8 merino wool felted money purse for you that’s spectacular

Who doesn't like being elegant? How about getting elegant and a center of attraction everyday? Felt and wool provides you a list of selective wool felted money purse that's outstanding. You'll adore and get attracted by them undoubtedly.
Merino wool felted handmade money purse
A money purse means a bag or a pouch for keeping money and coins. It is an essential accessory as it helps keep loose currencies separate and safe. Whether for parties or outdoor activities, a money purse adds an excellent touch-up.
How about wool felt? We use money purses or coin bags made out of different materials like leather. Regular materials seem boring even though it is available in variable designs.
So, Felt and wool is here to introduce you to some of the wool-felted money purses. The purses are very fashionable, colorful, and durable. Not only do they catch the eye but also help keep the environment safe and pollution free. Wool felted money purse is definitely a product that’s worth buying.
With no further delay, we present you 8 wool felted money purses that are outstanding. So here we go:


                            Bright pink money purse


The bright pink felted purse has a unique and sophisticated design. Together with that, the beautiful color and the design given to the purse give you grace.
The purse gets manufactured using pure merino wool from New Zealand. It adds sustainability to its nature. Traveling, going to school, or working, you don’t have to think twice to carry this beautiful wool-felted purse. It is light weighted and one can carry it in an easy and comfortable way. Also, it is pretty in look which will attract everyone’s attention for sure. Apart from the appearance, the purse possesses a zip as well as poppers. Thus, it has double safety along with beauty.

Flower felted coin bag


Blue, is the color that represents both the sky and the sea. It gets associated with freedom, inspiration, confidence, and intelligence. In the same way, the blue-based flower-felted purse offers you confidence and elegance.
Apart from that, the blue-based flower felted purse is handmade by local Nepali women. During the process of felting, we use pure merino wool which is of azo-free dyes. Likewise, the purse not only helps you keep your loose currencies. But also is comfortable to carry and attractive in appearance.

Heart shaped money purse


The heart shape always is lovely and pleasing. It reflects love and compassion. The heart shape makes us visualize red colored heart structure without any doubt. Despite that, the grey purse will be a perfect piece of handiwork to change perceptions.
Yes, the heart-shaped grey money purse is given a beautiful pattern and design. Which is why it’s not only comfortable but also attention-seeking. Handmade always carries lots of love. So as our wool felt money purse do. It is elegant and gives you a youthful appeal.

Orange based beaded purse


The next wool felted purse that we, Felt and wool recommend you is a simple-looking beaded money purse. It’s simple but effective! Manufactured using pure wool from New Zealand, the purse is light weighted.
          It reflects creativity with a simple touch of beads. The purse has an orange base. Likewise, the beads you can see on the purse are handmade and given a beautiful pattern. Whether for parties or working days, the orange-based beaded purse works its best.

Yellow purse with peacock


Yellow has always been the color that symbolizes happiness, warmth, and sunshine. Not only this, the color is itself an attention seeker.
Thus the yellow-colored money purse seems fascinating and is handmade. Together with that, the purse is gentle, strong, and resilient in nature as it is made using merino wool. The purse best fits people who love arts, and crafts, and are of creative nature. In the same way, the peacock made on the purse falls on the part of needling. We do not use any kind of machinery items which is why the design looks unique and amazing. It is for sure that the purse is comfortable as well as suitable for every kind of outdoor activity. You won’t regret buying this item.

Cat faced money bag


Cat-faced money purse! It can be new for you if you are new to the market of wool felts. For all our valued readers and customers, we present you the feline (cat) faced money purse. The skill applied by the local women of Nepal makes it super adorable.
       Despite being a handmade product, the details provided for the purse are amazing. With proper dedication and effectiveness, the purse is felted. Apart from this, the unique design gives you elegance along with youthfulness. Also, the purse contains a top stops zipper where the felt ball gets hung which makes it easier for you to use. It’s pretty, handmade, and among the best!

Natural brown money bag


Natural brown money purse is one of the most beautiful and most cherished products of Felt and wool. It is soft and one can carry it in an easy way. Accompanied by this, the product is of top quality and safe.
The handmade nature of the purse makes it durable and long-lasting. As the money purse gets made from pure merino wool, it provides a lot more benefits and is cost-effective. We use natural brown-colored wool with azo-free dyes for felting. It creates a smooth and unfurling surface. Together with that, a red colored flower design on the purse makes it more wonderful. So, the purse is as pretty as the picture.

Petal designed money purse


Not all people love a product full of decorative art. Some of us rely on the simplicity that a product offers us. For those who go with a simple living, high-thinking mindset, this money purse is the best.
It’s simple and manufactured with a sophisticated design. Likewise, the yellow and purple petals design on the money purse copes with the green base. As the purse is handmade using simple designs, it can be carried anywhere you desire. Despite the simple designs, the purse is very fashionable and comfortable. A simple appearance with beautiful top-stop zip makes the purse an exceptional product.


Thus, above mentioned are some of the wool-felted money purses we made. As all the purses are handmade, it reflects artistry and craftsmanship. The purses are delicate, modern, and light weighted. Along with that, it comes up with a sophisticated design that goes with fashion. Providing elegance and youthful appeal, it is suitable for every sort of outdoor activity.


Hope you like and admire the wool felted purse. Your positive perception will be warm and inspiring for us, Felt and wool. As well as the hardworking Nepali women are the real heroes behind the production of wool felt. Keep in touch and know more about our various wool-felted products.



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