Here we are to help you with the benefits of felt cat cave!

Felt cat house is a handmade merino wool felted private space for your cat that's amazing! Having much more benefits, it has been one of the outstanding product for years. Today, we are here with some benefits of felt cat cave you will adore without any doubt.
Here we are to help you with the benefits of felt cat cave
Cats bring unconditional love and companionship to their owner’s life. As a matter of fact, cats are one of the most independent as well as affectionate in comparison to other pets. As cats have cute characteristics, everyone likes them. So as the cat does to us. Cats love their owner!
If we sum up this all, cats show the same behavior to their owners that they show their biological mothers. Statistics show that cats live longer when they remain indoors. Nothing seems more fascinating than providing them their own indoor felt cat house. You may wonder why the felt cat house? So, here are some benefits that make felt cat house distinct from the others:
  • Cats love the smell of wool

One popular theory is that cats love the scent and taste of the lanolin that is present in the wool fibers. It is because it reminds them of their mothers. Lanolin is generally a waxy substance derived from the wool of sheep. As it originated in animals, it’s not even harmful to the cat. So, cats get attracted to wool because it’s an animal by-product.
          We all prefer what we love, and the same goes for cats. Keeping in mind the preference of cats, Felt and wool manufacture a felt cat cave. The cat cave definitely makes them warm and provides comfortable sleep as the mothers do. The unwanted sleeping location also gets discouraged with the use of felt cat house. The harmless nature of pure New Zealand wool makes the felted cat house to be the best dwelling place for cats.


  • Semi-closed nature that cats cherish

Cats are a creature with box-loving behavior. They get security and comfort from enclosed spaces. Also to that, we find cats more in cardboard or boxes instead of our warm bed. The fact is that cats get comfort and security there. Hiding in boxes helps cats reduce stress and offers a safe zone that they cherish.
Wool felted cat cave from Felt and wool is of semi-closed nature. It provides proper security to the cat. Together with it, you can have a warm and comfortable zone for your beloved cat. Your cat can relax, take nap or enjoy the daily play time along with the feeling of safety in our felt cat house.
  • A comfortable space


Considering the comfort and warmth, wool felt cat cave beds from Felt and wool are all handmade. As it reduces unwanted noise and offers warmth, your cat can snuggle the whole day there. As the handmade wool cat cave gets thickened it is warm, comfortable, and soft without any doubt.
A comfy space is where a cat adores laying down or spending its quality time. Made from felted wool, the felt cat house is as soft as the fur of a cat. With that, the superior thermal insulating property makes felt cat cave bed warm all the time. This will be more beneficial to your cat because that avoids cold floors. Gift your cat a comfortable space thill adore.
  • No use of chemicals:

Felt cat house
Cats are in fact more sensitive to drugs and chemicals. Keeping cats safe, a felt cat house with no use of chemicals is favorable for your cat’s health.
         In the manufacturing process, we use pure merino wool from New Zealand. It is non-toxic and non-allergic in nature. In the same way, the dyes used are also azo-free. Thus it makes the wool cat cave more beneficial for you and your cat. Also, it helps in reducing the environmental pollution.
  • Reduces messiness

Do you love the cat but hate the messiness its hair causes? Don’t worry now. Felt cat house along with providing a cozy and cute space for your cat traps cat hair. Being a secure and warm woolen space, your cat will spend most of its time in the felt cat cave bed. So, the messiness its fur causes everywhere around will get reduced.
             Besides that, cleaning the trapped hair is easier in the felt cat house than in any other cat house you may have. With all these, your cat can spend its quality time in the comfy space as well as won’t be creating any messiness.
Felt cat house
  • Easy to clean:

It requires some extra work for keeping a house clean with cats. Having a cat may add companionship but also a little more time to your workload. Dealing with couch stains, cleaning up accidents immediately seems very tiring and uneasy.
Provide your cat semi-closed nature wool felt cat cave bed that is warm, soft, and comfortable. Due to its warm and secure nature, your cat will be spending most of its time in the cat cave. It helps reduce messiness all around. The mess will be in the felt cat house which can get cleaned. For that, use your hands with cool water to clean or you can use a vacuum also. Shake well to remove dust and debris from the inside. You can dry clean or spot clean as well.
  • A cheap product


Felt is an awesome material for many kinds of crafts as it is thick enough and soft. Handcrafted nature makes the wool felt cat cave a long-lasting product. From providing a separate secure space to a warm bed, a felt cat house benefits all the way.
Cats can enjoy quality time inside a warm, soft and comfortable space that they adore. The durable nature of the qualitative felt cat house makes it a cheap product. It’s a product you won’t regret buying.
  • Fits everywhere

Home or a working place, living room or bedroom felt cat cave bed fits everywhere with style, look and feel. Not only providing a secure and comfy place for your cat but the extra decor is also added by felt cat house to wherever it’s placed in.
With a light weighted nature, one shouldn’t have to bother with shifting it from one corner to another or one place to another. Carry and place it wherever you wish. Its eye-catching look will enhance the entire beauty as it is soft, durable, and fashionable.
Felt cat cave
Tons of different cat houses exist today. But, the selection of the one having many benefits matters the most. Felt and wool with the prime motive of customer satisfaction present you wool felt cat cave that is as cute as your beloved cat. You can have a premium quality felt cat house at a reasonable price with the greatest benefit a felt cat cave can provide. Amaze everyone along with your cat from the felt cat house that is elegant and super cute in nature.

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