Wool felt bags that are incredibly beautiful

Bags we carry comes under the accessory that makes up our entire look! Why not have a beautifully handmade wool felted bag that is elegant as well as provides you a youthful appeal? Here we are to make you aware about fascinating felt bags. Read about the wool felted bag and know its interesting features too!
Beautiful pig faced handmade felt bag
Bags or handbags are in fact flexible containers with an opening at the top. It is thus used to carry things. One can carry food, medicines, expensive items, and the like in their bag. Neither do you have to hold various items separately nor do you have to bear the risk of losing them? Besides, that, bag you are carrying attracts attention by further making up your look. For that reason, a bag with discreet looks and comfortable nature is necessary for all.
Bags are of various types. The same goes for the materials that we use in its manufacturing. Even though there are lots of materials like leather, jute, plastic, etc., wool felt stands out to be one of the best and most qualitative ones.  

Beautiful pink coloured wool felt bag


In contrast, the wool felt bag has a self-standing design and a creative touch. Together with that, the bag comes up with variable sizes. Not only that, it has smooth zippers and openings and it lasts long while compared with others.
Most of us use bags made up of common materials like leather and so on. Many of our readers and customers may be unknown of the distinct and incomparable features that the wool felt bag possesses. Over and above, many questions also rise about the felt bag.

So, here below we have listed some of them regarding wool felt bags:

Now, let’s go through the questions one after another.

  • What is a wool bag?

Brown coloured felted bag


Wool bags in general are bags made out of wool. The bag is handmade. It carries out a lot more features and benefits in comparison to bags made up of other materials.
 The wool bag from our company Felt and wool is locally manufactured by Nepalese women. In the manufacturing process, we use merino wool. The wool roving gets felted using heat, moisture, and pressure then given the shape as per the design. Being handmade and wool felt, the bag results as strong and more sturdy than others.
 The wool bag is available in any color imaginable. The dye used for the manufacturing of felted bags is with azo-free dyes. It helps eliminate pollution as well as is environment friendly.

Lace designed felted handbag

Together with that, you can get felt bags with variable designs and patterns as per your choice. All the designs present in the woolen bags show the creativity of local craftswomen. The designs are unique, and attractive and reflect the skills and beautiful art. In this matter, most of the needling process gets done along with stitching. Which adds extra beauty to the wool bag.
  • How to clean the woolen bags?Spider faced side bag


Cleaning of woolen or wool-felted products is simple and quick. You don’t need to get bothered by their cleanliness. The same goes for the woolen bag.
Wash your woolen bag in a delicate cycle using cold water. The use of mild detergent best suits the cleaning of wool. So, you can use it during the cleaning process. In the same way, you can do dry cleaning to get your wool bags washed. Never use any other direct heat sources or mechanical actions to dry the bag fast as it can get the bag to shrink. Rather sundry the wool felted bag after you wash it.
Hand washing and spot cleaning of the woolen bag is recommended. Wipe the bag with a wet cloth to remove most stains or use the brush to clean the dust and debris in a gentle way. But do not be aggressive during the cleaning process as it can degrade its quality. You can also do regular cleaning by blotting the bag with a damp sponge.
  • Can we wash felt bags?

Pink based felted bag


The most common question about wool and wool felted products is whether they can get washed or not. Definitely, the answer is yes!
We can wash all sorts of wool-felted products including felt bags without a doubt. As mentioned above, we can clean woolen bags. But, you must always wash it with care and precautions as washing and rubbing it in a harsh way can cause damage. Accompanied by that, the aggressive washing of the felted bag degrades its quality. Not only the bags, but any kind of wool-felted items will also lead to degradation if we do harsh cleaning.
  • Is felt bag durable?

Orange based flower felted bag


We make felt bags with 100% pure merino wool. It is a handmade product. In the same way, felted bags from Felt and wool gets manufactured by Nepali women. They manufacture felted bags using their skills and creativity.
The wool used in felting comes from a special breed of merino sheep. The sheep is special and gets raised in the countries like Australia and New Zealand. Being the best quality wool, merino wool comes out to be the gentle, strong, and resilient one.

Pink bear bag


On top of that, all the manufacturing process of the felt bag gets done with hands. Because of that, it possesses a similar feature as the merino wool. It is strong and sturdy in nature. Also, it is flame and melt resistant and a great product for every kind of outdoor activity. Being a pure wool felted product, it is renewable and sustainable as well.
Thus, a felt bag is a durable product that reflects creativity and lasts for a lifetime.
  • Is wool bag light weighted?

White side bag

 A wool bag is a light weighted felt product. We can carry it in an easy way and is comfortable to use.

Handbags of wool felt are not only for the style purpose. They are also useful in carrying daily items manageable in them. It is generally used for carrying keys, phones, money, and so on. Apart from these all, the bag helps us in carrying small tools. We can also carry food and drinks, make-up accessories, expensive items, and the like in it.
The bag is a very useful accessory for daily life. Its flexibility and light weighted nature are the key points to get focused on.
Made with wool and felted by hand, the bag is not heavy in weight at all. Rather it is light and very much comfortable to carry everywhere you like.

 Cat faced pink side bag


Wool felt bag possesses more features and benefits when compared to other ones. It is handcrafted with pure merino wool and lacks any kind of chemicals. Furthermore, the bag is durable, and a long-lasting product. It's the one that you can have for your lifetime. Not only this, it is light in weight and you can carry it anywhere you like with grace. It is a product that reflects local arts and skills and is the best piece for creativity lovers.
Hence, possessing all the qualities that a bag should have, a felt bag tops the list. It comes up with benefits along with providing you the elegancy and youthful appeal.

Felted handbag

Hope you enjoy reading and are now conscious of the wool felted bag and some of its features. Answering the most common questions about the wool felted bags, we are at the end of today. For more information on such interesting products of ours, keep in touch!

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