Rainbow felt wool slippers Rainbow felt wool slippers
Rainbow felt wool slippers from $47.00
Warm up your feet with beautifully handmade rainbow felt slippers. Carrying out lot more benefits, felt slippers are the light foot wears that protects your feet. Along with that, the bright rainbow colour on the slipper makes it look more fascinating. The wool felted slippers are made by local Nepali artisans with hands due to which it offers you softness, comfort and durability without any doubt. Features: Protects your feet Warm and breathable Comfortable Incredibly soft Easily cleaned Benefits: The main purpose of the slippers is to protect your feet when walking indoors. Likewise, wool felt slippers helps protecting your feet from the hard surfaces that can cause stress to your feet along with the body. Wool felted product comes up with superior thermal insulating property. So as the felted wool slippers do. It is warm as well as breathable and great for both cold and hot days. Being a handmade felt product, the felted wool slippers are made with love using pure merino wool. Due to which, it is incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. There is no need to get worry about cleaning the wool felt slippers. You can easily clean it with hands or machine wash it. Spot cleaning can also be done for quick fixes. Wool felted slippers are made with non-toxic, non-allergic and azo-free dyes by which it is harmless for your health together with the environment. Wearing felt slippers indoors helps protecting your feet from hard surfaces keeping the blood flow normal. This beautiful rainbow felt slipper from Felt and wool are all light weighted and gives maximum comfort.
"Pure Comfort: 100% Nat... $41.50
Introducing the 100% natural and safe wool felt bag, a stylish and sustainable accessory for the fashion-conscious individual. This felt shoulder bag is made from high-quality wool felt, ensuring both comfort and durability for all of your daily adventures. Not only is the wool material soft to the touch, but it's also free from harmful chemicals and dyes, making it a safe and eco-friendly choice. With its unique texture and natural warmth, this felt bag is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Whether you're looking for a casual or formal accessory, this wool felt bag is a versatile choice that you'll love to carry with you everywhere. Features: Made from 100% natural wool felt: This bag is crafted from high-quality wool felt, ensuring both comfort and durability. Chemical-free and safe: The wool material is free from harmful chemicals and dyes, making it a safe and eco-friendly choice. Unique texture: The texture of wool felt gives the bag a unique and stylish look. Shoulder strap design: This felt bag features a shoulder strap for easy and comfortable carrying. Versatile: With its natural warmth and unique texture, this felt bag is suitable for a variety of occasions and personal styles. Benefits: Sustainable: The use of natural wool felt makes this bag a sustainable and eco-friendly accessory. Durable: Wool felt is a strong and durable material, making this bag a long-lasting choice. Soft and comfortable: The soft and comfortable wool material is gentle on the skin. Safe: The lack of harmful chemicals and dyes makes this bag safe for daily use. Stylish: The unique texture of wool felt and versatile design make this bag a stylish accessory. Lightweight: The lightweight wool felt material makes this bag comfortable and practical for everyday use.   In conclusion, the 100% natural and safe wool felt bag is a must-have accessory for anyone who values sustainability and style. Made from high-quality wool felt, this felt shoulder bag offers comfort, durability, and safety for daily use. With its unique texture and natural warmth, this versatile bag is suitable for a variety of occasions and personal styles. So why wait? Get your hands on this stylish, sustainable and safe wool felt bag today and enjoy the many benefits it has to offer.
2.2 cm Felt Balls / Felt Balls in Bulk 2.2 cm Felt Balls / Felt Balls in Bulk
2.2 cm Felt Balls / Fel... from $70.00 $78.00
Wool felted products are famous due to their everlasting beauty and style. Wool is always in fashion, thus you can be sure that wool felt balls will never go out of fashion. They have a multi-purpose usage. Use them as baby cot charms, garlands, ornaments, decoration and so on. Here below some of the benefits of felted balls are mentioned for you: Harmless in nature: Felted balls are made with merino wool that is non-toxic in nature. Along with that, the wool is non-allergic and of azo frees dyes. Due to this reason, the felt balls are harmless and eco-friendly in nature. Soft and thick enough: Handmade by local Nepali craftswomen, wool felted balls are soft and flexible. Together with that, it is thick enough for further processing in crafts and DIYs. Decorates the entire space: Wool felt balls are undoubtedly an attractive product. It influences each and every one by its colour and appearance. Therefore, the balls successfully decorate the entire space. Long lasting: Being a long lasting product is one of the main reasons that the customers adore felt balls for. It is a very flexible product. In addition to that, it comes up with top quality and handmade nature which makes it long lasting one. Fascinating in look: With no doubt, felt balls are the beautifully made felt products that can be used for making numerous products. It’s fascinating in look and a perfect product to use. We love wool felt due to its softness and warmth. For this reason we started designing wool felt products. This lovely multi coloured felted balls is made by hand and it'll bring you joy and happiness.
Girl Side Bag Girl Side Bag
Girl Side Bag $60.00
This felt side bag simply carries a creativity that nobody can deny. Along with that, handcrafted nature of the wool felt bag is cherry on the cake. Manufactured from pure merino wool, wool bag from Felt and wool is of premium quality. Together with keeping your valuable items safe, felted bag helps you with its easily portable nature. Provide your loved ones a fascinating as well as creative gift. They will obviously get mesmerized by the side bag. Wool bag can be cleaned as well. Clean by hands using cool water or spot clean it. It’s simple and quick.
Multi Color Felt Ball Trivet Multi Color Felt Ball Trivet
Multi Color Felt Ball T... from $44.00 $60.00
Tons of different trivets are available in the market today but finding exactly the one that fulfils the satisfaction seems like finding a needle in a haystack. Including extra beauty to the home you can try our felt ball trivet. Round shaped 20 cm trivet hand woven from 2 cm ball with the mixture of white, orange and grey colour is obviously a creative product. From keeping the food warmer to protecting the table/desk it benefits you in all way. Features Heavy duty Environmentally friendly Releases heat naturally Variable designs Boldly coloured  Benefits: Wool felt ball trivet is made from pure nz wool that is free of harmful chemicals. It keeps the food warmer for a long time as it releases heat naturally. As felt trivet pad is a serving tool, your table or desk remains free from scratches, water rings or any kind of stains. Bold colour used in this trivet makes it noticeable and attractive among rest of the items. Made with wool, it is easy to clean. You don’t have to feel blue for its cleanliness or to take care of.  We care about you and your requirements. In order to care your home or working place, we are here with the qualitative and durable felt wool ball trivets. With flame and melt resistant nature, felt ball trivet will be your favourite product that is 100% pure.
Felt cat cave Cat Cave
Felt Cat Cave, Felt Cat... $49.20
Felt cat house is a secure space for your cats as they have a box loving behaviour. As cats are the smartest creatures, they like to observe unseen as well as avoids cold floor. Felt cat cave from pure nz wool provides a separate cosy and cute place for your cats to take naps and enjoy the daily playtime. Benefits: Unique designs: Our wool cat cave for sale is available in unique and attractive designs that fits everywhere with style, look and feel. Easy to clean: Cleaning of the felted wool cat cave won’t bother you as it can be hand cleaned with cool water. You can also use dry clean or spot clean. Comfortable: It is a comfortable place for your cat where it can relax with the warmness and feeling of safety. Eco-friendly: It is eco-friendly as it is non-toxic, non-allergic and azo free. Reasonable price: Felt cat cave beds are handmade quality products with a reasonable price you won’t regret buying.   Fulfilling your core benefits, our felt cat cave provides you with the warm, unique and a private relaxing place that your cat will obviously adore.
Felt and Wool Felt Cat cave Bed and House for Indoor Kittens Ecm 100% Natural Merino Wool Extremely Cozy and Warm. Felt and Wool Felt Cat cave Bed and House for Indoor Kittens Ecm 100% Natural Merino Wool Extremely Cozy and Warm.
Felt and Wool Felt Cat ... $52.50
Seeing the name, you have probably guessed it from the gate that the product is absolutely for the cat. Yes, it is.  To a pet with cute and lovely characteristics, why not we offer a cute and secure space? Flannel solid bright pink with white and orange stripes gives perfectly a head turning appearance to the felt cat house. You are not only offering your dearest cat a private, snuggly place but also enhancing a beauty of your entire area with a distinct product. Benefits: Crafted with love: Felt cat house from Felt and wool is handcrafted in Nepal with pure nz wool especially by the women with love. The use of colours and the patterns made reflects their skill adding the extra touch of beauty. Warm and pleasant: Semi-closed nature of wool felt cat cave bed makes it warm and pleasant. Thermal insulating property of felt cat bed and proper thickness given makes it comfortable and soft. Fits everywhere: Whether it’s your home or the working place, wool felt cat house fits everywhere. Round shaped cat house with bright and appealing colours helps enhancing any area it’s placed in. Light weighted: Even though wool cat cave is a felted product, it is light and can be carried easily. Light weighted nature adds extra benefit as one can easily shift it without taking the help of others. Cost effective: Felt and wool manufactures handmade wool cat cave that seems to be cost effective. You don’t have to regret buying felt cat house as it is durable, properly thickened, comfortable and decorative item making it cost effective. Felt and wool, a company that not only produces but provides whether it’s a quality product to the customer or an employment opportunity to the local people of Nepal, presents you handcrafted wool felt cat cave. We care about you and your core needs. In the same way, show your intense love and care to your lovely cat with our felt cat house.
Coin Purse Bag Coin Purse Bag
Coin Purse Bag $46.00 $50.00
Presenting you wool felt coin purse from Felt and wool that goes with style. It’s feline like design is attractive and catches the eye of each and every one out there. Merino wool felt coin purse gives you a soft feel. Together with that, it is light weighted, comfortable and functional in nature. Coin purse wallet from felted wool comes with a top stops zipper where the small felt ball is hanged. Due to that it will be easier to use. Manufactured from pure New Zealand wool, handmade wool purse is eco-friendly and harmless in nature. Being made with the use of wool that is of azo-free dyes, felt money purse has the colour durability.

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