Balls from $25.00 $30.00
Prevent your laundry from clumping together in a dryer with felt laundry balls. It is a perfect substitute for a laundry detergent with a harmless nature as well. Along with that, the blue coloured dryer balls are attractive adding fun to your laundry. Benefits: Soften clothes and linens naturally: One of the main benefits to add for felt laundry dryer balls is that it helps in making your clothes and linens soft naturally fighting against the wrinkles. Reduces drying time: Drying time of the clothes, sheets, dresses, jackets and anything you wash and dry is reduced by its use. Easy to use: Using of felt laundry ball is easy as you can use them with the laundry directly as per the load. Cost effective: Its reusable nature makes it cost effective. In simple word, you can use it for several times. Removes pet hair: Owner of the pet? Don’t worry for the pet hair on your clothes, jackets, beddings or anything. Just use dryer balls during your laundry. Manufactured in Nepal with merino wool, felt laundry dryer ball is with no chemicals. Along with that, it is beneficial for those who are sensitive to different fabric softeners.
Light Blue Wool Dryer Balls Light Blue Wool Dryer Balls
Light Blue Wool Dryer B... from $25.00 $30.00
Give your laundry a natural softener! Chemical free felt laundry ball is perfect to use gaining absolute result. Handmade using just soap and water, it is an eco-friendly felt product you won’t resist buying. Together with that, the light blue coloured laundry balls will lighten up your day! Here are some benefits of wool felt laundry ball you might be interested in: Shortens drying time. Prevents clumping of the laundry. Fight wrinkles. Cost effective. Premium quality. Removes dirt from the clothes smoothly. Very beneficial for the people sensitive to chemicals. Easily cleaned. It’s been a perfect substitute since its natural. No chemicals itself means no harm. Being a felt item, laundry ball is gentle, strong and resilient and will surely satisfy you.
Needled Wool Felt Dryer Balls Needled Wool Felt Dryer Balls
Needled Wool Felt Dryer... from $26.80 $32.50
The best way to use the laundry dryer balls is to drop them in the dryer along your clothes and turn on the dryer. The wool felt dryer balls will quickly separate garments, allowing warm air to circulate evenly in between, leading to a better drying process. Without using any kind of detergent or softener, you can dry your clothes perfectly with this natural and reusable solution. Benefits: Wool felted dryer balls are 100% natural and safe product. It is handmade with love by local Nepali craftsperson. The laundry dryer ball from Felt and wool is made using merino wool from New Zealand. It is gentle, strong and resilient in nature. With same nature, felt dryer balls are long lasting and durable. It softens the clothes and linens naturally. Accompanied by that, its movement along the fabric helps fighting wrinkles. It’s a perfect substitute for a laundry detergent, fabric softeners and conditioners. Due to this, it is also beneficial for babies and the people who have sensitive skin. Felt dryer balls are the products that can be reused. Its strong and sturdy nature makes it useable time and gain as per your laundry. Forget about one-time use chemical filled fabric softeners as well as irritating dryer sheets. Felt laundry ball will help soften your clothing naturally and reduce the need to iron your clothes.
Needled Wool Felt White Dryer Ball Needled Wool Felt White Dryer Ball
Needled Wool Felt White... from $26.80 $32.50
Add a dash of fun and flair to your laundry with our Felt Dryer Balls. Their handmade nature, made from natural merino sheep wool, produces positive ions that help dry your clothes faster. Because they prevent laundry from clumping together and getting trapped in folds, they help reduce wrinkles while keeping fabrics soft, fluffy and free of annoying lint or hair. Benefits: Felt dryer balls are easy to use. It is handmade by local Nepali artisans. It helps preventing laundry from clumping together. Softens clothes and linens naturally. Fights wrinkles improving air flow. Perfect substitute for a laundry detergent. Eco-friendly and durable in nature. More beneficial to those who are sensitive to fabric softeners and conditioners. Felt balls are perfect solution for your laundry. It softens the clothes and linens naturally reducing the wrinkles. With its capability to reduce drying time, it is easy to use and cost effective. You can enjoy its use for years. It also removes pet hair, which is hassle for most of the people.
Penguin Wool Felt Dryer Balls Penguin Wool Felt Dryer Balls
Penguin Wool Felt Dryer... from $26.80 $32.50
Clumps are a thing of the past. This felt laundry ball is the perfect substitute for a laundry detergent. Not only is it harmless to nature and pets, but also attractive. Add sort to your laundry with this penguin wool felt dryer ball. Benefits: Natural: Handmade with 100% pure merino wool from New Zealand, the felt laundry ball is natural and chemical free. It’s non-toxic in nature. It is in fact a harmless product as it is made up of azo-free dyes. Reduces drying time: One of the purposes of using felt dryer balls is that it helps in reducing the drying time of your laundry. It approximately reduces the drying time 25-30% faster. Softens clothes: Not only reducing the drying time, felted ball also helps making the clothes soft and fluffy after the laundry. Comparing with other sort of dryer balls, felt dryer balls comes out being the best. Fight wrinkles: The movement of wool felted dryer balls against fabric helps to fight wrinkles. In addition to that, it improves air flow in the dryer. Reusable: It’s definitely not a use and throw product! Felt laundry dryer balls are soft, durable and reusable in nature. Therefore, it can be reused up to 2-5 years or more, depending on your laundry. Wool felt dryer balls are an environmentally friendly product that’s soft, fascinating and functional. It’s a perfect substitute for laundry detergent and can be used time and again.
Pink Dryer Ball Pink Dryer Ball
Pink Dryer Ball from $25.00 $30.00
We care about your interest and need of purchase. Get rid of the pet hair, lint, dander and other debris with our handmade wool felt laundry dryer ball with the sweetest colour that’s pink. Along with that, make your laundries free of wrinkles softening it naturally. -Features: Designable Light-weighted Chemical free Convenient Long lasting -Benefits: Felt laundry ball dries up your clothes at minimum time. Its cost effectiveness adds extra benefit along with its result. Reduces debris and pet hair from your laundry easily. Non-toxic and non-allergic nature of felt laundry ball is much more advantageous for sensitive people. One can improvise it themselves dabbing few drops of lavender, lemon or anything as per their choice to make it smell better before laundry.  A useful and effective product is hard to find. Don’t miss an opportunity for the purchase of felt laundry ball full of benefits itself.
Royal Blue Dryer Ball Royal Blue Dryer Ball
Royal Blue Dryer Ball from $25.00 $30.00
Tired of pet hair, lint, dander and other debris on your clothes, beddings, jackets and anything? Don’t bother now, we present you the supreme quality wool felt laundry dryer ball. Along with natural benefits, unnecessary dirt is easily removed from your laundry with the use of dryer ball. Benefits: Soften clothes: Felt dryer ball with pure natural wool is manufactured with a motive of softening your clothes as well as linens naturally. Bring down drying time: Making your clothes, sheets and linens dry 25-30% faster, it brings down drying time. Fight wrinkles: With the softening of clothes, wool felt laundry ball fight and protects your clothes with wrinkles. Environmentally friendly: Free of harmful chemicals makes the dryer ball pollution free showing the environmentally friendly nature. Cost effective: There is no requirement of the frequent purchase of laundry ball as it can be used for longer period. That makes it cost effective. Comparatively all the benefits you can achieve from the felt laundry dryer ball are provided to you. Purchase a quality product at reasonable price and use it with grace. Together with that, these royal blue dryer balls are fascinating in look and great in use!

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