Woolen Felt Bag Woolen Felt Bag
Woolen Felt Bag $45.00 $50.00
Crisscross laced felt handbag or a simply handmade felt bag, both sounds interesting! Yes, for the people like you who adores creativity, Felt and wool comes up with incredibly designed handmade wool bags. Working days or weekends, one can have a felt bag that carries elegance together with providing a youthful appeal. Believe it or not, the wool handbag is manufactured using pure merino wool of azo free dyes. Therefore, you won’t have a problem of colour fastness. Offering you an exceptional durability, woolen handbag adds extra benefits to itself. The main thing is wool bag can be easily carried. So that, you don’t have to pay much attention on your handbag the whole way.
Woolen Side Bag For Girl Woolen Side Bag For Girl
Woolen Side Bag For Girl $36.00 $50.00
Felt and wool features a mushroom like felt side bag that’s enchanting. Red and white colour combination provides a proper sophisticated look to the wool bag. Local Nepali artisans manufactures wool bag from pure merino wool using their skill. Handcrafted nature makes side bag a gentle, strong and resilient product by nature. As the wool felted bag is non-toxic, non-allergic and azo free in nature, it is harmless and eco-friendly. Felted bag is suitable for outdoor activities such as travelling, going to school or workplace. It’s an easily carried as well as light weighted product.
Penguin Face Woolen Side Bag Penguin Face Woolen Side Bag
Penguin Face Woolen Sid... $36.00 $50.00
Wool felt bags as shown in the picture can be carried on the side or used as a cross body bag. A cute owl like shape in the front makes the felted bag super cute. With the purchase of felt bag, one can have a great accessory. Handcrafted wool felt bag is a durable product that lasts for years. Colour fastness property of wool bag carries it to the next level. Its colour won’t fade due to the natural dyes. Black and white is an excellent colour combination. As the felt bag possesses the same, it could be a great product to gift someone.
Girl Side Bag Girl Side Bag
Girl Side Bag $60.00
This felt side bag simply carries a creativity that nobody can deny. Along with that, handcrafted nature of the wool felt bag is cherry on the cake. Manufactured from pure merino wool, wool bag from Felt and wool is of premium quality. Together with keeping your valuable items safe, felted bag helps you with its easily portable nature. Provide your loved ones a fascinating as well as creative gift. They will obviously get mesmerized by the side bag. Wool bag can be cleaned as well. Clean by hands using cool water or spot clean it. It’s simple and quick.
Cross Body Felt Bag Cross Body Felt Bag
Cross Body Felt Bag $36.00 $50.00
Felt and wool presents a pink based side bag for ladies. It has attractive bee and a hive handcrafted design with flowers. Felt bag is manufactured using 100% pure merino wool. Due to that, it is gentle, strong and resilient in nature. As the felted wool is of azo free dyes, the colour of the wool bag won’t get fade or washed out. Felted bag made out of wool lasts long. In addition to that, water repellent nature adds an extra benefit to it. One can have a bag that not only carry their valuables but also enhance their elegance.    
Cat Face Felt Bag Cat Face Felt Bag
Cat Face Felt Bag $36.00 $50.00
Side bag for ladies has always been a required and a fashionable accessory to carry. Why not have vibrant colour feline faced felt bags? It’s fashionable as well as carries numerous benefits. Considering your prime needs, Felt and wool manufactures supreme quality wool handbag. Handmade with pure merino wool, it is durable as well as easily carried. Wool felt bag offers you a colour fastness that most of the materials cannot provide. The used wool is of azo free dyes that won’t fade or get washed out. Believe it or not, woollen handbag could also be a great gift. The felt bag reflects the skill and creativity of local artisans that adds more value to your gift. Use of woollen bag reduces pollution as it is eco-friendly in nature. Azo free dyes are used in the felt wool bag which makes it harmless naturally.  
Women's Side Bag Women's Side Bag
Women's Side Bag $55.00
Natural: Wool hand bag is made of 100% pure New Zealand wool. In addition to that, no chemicals are used in its manufacturing process. Hence, felt bag from Felt and wool is a natural product. Attractive: Whether it’s flowery design on white base or circle like design on blue base, both are very attractive. Wool felt bag draws every one’s attention out there. Harmless: Felt wool bag is non-toxic, non-allergic and azo free in nature. Together with that, it is handcrafted with no chemicals. So, felt bag is harmless as well as eco-friendly. Sculptural quality: Woollen hand bags from Felt and wool is handmade in nature. You can see the sculptural quality on the felt bag that is made by local Nepali artisans (mainly women). Meets the need: We purchase a hand bag so that we can keep our valuables safe while travelling or working. Woollen bag not only keeps your personal items safely, but also appears as an elegant accessory.  
Woolen Bag Woolen Bag
Woolen Bag from $55.00
Supreme quality: Felt and wool presents you a wool felted handbag from pure merino wool. Handcrafted nature of wool handbag helps further refining. In such way, felt wool bag of supreme quality is presented to you. Environmentally friendly: Being non-toxic and non-allergic nature, woolen bag is environmentally friendly and a harmless product. Colour fastness: One may step back from purchasing a felt bag assuming the colour bleeding. It’s not what you think. Wool handbag has the colour fastness property as it is made from natural, azo-free dyes. Cleaned easily: It gets harder to clean most of the handbags made from other materials. Whereas, cleaning of woolen handbag can be done easily. Spot clean or clean by hands! Lasts long: Handmade as well as sturdy nature helps making wool bag last long. Hence, you can have a bag of your choice for years.
Side Bag/ Felt Bag Side Bag/ Felt Bag
Side Bag/ Felt Bag $36.00 $50.00
Gift yourself or your dear one a very fashionable wool felt side bag. The cute orange coloured bag with panda and another with avocado will obviously give you a youthful appeal. Side bag from Felt and wool is suitable for any kind of outdoor activities. It’s easily carried as well as catches the eye of everyone. Felt and wool manufactures felt bag with 100% pure merino wool from New Zealand. As the side bag is handcrafted in nature, you can have a fascinating bag of top quality. Felt wool side bag not only help you keep your precious items, but also helps you in obtaining excess economic benefits. Being a strong textile, wool felt bag is durable as well as a kind of reinforcing material.
Wool Crossbody Bag Wool Crossbody Bag
Wool Crossbody Bag $38.00 $50.00
Braiding on a bag looks extremely amazing. Why not have one? Presenting you a blue coloured felt bag with braided belt that reflects creativity at a glance. Together with that, we have pink coloured baby bear bag that is fascinating on its own. Wool felt bags are handmade with 100% pure merino wool. It is non-toxic, non-allergic and azo-free in nature. In fact, woolen bag is environmentally friendly. Whether travelling or working, one can gracefully take wool bag with them. Even at the school, wool felt bag from Felt and wool could be a perfect example of creativity. Woolen bag could be your best choice among the handbags. The reason is you can clean it just by your hands with cool water. Spot clean can be a best choice for retaining the quality. Only a benefit providing product is not sufficient. Keeping in mind your core needs, wool handbag from Felt and wool is made with premium quality wool you won’t regret buying.
Round Shape Woolen Bag Round Shape Woolen Bag
Round Shape Woolen Bag from $38.00 $50.00
Pink is of course a sweet colour. Why not get a sweet pink felt wool bag? It’s as attractive and loveable as you that turn the head of each and every one out there. Light weighted nature of felt bag has always been its plus point. Along with a sophisticated design, you can have a unique felt bag which can be carried easily. We all want to gift our dear ones something that is special and made with love. Nothing can beat wool felt bag as it is special as well as manufactured with love. Purchasing of a woolen bag not only helps you carry your valuables, but is also economical. You can have a fascinating product that is of top quality and durability. The wool used in felt bag is of azo free dyes. So, you don’t have to worry about colour fastness in a felt bag.
Shoulder Felt Bags Shoulder Felt Bags
Shoulder Felt Bags $55.00
Environmentally friendly: Wool felt bag is an environmentally friendly product. Together with that, non-toxic and azo free nature makes the felt bag pollution free and harmless. Fascinating design: Felt and wool comes up with a shoulder felt bag that has a fascinating design. Local Nepali artisans have provided a perfect eye catching design to our wool felt bag. Offers exceptional durability: Merino wool is gentle, strong and resilient. Use of such wool in the manufacturing makes wool handbag of exceptional durability. Full of creativity: As you can see, the felt hand bag has simple but elegant designs. It reflects the creativity as well as attracts every creativity loving people like you. Long lasting: The wool bag is resilient in nature. Accompanied by that, Felt and wool manufactures felt bag of premium quality which makes it last for years.
Wool Felt Bag Wool Felt Bag
Wool Felt Bag $38.00 $50.00
Have a joyous days with a happy pig faced blue coloured side bag. Be picture perfect with woolen bag from Felt and wool while travelling, going to school and even to the work place. Handcrafted felt wool bag is manufactured using pure merino wool from New Zealand. That’s why it is gentle, strong and comfy in nature. Being light weighted, wool felted side bag can be carried easily. Whether for you or the kids, anyone can enjoy the moment peacefully. Zipper with ball on a top stop helps you keep your valuables safe. The wool used in the felt wool bag is 100% pure and of azo free dyes. Hence, it is eco-friendly as well as the colour won’t fade.

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