Simple yet creative felt accessories for you and your home

If you are interested towards wool felt products, this will make you more! Today, Felt and wool is here providing you something new and appealing. Click now and read about the simple, but creative and effective felt accessories that best suits you and your home.
Simple yet creative felt accessories for you and your home
In simple words, an accessory is an object that adds to the beauty, convenience, and effectiveness of something else. Even though it’s not essential in itself, it glorifies the other objects. Likewise, when we add it to something else, it makes it more useful, versatile, or attractive. From this, we can say that accessories are one of the important elements that enhance the look and feel.
Why not felt one? Felt accessories are the types of accessories made from wool felts. The wool itself carries a lot more benefits and is fascinating on its own. The felt accessories are handmade with pure, natural, and safe merino wool. The wool comes from New Zealand and is 100% pure.

Red coloured felt brooches

Here below is a list of some interesting features every wool felted product contains:

  • 100% natural and safe
  • Anti-microbial
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Excellent insulator
  • Water repellent
  • Flame and melt resistant


    In general, felt from wool is an awesome material that can get in used for many kinds of crafts. It ends up producing a perfect product as it is soft and thick enough at the same time.
    Moving towards the accessories, Felt and wool produce many items. Some of the fashion accessories include key rings, brooches, handbags, purses, and so on. Household accessory includes the items like rugs, coasters, cushions, trivets, and so on.  

    Today we are going to introduce you to selective accessories that are simple as well as creative. So, here is the list you can go through:

    • Keyrings
    • Brooches
    • Hairband
    • Hats
    • Handbag
    • Money purse
    • Cushions
    • Rugs

      Let us now go to the detail….

      Owl felt keyring

      Key rings

      The keyring was invented in 1984 by Frederick J. Loudin. Since then, many key rings get manufactured with different designs. Likewise, felt keyrings are one of a kind!

      Felt key rings get manufactured by the use of merino wool from New Zealand. It gets felted by human hands giving various shapes and designs as per the need. With the felting process, stitching and needling are also required for the key rings. In general, it depends on their size, shape, and design.

      Felt balls keyrings


      In fact, wool-felted key rings are a fashion accessory. It’s all handmade with a creative and gorgeous look. It not only helps to fulfill the need but also adds a distinct look to the bag or purse it’s hung in. In the same way, you can use the felt key rings to attach several keys together. It provides you with easy access when reaching for them.
      As a whole, felt key rings are a creative, skillful, and beneficial felt product. It is also the most common of all souvenirs.

      Felt animal brooches


      Brooches are a special kind of fashion accessory. They first appeared in England and Scandinavia in the middle of the 5th century. And got migrated all over the world. Brooches were usually made of metals, silver, and gold and get worn on the left side. It is also recognized as a sophisticated item during ancient times.

      With the pace of time, the use of brooches became common. In the present day, you can find brooches of various designs and materials. Like key rings felt brooches are one of a kind! Brooches from wool felt get manufactured with hands by skillful Nepalese women. For that, merino wool gets used. Being top-quality wool, the brooches from merino wool felt are also qualitative. Not only this, it is soft and long-lasting in nature.

       Flower felt brooches

      It’s in fact a decorative jewelry item that gets attached to the clothing with the help of bar pins behind it. As felt brooches are light and attractive in design, we have included them in the list of these accessories. You can find felt brooches of many colors and designs that best suit your every look!

      Ball designed hairband


      One of the fashion accessories that never go out of fashion is the hairband. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the design of this year or of the past 40 years. The hairband will always remain attractive and useful.

      In general, a hairband gets used to holding hair away from the face or eyes. It is a type of clothing accessory worn in the hair. You can call it a functional or ornamental object for the hair that is of great use.

      Dotted ball designed hairband

      Hairbands from Felt and wool are handmade with lots of love by the local Nepalese women. The designs provided for the wool-felted hair bands are unique and appealing at the same time. We can make it with a distinct design and is available in any color imaginable. Thus, merino wool-felted hairbands showcase your fashion awareness. It makes your hair look more pretty.

      Simple green felted hat


      A hat, in the general sense, is a head covering worn for many reasons. It protects you against the weather conditions providing safety to your head. A hat is a kind of clothing accessory that gets worn as an indicator of social status in the past.

      You can see people wearing different kinds of hats. Among them, wool-felted hats are unique in look and functional in use. You may have read about interesting facts and benefits of wool felt in our previous blog. From there you could have been aware of the benefits that the wool felted items provide.

      Rainbow felted beautiful hat


      Hats from Felt and wool are all handcrafted using pure and natural merino wool. Being handmade, the felt hats reflect the skills and creativity of the local Nepalese craftsperson. With that, the hat comes up being 100% natural, renewable, and a sustainable product. It is environmentally friendly too.
      Here, the main and interesting thing about the felt hat is that it has a superior thermal insulating property. By which it regulates the temperature itself. In short, it’s warm and breathable at the same time.

      Red flower felted handbag



      Handbags are one of the important accessories that nobody could deny. The bag is a flexible container that has an opening at its top, used for carrying the necessary things. Handbags are not only for the style purpose; but, are also useful in carrying daily items. It is a very useful product that holds the items which are manageable in it.
      In contrast, felt handbags are the sort of bags that are discreet in look. It has smooth zippers and openings for quickness. It lasts a year or more in spite of regular use. Handbags from Felt and wool are of variable sizes and designs.

      Blue coloured felted hand bag


      The bag has a self-standing design full of creativity. Wool, being a good bag material turns out to be the best one with its amazing features.
      Felt handbags are on the list of selective accessories. It is because they are available in different designs and colors. It is perfect for every outdoor activity and is a beautiful product that lasts for a lifetime.

      Orange purse

      Money purse


      First, a money purse is an everyday accessory. Besides that, the money purse from wool felt is water-repellent, renewable, and sustainable. The product is safe and of top quality.
      A money purse is perfect as a gift and is handmade. Due to such nature, one can use the purse for a long time. Merino wool felt has a beautiful and soft feel. It is gorgeous for making purses and bags as well. As the purse is available in a different colors, you can choose your desired one.

      Sheep felted money purse


      The handmade felt purse has high strength. It gives you elegance along with the youthful appeal. It’s a delicate, modern, and light weighted accessory. It helps make felt shoppers a sustainable choice. You can also check out the merino wool felted money purse on our website to get more details about it.
      Getting back to the topic, a felt money purse is a great accessory. It is very fashionable and sophisticated in look and more functional and great in use.

      Variable cushions



      Cushions are in fact soft pillows. They can get placed on a bed, couch, or chair to improve your body posture and make you feel comfortable. It's an extra comfort that you can enjoy in your favorite place. Whether bed, couch, or chair with these beautiful felt cushions from Felt and Wool you'll feel good. The cushions not only add aesthetic value to your furniture. But also makes them more comfortable than ever. They get manufactured by skilled Nepali artisans with lots of care and love. It gets that reflected in the product itself.
      These cushions not only make your place look more beautiful and luxurious. But they can also suit a decorating style of any kind. Whether you'd like to go for a traditional vintage, modern or minimalist design, go for it. Wool felt cushions from Felt and Wool will enhance your furniture with its styles and colors.

      Owl designed felt cushion


      Our felt cushions get designed and manufactured by skilled local artisans. They serve as a piece of art to accentuate the look and feel of your home while providing the comfort you deserve.
      It is really an elegant and eye-catching home accessory!

      Round flower felted rug


      Wool felt rugs are beautiful, durable, and the perfect alternative to carpets. Plush and soft underfoot, these wool rugs feel luxurious. And are easy to care for by vacuuming. You won't have to worry about your rug causing allergic reactions in your family or pets as the wool is 100% pure.Felt animal rug

      When it comes to home textiles, New Zealand wool is one of the best materials in the world. We have made full use of this natural material. At Felt and Wool, we create a beautiful rug that is well known for its durability and warmth. Each rug gets handcrafted with natural wool. And has a special design to complement your home’s interior.

      Grey based rectangular rug

      This rug adds an artistic accent to any room in your home. From the kitchen to the dining hall and from the bathroom to the master suite. It is available in a variety of designs and colors. So no matter your taste, you're sure to find something that complements your decor.
      In the fullness of time, we hope you enjoy reading about these wool-felted accessories. They are simple but very creative and appealing. Above mentioned were only the selective accessories that are most preferable. There are lot more to discover! Stay in touch with us for the next one.

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