Beautiful trivets and coasters for you to start a beautiful day

A good morning refreshes and  powers up our brain, improving concentration as well as memory. Likewise, it makes up the day with positivity, improving our mood and helping us feel more energetic. How about making it more stimulating with beautifully handmade felt ball trivets and coasters?
Beautifully handmade wool felt ball trivets and coasters
A beautiful and pleasant morning charges you up. A good morning makes your day start with a positive vibe and full of energy. The tone for our entire day is set as per the activities that take place in the morning. Whether for the weekdays or weekends a fresh start is essential for every one of us.
We all know that morning shows how the day will be. So, if the morning goes well, the day goes perfectly as well. We all will adore a calm, peaceful, and colorful morning. It even helps us with concentration, memory, and energy improvement. Together with that, it boosts brainpower. Thus, we all need a healthy morning to gain outstanding results from the activities performed throughout the day.
Why not start a beautiful day with a beautiful morning?
Bringing to mind the importance of the starting time of a day (of course morning time), Felt and wool is here presenting you with some premium quality trivets and coasters. A healthy breakfast in the morning is essential to start out the day with creativity and attentiveness. How about including some handmade coasters and trivets on the table? It not only spreads positive perception but also helps indulge in the work.

Natural coloured trivet and coasters

Trivets and coasters are in fact remarkable pieces of art. It has been used since the 17th century to avoid water marks or burns on furniture or counters. In the present day, we can see a lot more varieties and designs of trivets and coasters. The market includes wool felted too.
Wool felted trivets and coasters are all handmade products. Handmade in Nepal, the products are elegant and beneficial. They are all perfect items for protecting the table. But no one can neglect the beauty and decor the products add to the entire space.
Likewise, we have listed some handmade wool-felted ball trivets and coasters for you. The product will definitely brighten up your day.

Here we have categorized the trivet and coaster sets as per the colors. So, let’s get underway and explore something new….

  • Red and white sets
  • Natural colored sets
  • Red and green sets
  • Natural brown sets
  • Multi-colored sets

    Red and white ball trivet and coaster sets

    Red and white sets

    Trivets and coasters made out of wool-felted balls are hands stitched in nature. As we manufacture the product using 100% pure merino wool from New Zealand, it is distinct from the rest.
    The trivet has a beautiful color combination i.e. red and white. Being a handmade felt product, it is a durable one. Along with that, it is heat-releasing machinery. We can use it as a serving tool during breakfast or any other meal time. Apart from this, you can use these incredible trivets as the base of your plant pots that you water every day. It helps protect your table from stains and spills as well.
    Coasters, made out of red and white colored felt balls are a beautiful piece of art. For the art and crafts lover, it can be a perfect piece of creativity to start a beautiful day. As it gets manufactured with 1 cm felted balls, it won’t produce any sort of cluck sound. In the same way, it works in a very smooth and effective manner without making you feel rue of buying it.


    Natural coloured trivet and coaster sets

    Natural colored sets

    Without any doubt, natural-colored ball sets seem unique and attractive. The appropriate color combination helps furnish your home. Especially for those who want something different and captivating, these are the best.

    The felted balls which are hand stitched to make felt trivets are with pure, natural wool. Hence, the wool used in the felting process possesses no chemicals. Because of this, the felt trivet becomes a qualitative item. This is why our product is harmless and environmentally friendly.
    Moving towards the natural colored coaster, it will give you satisfaction. you were not obtaining from the coasters of different materials. Besides protection, one can decorate a table with a natural-colored trivet and coaster. You can have a creative and innovative day with creative products. The beautiful set will bring you refreshment through the crafts.

    Red and green trivet and coasters set

    Red and green sets


    Red is a color of life, love, and courage. The color makes you feel passionate and energized. Likewise, green is a color associated with nature. It represents growth and renewal. In the same way, the color white represents peace, purity, and innocence. These three colors are all related to positivity. Also, its beautiful nature helps regenerate the self-spirit of humans.
    We offer you an extra absorbent material for the cups and glasses. Along with this, you can add a warm, textural note at your home. Accompanied by this, the unique pattern on the product makes you attentive as well. It helps prevent the permanent mark on the table caused by the water rings or the spill of your drinks.
    The same goes for the trivet. It’s rich in design and texture. With this feature, it attracts the attention of everyone who visits including you. The perfect design not only refreshes your mood but also adds decor to the home.

    Natural brown trivet and coaster sets

    Natural brown sets


    Isn’t it fascinating to have a home accessory that’s best than the rest? Of course yes!
    Manufactured with top-quality wool, our trivet and coaster stand out from the rest. Apart from this, the natural colored balls used in the trivet and coasters are very engaging. The trivet helps keep the food or drinks warmer working as a serving tool. Likewise, the coaster protects the table from sweaty drinks and water rings.
    Besides this, the arrangement of felt balls gives a perfect appearance to the product. Along with this, it makes the owner refresh every day.

    Multi coloured trivet and coaster sets

    Multi colored sets


    This set of wool-felted trivets and coasters is full of interest and excitement. The use of different variable-colored balls makes the product bright and beautiful.
    The 20 cm colorful ball trivet is enchanting enough to catch the eye of everyone out there. Working as a serving tool, the trivet that’s handmade lightens ups your day from breakfast time. It will help you serve in an elegant and creative way that keeps positive vibes throughout the day.
    Multi-colored coasters made out of 1 cm felted balls help keep the creative spirit alive. The coasters are 10 cm in diameter providing full protection to the table. Following this, its appearance will attract your senses and improve your mood.

     Multi coloured coaster

    Our unique trivet and coaster sets will help you make the day full of interest and concentration. Perfect morning helps boost brainpower. By the same token, the trivets and coasters offer good perception and mindfulness. Its warm and textural note will catch your senses every time.
    Hope you enjoy reading about the significance that a simple-looking product possesses. We are here to help you discover more about such handmade wool-felted products. So, keep in touch with



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