Captivating properties of wool felt you weren't aware about

Are you aware about the properties of wool felt? If not, we, Felt and wool is here bringing light upon the never changing factors that the wool felted product possesses. Being a natural product, the properties of wool felted products are definitely outstanding. Let's find out more!
Wool felt products
Wool is never out of fashion. It is a unique all-natural fiber with various qualities. The qualities that outshine many of its synthetic alternatives. The felt is not only for household purposes. But, the use of wool felt is in industrial applications as well.
Wool felt is a composite material that forms when the wool gets subjected to heat and moisture. When we press wool fiber together in the presence of heat and moisture, a sheet forms which is the felt. The fibers matted are very dense, resulting in a stable fabric.

Wool felt is in use since ancient times. In ancient times, people used to make rugs, shoes, clothing and even tents using wool felt. Wool felt is resilient. It retains its strength and unique properties for decades. Today, felt still has a wide variety of uses. From decorations and crafts to clothing, wool felt tops the list. It is even used in some industrial applications. There, it gets used whether for soundproofing or padding the machinery.

Wool roving

Wool felt is chemical-resistant, wear-resistant, and water-repellent. Together with that, it is an excellent sound insulator. Our company Felt and wool is a manufacturer as well as distributor of wool felt products. We produce high-quality handmade wool felt products considering customer satisfaction. The products not only meet the needs of our valuable customers. But also provide them the greatest satisfaction through its benefits.
Here below, we have mentioned some of the interesting properties of wool felt. It will make you amazed and excited for sure.
  • Wool felt is resilient.
  • Felt is wear resistance.
  • Felt does not ravel or fray.
  • Felt is an excellent sound insulator.
  • Wool felt is a natural and renewable resource.
  • Wool felt is anti-microbial.
  • Felt has superior thermal insulating properties.
  • Wool felt can be about anything you need it to be.

Making of wool felted cat house

Wool felt is resilient

Unlike the felt of other textiles, wool felt is resilient. Wool felt is resilient as we can compress it. Even though it gets compressed and released thousands of times, it lacks deformity.
 Even though many people think that wool felt is like any normal kind of fabric or cloth, it’s not a fact. Wool felt is a different, strong, and resilient fabric. It is strong from all sides. It can withstand or recover from any difficult conditions. You can give a quick fix to your felt products even at home only by using soap and water. As the wool felt from Felt and wool are all handmade in Nepal, it is stronger in comparison to other usual fabrics. Besides, handmade wool felt items keep their strength and unique properties for decades.

 Felt is wear resistance

Pure wool felt is very resilient to wear and tear. It has clean-cut edges and is a very durable product. It doesn’t matter whether you wear or use it on regular basis. Being a durable material, wool felt is also worn-resistant.
 One can enjoy the benefits of wool-felt products without any fear of spoiling them. As the felt is a worn resistance, it can get used for a long period. Made with 100% pure and natural merino wool, wool felt is non-toxic, non-allergic, and azo-free. Also, wool felt is chemical resistant.
 Accompanied by that, felt gets manufactured using wool fibers. The wool is first matted together under the pressure with heat and moisture. All these activities get done using human hands. The handmade products are of course the durable ones. Thus, wool felt could get used for decades without any doubt.

Felted balls

 Felt does not ravel or fray

Being a handmade product, it is obvious that the wool-felted items do not tangle. Likewise, the cut edges of the felt won’t fray. It is perfect and retains its shape.
We can cut felt to any size, shape, or thickness with no need to finish edges. The reason behind the perfect edges is that the felt is the matting of the wool fiber with hands. During the process of making wool felt products, the matting gets done with hands. Here, we use only soap and water for that. No any kind of chemicals or no machinery is used to produce wool felt. Due to this reason, wool felt is resilient as well as does not ravel. Together with that, the products made out of wool felt do not fray or come up messy. It is one of the interesting properties that wool felt possesses.

 Felt is an excellent sound insulator

First of all, wool felt has superb vibration-damping qualities. It is n absorbent material. It not only absorbs moisture but also helps in absorbing unwanted sounds.
For quick knowledge, sound insulation is a kind of measure to prevent sound waves from permeating. We can show it by the sound transmission loss. So, wool felt helps in preventing unnecessary sounds. Or, it helps reduce unwanted sound. For instance, Felt and wool is a well-known manufacturer and distributor of felts. Here, almost every kind of wool-felted item gets manufactured. One of our major production includes a snuggly cat cave for the cats. The cat cave made up of wool felt is not only durable and comfortable but also help reduce external noise (sound). Hence, your beloved cat can have a good sleep. And, enjoy the daily playtime without any disturbances.

  Wool felt money purse

Wool felt is a natural and renewable resource

Wool felt is a renewable as well as environmentally friendly product with no any doubts. Wool the most well-known natural fiber associated with felt is a renewable resource. This natural fiber is a renewable resource as it is from sheep. Being a material obtained from sheep, it grows back and is 100% biodegradable.
Not only renewable, but wool felt is also a natural product that favors our environment. We use no any chemicals in the manufacturing of wool felt. The dyes are all azo-free which is why products from wool felt are non-toxic and non-allergic. So, it is suitable and beneficial for all, especially babies and those who are sensitive to nature. Made with no chemicals, the felt made from wool is favorable to the environment. It does not cause any sort of pollution. Being manufactured with human hands, there is no involvement of any kind of machinery. Thus, wool felt is safe and renewable as well as protects the environment.

 Wool felt is anti-microbial

Wool has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. Thereafter being a renewable and natural product, there is no kind of harm in its use.
 In general, anti-microbial products kill or slow down the spread of microorganisms. The same goes for the wool felt. Wool fibers have a thin waxy coating. The coating contains fatty acids that inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. Also, the wool felt items do not need regular washing and will smell fresh after repeated use. Unlike synthetic fiber, wool felt is anti-microbial and offers great benefits in use. Hence, being anti-microbial adds an interesting property to wool felt.

 Felt has superior thermal insulating properties

Wool felt has a superior thermal insulating property. It releases heat providing proper warmth and relief.
 Whether it’s your clothing or other accessory, things made out of wool produces heat. Even if it is the trivet that you use in your kitchen or the cat house to your beloved feline; both will provide warmth. The trivets will warm up your hot dishes or pans. In the same way, the felted cat house will provide a warm and cozy place for your cats.

 Wool felt can be about anything you need it to be

 One of the most interesting properties of wool felt is that the felt can be about anything you need it to be.
 Being a durable and long-lasting product, wool felt tops the list among others. From cat houses, rugs, and bags to small accessories, you can make anything interesting. It does not fray and one can design it with needles as it is soft. To creativity-loving people like you, wool felt comes up being a most flexible product. It reflects your creativity in a stunning way.
We hope you know more about wool felt in a better way now! For such interesting facts, wool felt and its products, get connected with Felt and wool. Our door is always open for you.

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