Felt footwear: perfect product that treats your feet!

Life is too short to wear boring shoes!

Lighten up your days with these colourful and uniquely designed wool felted foot wears. Not only bringing change in your body language and comfort, felted foot wears has lot more to offer. In addition, you can learn more about the captivating benefits of wool felted items including foot wears. 

Felt footwear: perfect product that treats your feet!
Footwears are one of the most essential products that complete our look. Apart from that, it is the product that helps in protecting our feet from various factors or harmful elements.
Taking care of oneself is very much important. For that, one should also take proper care of the body parts including the feet. For feet, there are various kinds of foot wears available in the market. But, you should select footwear that looks good and makes you feel good and protective.

Light blue wool felted slippers


Thus, we, Felt and wool are today presenting you handmade merino wool felted footwear. The product gets manufactured in Nepal by a local Nepali craftsperson.  In comparison to footwear made from synthetics, this natural material (wool) comes out being the best and most harmless.

The footwear made out of wool felts is available in three types. They are:

  • Slippers
  • Shoes
  • Boots
The types of felted footwear vary. But, they get manufactured for a similar purpose. And are with the motive of protecting the feet.
Carrying out a lot more benefits, felt footwears are a light weighted product. It is comfy and protects your feet. With that, the bright and beautiful azo-free dyed wool makes it look more fascinating.

Handmade felted shoes for kids

The wool-felted footwear is made by local Nepali artisans with hands. Due to this, it offers you softness, comfort, and durability without any doubt. Apart from that, it gets felted with thick wool that makes a perfect foot-warming gift to your loved ones. As wool has many benefits, handmade felt footwears are breathable. Because of this, they are also ideal for summer days along with the cold days of winter.

Some of the important features that the felted foot wears own are as follows:

  • Handmade
  • Alluring design
  • Harmless
  • Protects your feet
  • Warm and breathable
  • Soft
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Long-lasting
  • Eco-friendly
  • Economical

    Summing it all up, wool felt footwear get manufactured with 100% pure and harmless merino wool. It has an attractive and eye-catching appearance. It reflects the creativity of the local artisans of a developing country like Nepal.

    Sweet pink jolly felt boots


    Besides that, this felted foot wears has a superior thermal insulating property. So, it can get worn on hot as well as cold days. It is a warm and breathable item that is soft and comfy.
    Accompanied by that, these are the environmentally friendly product. You also don’t have to worry about cleaning these felted products. You can clean it within minutes. With its strong and durable nature, you can have a product that lasts for a lifetime.

    Let us now go through some of the benefits that felt footwear consists of. We have listed below some of the important points. It will be helpful for you to get more aware of wool-felt foot wears. So, here we go:

    • Felt foot wears are all handmade:

    Mushroom designed wool felt slippers


    Footwears from Felt and wool are all handmade by local Nepali artisans. Made by hands with love, they come up with the prettiest designs and are durable in nature.
    They get made with hands using merino wool from New Zealand. It is non-toxic, non-allergic, and of azo-free dyes.
    Being a handmade felt product, the felted wool slippers, shoes, or boots are handmade with love. And the use of pure merino wool, adds a cherry on the cake!
    • It has an appealing appearance:


    Felt slipper, shoe, or boot; it comes with an alluring design that nobody can resist. It is beautiful and provides a pleasant feel to those wearing it.
    Felt footwear is itself attractive due to its elegant color. Together with that, the structure and the proper shape make it appear more beautiful.
    • It is a harmless and eco-friendly product:

    Orange felted boot for children


    Footwear from wool felts is handmade with non-toxic, non-allergic, and azo-free dyes. Which is why it is harmless for your health together with the environment.
    Felt and wool manufacture all the products along with felted foot wears from merino wool. It is a handmade product. It meets the needs of our valuable customers without harming the precious environment.
    Manufactured with 100% pure merino wool, they are non-toxic in nature. Followed by that, the dyes are all azo free which creates no harm to the environment. So, the felt slippers are eco-friendly in nature.
    Additionally, azo-free dyes make the felt slippers a harmless product. Together with being natural and pure, it has a variable shape and design.
    • Helps protect your feet:

    Tie dye felt slippers


    The main purpose of this footwear is to protect your feet when walking indoors as well as outdoors. Likewise, it helps protect your feet from the hard surfaces that can cause stress to your feet along with the body.
    It secures your feet from the hard surfaces and allows smooth, peaceful walk. Also, it helps preventing your feet to get collapsed. Its main purpose is to protect the feet particularly at home.
    Handmade felt footwear not only provides protection. But also helps you with comfort when walking indoor or outdoor. As a whole, it meets the needs!!
    • Soft and comfy:

    Cute green felted shoes


    Being a handmade felt product, the felted wool foot wears are made with love using pure merino wool. Due to which, it is soft and comfortable to wear.
    Felted with thick wool, this adorable footwear is softer and comfortable in comparison to others. One can use it for both indoor and outdoor activities as it is soft and comfy in an amazing way. Accompanied by the beautiful appearance, the product is of snuggly nature.
    Comfort is what we need from our foot wears. Keeping that in mind, handmade felt foot wears get made with top quality merino wool. Due to this, they are light and comfy.
    • Suitable for everyday use:

    Green wool felt boots


    Wool felted product comes up with superior thermal insulating property. So as the footwear does. It is warm as well as breathable and great for both cold and hot days.
    It warms and gives protection to your feet during the winter or cold days. Likewise, as the wool is a breathable fabric, the foot wears made from it are also ideal for hot summer days.
    • An economical products:


    Products made out of wool are the durable one. In the same way, the foot wears made from felted wool lasts for the lifetime. It is handmade with lots of love and 100% chemical free natural merino wool.
    It is awesome to get the beneficial product at the budget price. Same goes for every kinds of felted wool foot wear. It comes up with top quality at reasonable price. It is in fact an economical product you won’t regret buying.
    • Can be cleaned easily:

    Rainbow felted slippers


    Most of the people think that it could be difficult to take care of felt items. So, people often ignore their favourite wool felted items. But, it’s not the fact. Wool felted products are much easier to clean than you think.
    You can wash it with hand or machine or can be spot cleaned. Additionally, you can use vacuum cleaner to take out the dust from it within a minute.
    In the same way, there is no need to get worry about cleaning and taking care of the wool felted foot wears. Clean it with hands or wash it in machine, it works in both ways. Spot cleaning is a great way to get the fixes done.
    Foot wears, whether it is slippers, shoes or boots from New Zealand wool are not difficult to clean and take care of. Hand wash or spot clean it for the best result. Or, you can machine wash it as well in the gentle cycle.

     Sheep designed felted boots

    Intended to get worn indoors, especially at home, the footwear should be comfortable. Possessing almost every benefit a foot wears should have, felt footwear comes at the top list.

    Adorable surfacing with protective and comfortable nature makes felted foot wears most loveable.
    Wool felted products are one of the useful, long lasting and the beneficial product! These merino wool felted foot wears from New Zealand gets manufactured by hands. This is the reason that the product results in a best and premium quality our 100+ customers adore.

    Maroon felted slippers

    In short, felted footwear is 100% natural and sustainable product. It is flame and melt resistant. Together with that, it is an excellent insulator that retains its shape. Moreover, felted footwears are resistant to wear and tear. In the same way, it is an anti-microbial product.

    Never underestimate the power of a shoe!
    Select the best one and enjoy the benefits.
    Get in touch for more interesting features and benefits of the felted items! Till then you can explore more about creative wool felted handmade accessories to lighten up your days!!



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