Felt products: contribution towards the protection of the environment

As we live and obtain every basic elements to sustain life from the environment, why not protect it? Along with customer satisfaction and top quality production, Felt and wool is well determined in contributing for the protection of environment. Don't miss it out! Read more, know more!!
Felt products: contribution towards the protection of the environment
Environment refers to the natural world, where a person, animal, and plant life. The environment in simple words refers to the surrounding where we sustain our life. It’s a sum total of all the living and non-living things that influence the human life. It consists of all the biotic and abiotic factors. With that, the environment plays an important role in the lives of living beings. It includes humans at the prime place.
We can find lot more contributions made by the environment in our everyday life. From production and consumption to the basic requirements. For example, the sun, water, air, and soil, our environment have benefited us all the way.

Basic elements provided by the environment

Here below are some major points for you. This help reflects the importance of the environment to human life:

  • Provides various renewable and non-renewable sources. For instance: wool and oil respectively.
  • Helps to sustain life.
  • Helps us for healthy living.
  • Provides the materials that we need in our day-to-day activities. Whether it's for our home, office, or any other place.
  • Provides human beings with the irreplaceable beauty of nature. For instance mountains, lakes, and the like.


    Even though there are a lot more benefits that we get from the environment. We, human beings are not concerned about its protection and conservation. With rapid human civilization and urbanization, our environment is degrading day by day. As the environment or nature provides us with a place to live and survive, it is our right to preserve and protect it. When the environment gets protected, it not only benefits us. But also our future generations.

    Manufacturing of the felt products

    Thus, it is necessary to know why our environment should get protected. So, why protect the environment? It is because:

    • The environment helps to get our daily requirements. Or, we can have the basic elements of life in a comfortable and easy way.
    • It benefits the economy of the country.
    • Conservation of the environment helps in eliminating or minimizing the diseases like asthma.
    • Protecting the environment from degradation helps in protecting and growing the ecosystem.


      Bringing back the same productivity and quality of environmental components is not possible. But, each one can contribute from their side to protect and conserve it. minimizing further degradation and environmental hazards.

      Multi colored felt balls


      Felt and wool is a wool felt products manufacturing and distributing company from Nepal. Our company not only focuses on customer satisfaction and product quality. But, also the protection of the nature and environment. As wool is a sustainable textile fiber, it is accepted as an environment positive fiber for a long time. It is 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable at the same time.
      All the products here are handmade and chemical-free. Thus, the products are friendly and promote health benefits at the same time. Above all, items that get manufactured here are all pollution free. It helps save our environment.

      Felt cat house

      Moving toward our topic, we have listed a few of the key points. The points help to clarify the contributions of felt products. Let's see how it contributes to the protection of the environment:

      • 100% Natural
      • Renewable
      • Sustainable
      • Harmless
      • Pollution free


        Here we go with the details:


        100% Natural

        Penguin felt laundry dryer balls


        Products from Felt and wool are 100% natural without any doubt. These beautiful pieces of art are handmade using pure merino wool from New Zealand. These are the wool that is anti-microbial and water repellent. It is flame and melt-resistant too.
        Merino sheep are well known for their fine hair all around the world. Along with this, their wool is of the highest quality. Wool felt comes up being an awesome material for many kinds of crafts. With that, it satisfies the customers with its tens of thousands of products.



        Felt bag


        We all are aware that the wool we use for the production of the felt items is of merino sheep. Likewise, without any doubt, wool is a renewable source. The wool gets sheared from the sheep for their health benefits. Every year, 2.3 to 3.6 kg of raw wool gets produced from an average sheep. It gets removed and used for the production of various items including felt.
        As our company is dependent on sheep’s wool for producing felt items, we are using a renewable source. And, this helps in the betterment of the environment rather than its degradation.



        Felt hanging mobile


        Handmade wool felt products get made out of wool from merino sheep. As sheep produce wool, it does not cause any harm to the environment. Or, cause any depletion of natural resources. The felt products are 100% natural and renewable that are even 100% biodegradable.
        Apart from this, the felt product is strong and durable in nature. Due to this, it lasts for a lifetime retaining the same quality. Hence, it’s a sustainable product that helps for the protection of the environment.



        Felt slippers


        Our company, Felt and wool manufactures all the products without the use of machinery. In other words, the wool felt products are all handmade using local skills and arts. It reflects the creativity of the local Nepali artisans, especially women.
        Getting to the point, all the items here get manufactured with no chemicals. One of the main causes of environmental degradation is the use of chemicals. Numbers of factories and industries worldwide use chemicals for production. As our products are free from chemicals, it’s non-allergic too. And best suitable for people with sensitive skin.


        Pollution free

        Wool felt ball hairband


        Pollution has been one of the major causes of environmental degradation. With the development and industrialization, we all are facing many problems and diseases. It is due to the increasing pollution. The excessive use of chemicals, fertilizers, loud noises, and the like are responsible to do so.
        But, the handmade nature of the felt products of Felt and wool has preserved the surrounding. The wool used for manufacturing purposes is all azo-free and of no chemicals. And the interesting thing is our product itself damps the vibration. It also absorbs sound. Hence, Felt and wool come up to contribute towards environmental protection. It is because we manufacture pollution-free products.

        Felt ball rug

        Manufactured with 100% natural merino wool, all our products are renewable and sustainable. They are all harmless and pollution free with azo-free dyes. In fact, wool felts are one of the most interesting and awesome products. They are eye-catching, adorable, and functional promoting the protection of our environment.
        “Protect the environment as it supports all of us!”



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