Introducing you to the engaging facts about hats

Variety is the spice of life! Why not have some? To the beautiful soul like yours, we have got some creative handmade wool felted hats to add some colour in life. Click below and learn more about the engaging facts about hats.
Introducing you to the engaging facts about hats
In general terms, hats are simply known as the covering for the head. Hats help you look stylish, and classy and at the same time add a touch to your personality.
It is believed that the hats got invented in 3250 B.C. Likewise, in the 16th century, hats become fashionable. 
A hat is a simple covering for the head. It is not only worn for enhancing your appearance but also for protecting the head from cold and heat.
To the people who love wearing hats, we present you with an elegant. And it is a unique and extraordinary hat made out of wool felt. Yes, you got it right!
Hats that are wool felted are distinct from the rest and made up of other materials for sure. Accompanied by that, it possesses way more features and benefits. Wool-felted hats are favorable for both hotter and cooler days. The reason behind it is that the felted hats are breathable. It has superior thermal insulating properties and can regulate the temperature itself.

Here below are the engaging facts about merino wool felted hats that you will adore without any doubt.

  • Attractive
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Made with love
  • Soft and comfy
  • Protective
  • Washable
  • Shows status
  • Economical

    Rainbow felt hat

    • Attractive


    We all get attracted to and influenced by products that are distinct from the rest.  Products full of creativity and uniqueness stand out from others at a glance. It does not matter whether it is more beneficial than others or less.
    Moving to the topic, merino wool-felted hats are as attractive as a diamond. Felted hats are one of the most desirable and luxurious products. They not only look good but also provide great personality to people wearing them.
    The wool-felt hats from Felt and wool are all handmade. They get manufactured by local Nepali artisans, especially women. With the use of skills and knowledge, the hats get prepared. Due to this, it is more creative and unique than the rest. With their gorgeous appearance, felt hats are a great way to complete any look or outfit.


    Beautiful orange felt hat

    • Environmentally friendly


    Non-toxic, non-allergic, and azo-free dyes get used for the manufacturing of wool-felted hats. Which is why the felted hat is harmless. Such the nature of the product makes it friendly to the environment.
    From raw materials to finished products manufacturing of wool-felted items is completely harmless. The same goes for the felted hat.
    The dyes used in felting the hats are of azo-free nature. Together with that, there are no harmful chemicals in the wool roving. So, it can not hamper human health. The hats including other felted items get manufactured only with soap and water. It plays a vital role to protect the environment along with minimizing pollution. 


    Pineapple felt hat

    • Made with love


    As with other items, hats from Felt and wool get manufactured with love and care. Merino wool-felted hats are all handmade by the local Nepali craftsperson. With lots of love and care, the hats get prepared to provide proper thickness for more comfort.
    With the use of skills and knowledge, the hats get prepared. Due to this, it is more creative and unique than the rest.
    Felt hats get made with top-quality merino wool that is 100% natural and safe. Besides, it is handmade with continuous checking procedures to assure its quality. Due to this, the felt hat comes out being a qualitative product. It is satisfying 100+ customers worldwide.


    Penguin felt hat

    • Soft and comfy


    The felt hat gets manufactured using a thick layer of merino wool. As it gets made thick using merino wool from New Zealand, it becomes soft after it gets ready to use. Due to this, you can wear a hat that’s soft inside and incredible outside.
    The wool we use for manufacturing felt hats are from a special breed of merino sheep which is from New Zealand. By which the high-quality wool provides outstanding protection against cold and heat. While their softness makes them an absolute pleasure to wear.
    The hats are flexible enough as well as light weighted. Because of this, you won’t feel a burden on your head with this hat. In a conclusion, it gives you a comfy feel and youthful appeal. With the felt hat, you can get a soft and comfy product for your head.


    Tiger stripped felt hat

    • Protective


    Felted hats are way more than you think. It is not only attractive and friendly to the environment. Or, it is not only for the style purpose. Felt hats also protect your head, face, and ears from cold and weather conditions.
    We, Felt and wool use only 100% pure and natural wool to provide outstanding features in felted hats. It is a long-lasting product made of merino wool from New Zealand. And it provides protection against cold, rain, wind, and sun.
    The hat is simple but effective. It acts as a sun shade that not only protects your head, face, and ears. But also helps regulate your body temperature. It is a felt product possessing a lot more benefits. It protects the face and head. Likewise, it protects the eyes and skin and it accomplishes its work in a perfect manner.


    Green felt hat

    • Washable


    Felt product buyers and users must have worried once whether the products can get washed or not. But, getting used to wool-felted products is not that hard.     
    In simple words, wool-felted products that include our adorable hats are washable. Answering the questions about felted hats, you can now say yes to their cleanliness!
    You don’t have to get worried about the cleanliness of wool-felted hats. It is because you can clean them in an easy way on regular basis. For better results, wash it with your hands or spot-clean it. You can dry clean it as well. Remember not to leave these incredible wool felt hats in wet places or in the strong sunlight. It helps keep its quality and life by protecting it from damage.


    Green felt hat

    • Shows status


    Hats are somehow related to status. In the past, hats were one of the indicators of social status. In general terms, it represents authority and power.
    In the middle ages, hats were a marker of social status and get used to single out certain groups. Even though hats have a lot more benefits, one cannot deny the status that the hat provides in society.
    For people who love wearing hats and follow traditional practices, wool-felt hats can be a great choice. It’s a pure, natural, and handmade item that's full of creativity. It is available in any size, color, and design retaining the quality. One can have it as per their choice and design as well.


    Handmade felt hat

    • Economical


    These beautiful hats are of handcrafted nature. Because of this, it is durable and lasts long retaining the same appearance and quality.
    Hats from merino wool felt are all handmade which makes them more strong and sturdy in nature. Along with the rest of the benefits, the felted hats are cheap and long-lasting in nature.
    It’s beautiful, durable, functional, long-lasting, and saves money at the same time.

    Unique red felt hat


    Apart from this, there are a lot more benefits that a simple-looking felted hat contains. It is a long-lasting and elegant product you won’t regret buying.
    A hat is a wonderful accessory that can enhance your look and style. We want you to enjoy wearing your new hat, and we take great care in making our hats. Send us an email with any problems or questions!

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