Mouse Shaped Windowed Wool Felt Cat House



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Mouse Shaped Windowed Wool Felt Cat House

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Cats love chasing mice! Why not provide them their favourite thing along with a house? Felt and wool presents mouse shaped windowed wool felt cat house especially for your very cute cats. They can enjoy their daily play time with mouse-like felt cat cave inside and outside. In addition to that, mouse-like structure and yellow colour used in the wool cat cave will surely make your cat fall in love with its new house.


  • Distinct structure: Mouse-like structure with attention grabbing yellow colour makes felt cat bed from nz wool distinct than the other. It’s attractive and an eye catching cat house due to its distinct nature.
  • Snuggly: We obviously love to have private space, same goes for cat. Wool felt cat cave is an excellent place where cat can relax, take nap as well as enjoy daily playtime. Moreover, snuggly nature of felted wool cat cave bed provides warmth and comfort than anything else.
  • Suitable everywhere: Whether it’s your home or working place, you can elegantly decorate it with felted wool cat cave bed. It carries 2 in 1 benefit in this case. In the same way, its light weight is beneficial as handmade wool cat cave can be carried and placed easily.
  • Eco-friendly: Moving towards the manufacturing of wool felt cat cave, only soap and water is used ignoring any sort of chemicals. Due to that, felt cat house is non-toxic and non-allergic in nature ultimately making it eco-friendly.
  • Cost effective: Handmade wool cat cave is cost effective. Handcrafted by skillful local Nepali artisans produce it with best quality pure nz wool. The proper thickness makes the wool felt cat cave more comfortable and durable.


Beautifully crafted mouse-like structure cat cave will surely enhance the beauty of the area it is placed in. Easily cleaned cat cave with superior thermal insulating property is much more beneficial for both the owner and their cat. Your unconditionally loved cat can have a favourite toy together with an alluring house.


Care instructions:

 As our cat caves are made from highest quality wool, they are easy to clean as well as to take care of. Without any worries, you can simply clean the felt cat house at home yourself.

Follow these following steps to take care of the product:

  1. Shake well to remove dust particles or debris from inside.
  2. Spot clean with a damp cloth or hands using cool water.
  3. Not advisable to leave in wet places (Use soapy water gently for quick fixes).
  4. Use of vacuum is recommended.
  5. Dry cleaning is also possible but better to use the gentle cycle.

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