Interior decoration through wool felt products

Do you want to enhance your interior decoration? How about adding fascinating handmade products? Felt and wool presents some of the wool felted products made by local Nepali artisans that is simply beautiful and head turning for sure.
Interior decoration through wool felt products
Felt has been an awesome material for many kinds of crafts. Being a soft and fashionable fabric, wool felt tops the list. In the creativity-loving world, you can find felt products that are a piece of art.
 While you think about changing or renovating interior decoration, wool felt can be of great use. It provides you with the perfect color combination and artistic effect. We, Felt and wool International Pvt. Ltd. are today going to make you aware of a few of the wool felted products manufactured in the company. The products are all handmade in nature. And can use for interior decoration.

Without any delay, let us move toward the list of wool-felt products below. The products that could be added for the interior decoration:

  • Felt cat house
  • Felt ball rugs
  • Felt ball trivets
  • Felt ball coasters
  • Felt garlands
  • Felt balls
  • Felt animals
  • Felt cushions

     Felt cat house

                                                 Cat house


    Felt cat house is a perfect dwelling place for your cat. It can take naps, relax and enjoy the daily playtime inside the wool-felt cat house. Together with that, it is the best place for a pet that has box-loving behavior.
     The cat house made up of wool felt is eco friendly, comfortable, and odor free. Apart from that, the felt cat house is non-toxic, non-allergic, and of azo-free dyes. Such nature of a cat house adds extra benefits to itself along with the health of your beloved cat.
     Not only this, the cat house or the cat cave provides eye-catching beauty to the area placed in. Whether it’s your home or your workplace, you can add decor to the place of your desire. Imagine when a person sees a completely different object or product than usual! He/she will get attracted for sure. The same goes for the cat house. It has a unique design and patterns with the proper color combination. So, it is one of the reasons why they should get in used for decoration. It not only provides a snuggly space for your cat but adds extra decor to the place of your choice.

     Felt ball rug

    Ball rug


    A Felt ball rug is a wool felt product that we use as a floor covering. Made from matted wool, the balls get stitched together giving a proper shape to the rug. From providing health benefits to providing comfort wool felt ball rug benefits you from both sides.
     In fact, felt ball rug is a safe and healthy choice even for pet owners. It is non-allergic and does not promote the growth of bacteria, or dust mites. It also does not give off harmful emissions. Accompanied by that, a felt ball rug adds a decorative touch to your interior decoration.
     Living room or bedroom, home or office, it is useful everywhere. Hand stitched nature and the incredible patterns and color give a perfect look to the ball rug. When it gets added as part of interior decoration, it will be one of your head-turning products. There is a huge range of design options for felt ball rugs. Thus, you can select the rug you want.


     Felt ball trivets

    Ball trivets


    What could be so fascinating than the wool-felt ball trivets? They protect and prevent your table or desk from stains, spills, scratches, and heat damage. Being wool-felted products, felt ball trivets are long-lasting. They are as well as eco friendly in nature.
     In fact, felt ball trivets are functional and can also get utilized for various purposes. It not only acts like a serving tool but also works like a platform. Along with hot dishes, we can place a plant pot or valuable treasures by using felt ball trivets.
     As the ball trivet gets used in many ways, you can place it in any area of your choice. For instance: as a serving tool on your dining table or a base for a flower pot. Handmade balls that get stitched together give perfect patterns and shapes. And are a key element for the enhancing trivet. Hence, one can use the felt trivet together with the interior decor in a perfect way.


     Felt ball coasters

    Ball coasters


    When you saw the name ball coasters, some of you might have wondered how? Coasters are without any doubt used for placing your tea cups or glasses. Besides that, they also end up adding a warm, textural note to any table or surface.
     The wool-felt ball coasters get manufactured with human hands. And, the balls used in the manufacturing of the coasters are light and get moved in an easy way.
     Such the nature of the wool felt ball coasters add aesthetic appeal to your home or office. For example, you can place teacup-sized glass pots or vases on the ball coasters. It helps not only to prevent the table or surface from spills and water rings. Also, you can add a creative touch to your interior decor.


    Felt garlands

      Felt garland                             


    Felt garland generally refers to a garland made using felt items. Felt balls, stars, hearts, rainbows, and the like are some of the wool-felted items. These handmade items help in making garlands.
     When you hang a felt garland, it attracts the attention of the people around in a quick manner. Not only this, you can have your own recreational area inside your home. Depending on your likes and dislikes you can order felt garlands. It helps to add extra items to your interior decoration.
     As mentioned above, the garland made out of wool felt items are appealing. Accompanied by that, your interior decoration can get 5 stars by adding felt garlands.


     Felt balls

    1 cm felt balls


    Before getting to the point on how felt balls helps in interior decoration, let me first help you out with the basic features of felt balls.
     Most of you already know that felt balls are handmade with pure merino wool. All the procedures during the manufacturing get completed with soap and water. Felt balls are free of any kind of chemicals. Also, a question may arise about the dyes used to color merino wool. Actually, it’s not. The dyes are all azo-free and demote environmental pollution. So, it is harmless for our health as well.
    Wool felt balls, in consideration of interior decoration can be of great use. You can keep them in the basket or showcase them. If you love creating new items yourself, use felt balls. Make garlands, ornaments, Christmas decorations, and the like. After then place it in your rooms. It will make a huge difference and gathers attention for sure. Felt balls-a perfect interior decoration item.


     Felt animals

    Felt animals


    When it comes to decoration, we even consider many small things. From curtains to dolls all items get selected so that it gives a perfect interior decor.
     How about felt animals? Yes, Felt and wool also manufacture wool-felt toy animals that are very interesting. Those wool-felted animals can be the best product for your interior decoration.
     The toy animals you can get from our company, Felt and wool are all handcrafted in nature. Along with that, needling is done to give out a perfect design and pattern. Provide your guests a warm and beautiful welcome using the wool felt animals. Children or the elders all will get influenced by your concept of adding felt animals.


     Felt cushions

    Felt cushion

    Cushions have always been an amazing part of home decoration. It is a soft pillow that a person can rest on. Why not use it in a much more fascinating way?
     Wool felt cushions from Felt and wool are all handcrafted. Whether the cushion is a zipped one or a simple one, it reflects elegance in its own way. No one can deny the softness and uniqueness of the designed felt cushions for sure.
     Moreover, the cushions are fiber filled in nature. So, it offers comfort as well as finishing touch to the place you desire. You can get both essential features from wool felt cushions. Felt and wool provide you with a wool-felt cushion. A cushion that adds color, character, and texture and makes your bed, couch or chair cozy. Made from felt, the cushion is unique and durable. No matter whether it’s your home or office, felted cushion grants a refined look to everywhere it’s placed.
     Up to now, you may have set in your mind what could be the best wool felt product. And the chosen one will enhance your interior decoration. Hope all the above-mentioned ones!?
     Know more about the wool felted products from Felt and wool by clicking the link
    Hope you like it! 



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