How about knowing why people choose our company, Felt and Wool?

Are you interested and influenced by wool felt? Is purchasing wool felted products has been your habit now? If you are interested in wool felted products but want to make a purchase from the company that offers acceptable price, premium quality and excellent customer service then this will help you a lot. Read out and know whether choosing Felt and wool will be your better choice!
Felt and wool

 Felt and Wool International Pvt. Ltd is a company that produces and distributes wool felted items. It has always been a company of choice. From wholesalers to retailers, everyone is here. They are always pleased by our hospitality. And the kind of products our company distributes.

 From manufacturing, premium quality wool felt products to understanding customers' needs. Our company always gives its best. Not only does the company focuses on customer satisfaction. But also seek and promote customers' feedback. It helps for further growth and improvement.
There are lot more companies that carry their own values and terms. A question may rise in your mind, why felt and wool? Getting back to the question of why Felt and wool could be the best choice, here below are a few points. The following points will be very much beneficial in helping you to consider Felt and wool:


Why choose Felt and wool?

  • Natural
  • Best quality products
  • Reasonable price
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Responsible
  • Effective communication
  • Better internal teamwork
  • Improved customer service
  • Pride in the work

    Sundried merino wool roving for making felt products

    • Natural

    Felt generally refers to the class of fabrics. We get it when the wool gets subjected to moisture, heat, and pressure. Wool felt products from Felt and wool are all handmade in nature. Handmade felt is often used in producing unique items. The items are very different from shop-bought items. Here, all the wool-felt items get made with human hands. We do not involve any kinds of machines in the manufacturing of felt products.
    All the products get manufactured using pure merino wool from New Zealand. The wool used in felting is 100% pure and natural. In the same way, the wool used in manufacturing the products is all non-toxic, non-allergic, and of azo-free dyes.
    • Best quality product

    Felt and wool manufactures handmade wool felt products of the best quality. The wool that we use for manufacturing felt items possesses no chemicals. Together with that, all the felt items are handcrafted in nature.
     Local Nepali artisans, especially women get involved in manufacturing. Needling or stitching of the felt products is also carried out by them. Due to their handmade nature, the products are all examined on the basis of thickness as well. Not only this, the products are then felted in a proper way and inspected correctly. It helps to bring out better results. Manufactured from 100% pure merino wool from New Zealand, our final products top the list. The company is providing happiness to 100+ customers all around the world. For many years with the best quality products, the company is winning people's hearts.


    Handmade felt baskets

    • Reasonable price

    While buying the products, what do we notice the most? Without any doubt, we notice the quality and benefits that a product can offer along with its price. If a product goes as per our needs but has a high price without any extra benefits, we won’t be buying the items for sure.

     Purchasing a product that is high in price, it’s more like wasting money. We keep in mind the core needs of our valued customers every time. The wool felted products from Felt and wool are all at a reasonable price. One can have a beautiful handmade wool felt product that’s not only of the best quality. But with a lot more benefits. Besides that, one can buy the item at the proper, reasonable price.
    • Customer satisfaction

    Customers are king! A company that satisfies the customers can get closer to success for sure. In today’s business world, customer satisfaction plays a vital role. In the success of any organization customers are the key points.

    Summing it up, Felt and wool is a company that carries out each work. Keeping customer satisfaction a top priority we work for producing the best. The products that get manufactured in the company are examined in a proper way. Before making a delivery, we make sure that all the items are as per the order. Also, the company is working with many satisfied customers. Wool felted products from Felt and wool are of the best quality. The products are all handmade and meet the needs with customer satisfaction.

    Checking the quality and the size

    • Responsible

    The company, Felt and wool works as per its policies. From receiving orders to making a delivery, it handles every activity.

     As we have a better team, we do all the work in a coordinated manner. The products here get manufactured, packed, and delivered by a responsible company. We do quality checks from the manufacturing of the felt products to the packaging. We understand customers' needs. That is why we carry out the production with easy and effortless customer service.
    • Effective communication

    Communication plays a vital role in carrying out activities in a better way. Poor communication results in the destruction of a good relationship. The same goes for the relationship between a customer and the company.

    We focus on the minor details and the benefits of fruitful communication. So, Felt and wool always focus on maintaining effective and fluent communication. Whether it’s about seeking customer feedback or setting any clear service standards. We give our best in the communication sector. For inquiries or feedback, you will be having a clear and quick response from the company.
    • Better internal teamwork

    Teamwork in any company plays a vital role in better results. A better team can upgrade the company from a lower level to a higher one. The same goes for the products and services. If there is coordination in a team of a company, the customers would never get disappointed.

    We, Felt and wool with the aim of easy customer service always focus on the development of teamwork. The creation of a skilled and better team has been helping the company in achieving its motive. We are able to get 100+ happy and satisfied customers of our felt products all over the world.

     Better teamwork

    • Improved customer service

    Before and after buying the products we all need support from the respective company. Thus, a company should always offer support to its customers. It not only helps to make a purchase but also maintains a good term with the customers.

         We keep in mind the necessity of the customers. Felt and wool set and communicate clear service standards understanding customers' needs. We always seek and promote customer feedbacks. It makes sure that our customers never get difficulties and misleads.
    • Pride in the work

    Felt and wool manufacture handmade felt products. The products made out of wool are very different. In comparison to the items made using machinery, it is unique. From decorations and crafts to clothing, felt items have a wide variety of uses. In our company, the felt items get manufactured with proper skill and knowledge.

           Felt and wool is proud of being such a company that helps to provide employment. Our support goes to the people of developing countries like Nepal. Together with that, we are glad to empower women to know their worth and be self-dependent. The employees of the company also show pride in the work that brings out better results.

    Happy employees

    Felt and wool International Pvt. Ltd. is a company that not only works for oneself. But also for others including our valuable customers. Hope it was helpful for you to know more about Felt and wool. Keep in touch and click the link below to know more about us!


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